⭐️Are you maximizing your potential on the Cellerciser®?

If you want results, you have to EARN them. If you want Ab Muscles, you have to GROW them. A plant needs food, water and sunlight to grow. Abs need food, water and weight resistance to grow.

If you were to prescribe a formula for your best friend to build their Ab muscles as fast as possible, how many total hours of weight resistance would you think it would take to get the job done? Our Abs need rest as well but how much weight resistance can we sustain daily to get results as fast as possible? What if your best friend’s life depended on it? What if they needed Abs in 6 months to save their life? Would you help them get the job done? Would you constantly be figuring out ways to help them stay on track, NO EXCUSES?

Could you prescribe this formula for yourself? Could you build your Ab muscles as if your life depended on it? We can do SOOOO much more than we think. All we need is NO CHOICE in the matter, to get the job done.

Every time you LOOK at your jumper, go train your Abs. 30 seconds, 10 minutes....whatever you got. My favorite move is low forward kicks holding onto the bar. Focus on your core CONTRACTING every time your foot lands on the mat. Try to slow it down to make each bounce last longer. Feel it in your abs, obliques and back. DO THIS OFTEN throughout the day. It doesn’t take much effort, but it makes a HUGE difference.

Get the job DONE. NO excuses. You MUST reach Trophy Body Status, ASAP. Now get jumping. 👊🏆😘

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