Official 'Before' pictures as I head into the 6.25 months before my very first Figure competition on 11/11/22

BLOG # 17: FINAL THOUGHTS (4/28/22)

17 weeks in the books and what an amazing experience it has been. I'll forever remember this transformation series because it led me to a new and extraordinary phase in my life: The Figure Division of Professional Bodybuilding. 
Bodybuilding gives me an opportunity to share the power and efficiency of Jumping with the Fitness Industry and with the World. As a Jumping Athlete and Competitor, my mission is to set the new standard for a sustainable, smart, safe and healthy way to train, live, compete and WIN in this sport.  

Did I reach all of my goals during this transformation?

Daily Breathwork: I started this transformation with practicing 1o minutes a day of the Wim Hof breathing methods. This has evolved into a new style of breathwork that we are now implementing during our training and/or anytime throughout the day. (Explained in Vlog #16)

Nose Breathing: I started this transformation practicing Nose Breathing. Then, a few weeks in, I shifted away from it. As stress levels began to rise again (to where they were in late 2021), I officially reintroduced nose breathing again in April '22 with a newfound appreciation, demand and respect for it.

Progressive Overload: Yes. I practiced and achieved progressive overload, but it has evolved into routine breathwork and more 'Playing' on my Rebounder with even better mind to muscle connection.

Meal Prepping: I started this transformation Meal Prepping like a Queen. Then, the more I practiced with it, the more efficient I learned to become with my time. I now eat only 4 meals a day and currently continue to 'Prep' only my dinner meals ahead of time.

Bulking & Cutting: Experiencing a 'Bulking' and 'Cutting' phase was essential for my mental preparation heading into the bodybuilding world. I feel my strategies for bulking and cutting will continue to be explored, practiced and mastered over the months and years ahead.

Meat Days instead of Cheat Days: I continue to have Meat 1x week on average and believe that this approach is healthy, safe and good for the animals and planet.

Visualization: This is something I want to practice and implement more than I have been.

Cycle Syncing: I dove head first into Cycle Syncing in the hopes of feeling out my greatest potential for Hormone Harmony. In conclusion, I landed on a slight Macro and Calorie fluctuation throughout the month while I also add foods to each cycle that will assist my phases and continue to maximize my nourishment potential. I also ease up on training while on my cycle which gives my body a necessary rest and reboot. 

Counting Calories: Having written out many menus over the last few months, I have a pretty good idea of how my calorie needs fluctuate and what my maintenance calories truly are. Low to mid 2000's with random 'non tracked' meals seems to work very well for me at this time.

My Final Protocol: My Final Protocol reflects what has worked for me and what I know I can stick with heading into my bodybuilding career. So far, I am loving it and it is definitely helping me to reach my specific goals.

What I've been eating in a day: (4 meals)

Lemon Water with Stevia

1 oz Unsweetened Chocolate

7 Organic Brown Rice Cakes

200 grams Canned Pumpkin w/ Salt

33g PB2 mixed w/ Water

130 grams Cream of Wheat (or Corn)

Fruit, Molasses, Silk Plain Yogurt

16 grams Pea Protein mixed w/ Water

Enchiladas (Starch & Protein)

Steamed Veggies

Avocado/Olives (Fats)

Nutritional Yeast & Seasonings

Final Measurements & Weight:

(Measurements taken late Dec. 2021)

Weight (4/28/2022):   130 lbs   (130lbs)

Glutes: 37"   (36.75")

Hips: 35"   (35")

Belly: 31"   (33")

Waist: 28.25"   (29.5")

Inner Thighs: 20"   (20.75")

New 'Before' Measurements:

Deltiods (4 fingers below my shoulder cap): 41" (arms down & relaxed)

Lats (under arm pits) not Flared: 35.5"

Lats Flared: 37.5" 

90 day Challenge: 10 Push-Ups a Day (4/18-7/16)

For 90 Days, I'm taking on my own personal challenge of doing 10 Push-Ups a Day. With my Figure Physique at the forefront of my heart and soul, I had to add 10 Squats a day to create and promote symmetry in my physique. This is the extent of any training that I am doing off of my Rebounder. 

Last Words: Sally and I are so excited to begin filming a casual chat each month for our viewers on YouTube. We will discuss our growth, mindset, tweaks, failures and accomplishments that occur during the first official 'Improvement Season' before our first competition happening November 11th & 12th, 2022. Thanks again for following this 2022 Transformation series and stay tuned for lots more from the Trophy Twins. <3

BEFORE the 17 weeks:  12/21 (130lbs)
After the 17 weeks: 4/26/22 (130 lbs)

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