Is jumping just TOO SIMPLE to be this MASTERFUL?

I wish I invented jumping on a mini-trampoline, but I didn’t.

What I DID do is ACCEPT the reality of what a mini trampoline is capable of.

Is jumping just TOO SIMPLE to be this MASTERFUL?

Why does it have to be more technical or complicated to be worthy?

You name the muscle and it can be strengthened. You name the joint and it can become flexible. You name the body part and it can become healthy. You buy a mini trampoline and put it in your living room, and it WILL be jumped on.

Don’t let the simplicity of jumping pass you by. Jumping is a SUPERIOR way to build muscle, head to toe. Lifting weights is hard on the joints causing injury WAY TOO EASILY. We are getting SHREDDED LEAN jumping on a Cellerciser mini trampoline, and you will too.

I wish it was me who invented jumping on a resistance mat 10 inches off the ground, but it wasn’t. But whoever it was is the most genius person that ever lived.

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