Stephanie's Trophy Body Transformation
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Week 1: 130 lbs

Week 2: 131.5 lbs 

For my Happiness, I will practice daily breath work and nose breathing:

On December 11th, 2021 I did my first Wim Hof breathwork session and instantly fell in love. I swear, pure happiness flooded my body during that first session and with every single session since. Starting every morning with breath work has rewritten my sense of willpower and discipline. Because I’m taking my dose of happiness (getting high on my own supply) first thing in the morning, staying on track for the rest of the day feels effortless.
I've discovered that when I do my trophy lung, stomach vacuum and Wim Hof breath holds, I only want to hold my breath to 90% of my maximum threshold. If I hold it to 100%, I notice that it produces anxiety and restlessness, where 90% feels very comfortable and leaves me feeing refreshed. I am confidant that my hold durations will increase over time even holding just until 90%.

Daily Breath Work Goals for the first 17 weeks in 2022: (Excluding first few days of cycle)

      • 5 Trophy Lung Breaths on my Rebounder: Exhale as much as I can, then Inhale until my lungs are completely full, HOLD, and gently bounce until I feel the urge to breathe

      • 5 Stomach Vacuums: Exhale as much air out as I can, draw my belly button into my spine, HOLD the breath out, then gently bounce (sometimes no bouncing) until I feel the urge to breathe

    • Complete one 10 Minute Breathwork session (3 Rounds) with Wim Hof

For my Improvement season, I will dial into my physique goals prioritizing specific muscle groups, recovery and deep stretching (especially in tight or higher body fat areas).


Since I’ve written out my ‘Specifics List’ for exactly what I expect my Trophy Body to look like in 2022, I am now able to create and implement an exercise schedule that will greatly support my Trophy Body physique goals. I considered hiring a coach to help me with this, but I knew deep down that my 6 years of experience with Jumping combined with my truest intuition would guide me in creating the perfect schedule...and it did. This Fitness plan is my masterpiece. In fact, I’ve been constructing these routines (and this bodybuilding split) since April of 2021 when I designed Trophy Body Training 3.0. (which is similar to my new 2022 regimine). My plan is to practice these new routines with intense precision and to prioritize recovery. Patience will get me the furthest the FASTEST.

Here is my training split for the first 17 weeks of 2022: (excluding 5 days around/on my menstrual phase)

The man pictured below is Dave Hall, the inventer of Cellercise®. These results come from hard work, dedication and consistency with Cellercising. 
Monday: 30-35 Minutes - Upper Body 

10 Minutes:

Warm Up + 5 Minute Skeleton Walk/Upper Body Compass

10 Minutes:

Deltoids- Front, Top & Back- Raise the Roof / Shoulder Pumps / Arm Pumps

Biceps- Battle Ropes

Triceps- Tricep Reach Circles

Lats- Lat Flex Hold / Lat Pull Downs

Chest- Chest Press

Upper Back- Pull Aparts

Chest & Back- Butterfly

10-15 Minutes:

Compass moves/Skeleton Walk + Cool Down + Upper Body Foam Rolling

Wednedsay: 30-35 Minutes - Lower Body

10 Minutes:

Warm Up + 5 Minute Jogathon/Lower Body Compass

10 Minutes:

Quads- Jump Squats

Hamstrings- Squat Bounce

Calves- Calf Jumps

Glutes- Glute Squeeze + Back Kicks

Inner Thighs- Ballet Pose / Jump Splits

Outer Thighs- Sidekicks

Hip Flexors- Forward Leg Holds

Balance- One Leg Jumping

10-15 Minutes:

Jogathon + Cool Down + Lower Body Foam Rolling

Friday: 35 Minutes - Core & Face 

10 Minutes:

Warm Up + 5 Minute Bounce Stretching Core/Back

20 Minutes:

Face & Jaw- High Jump

Jump Crunches- Both sides

Stomach Wall- Lay Bouncing

Neck- Lay Bouncing Chin Ups

Obliques- Side Leg Holds

Love Handles- Diagonal Back Leg Holds

Lower Abs- Leg Lifts w/ back flat (on floor)

Lower Back- Superman Pose (on floor)

5-10 Minutes:

5 Minute Bounce Stretching/Ballet Reaches w/ leg hanging 

Saturday: 30 Minutes - Full Body w/ Glute Focus

30 Minutes:

Full Body Flex Session- Anything I feel like doing or practicing, on or off the Jumper

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday: 

Cardio / Active Recovery / Rest Day

Active Recovery = 10,000 total steps includes walking, jumping and biking

To prepare for this transformation, I will be meal prepping and getting to know my calorie and macro needs to reach my ultimate Trophy Body physique.

Meal prepping is GENIUS, and here’s why. I’m not meal prepping because I’m bodybuilding, I’m preparing meals because I’m HUMAN. Having portioned meals ready (and eating right when I am hungry) helps me to keep my blood sugar stable, eat more slowly, eat more nutritiously, chew my food better and of course, eat the proper quantities. It also helps me to maximize my macro and micro nutrient potential which greatly impacts my exercise performance, my health and my results. 

Since this meal prepping project suits my personality perfectly (and my boyfriend is totally on board), I'm so excited to explore it and share my experience. Meal prepping has already helped me to better understand many things including:

  • my different satiation experiences (and relationship) with fats, proteins & carbs
  • my ultimate food preferences
  • food intolerances
  • my relationship with quantities 
Meal Prepping can't last forever, but it is my goal to put the work in for at least 17 weeks and watch the learning experience unfold.

Here is how I am going to structure my meals and immediately shed unwanted body fat &/or gain muscle:

Estimate Calories: For Meal Prep #1 (days 1-4), I had Covid, so I estimated my calories at around 1900/day (full rest week). For Meal Prep #2 (days 5-8), I estimated my calories at around 2100/day (just started my cycle and still not training). For Meal Prep #3 (days 9-12), I began training again and estimated my calories at around 2200-2400/day. For Meal Prep #4 (days 13-16), I am estimating my calories at around 2200-2300 (still training). 
Estimate Macros: I am estimating my most sustainable and desirable macro ranges at 55-65% Carbs, 15-20% Protein & 20-25% Fat (and this could change)! Since I’ll be tracking and logging each meal prep, my goal is to only make  macro or calorie changes when the next meal prep begins, unless I get hungry or feel sick from the previous meal prep. Feeling my best come first so lots of tweaking is to be expected.
  • How many days will each Meal Prep last?: In my experience so far, 4 days is the perfect amount to shop and prepare for. After that, I am ready for a slight menu change and potentially new macros or calorie totals. Becoming the master takes experience and growth. The more I track, the more I can strategize. The more I strategize, the better results I get. I also log my scheduled Food Prep days on a physical calendar and pre-adjust them as necessary in order to honor social activities and any upcoming events. I AM PREPARED!!

For my new 2022 training split, I'll be implementing progressive overload and prioritizing recovery which may require me to make changes to my fitness schedule. My goal is to sleep hard at night, keep my immune system strong and feel energized throughout my workouts (and my day), so I will be monitoring my energy output and recovery quality, then adjust my training if necessary. Also, if I lose too much weight or gain more weight than I’d like, I will adjust my calories in order to continue reaching my EXACT goals.

Fitness Log 1/6-1/12:

1/6: (Practiced Routine35 Minute Upper Body- 

*10 min warm up & Skeleton Walk 

*10 min Moves (50 sec on/10 sec off) 

*15 min Skeleton Walk, cool down & Foam Rolling Upper Body

1/7: (Practiced Routine35 Minute Lower Body-

*10 min warm up & Jogathon

*10 min Moves (50 sec on/10 sec off, 10 Jump Squats, 20 Jump Splits)

*15 min Jogathon, cool down & Foam Rolling Lower Body

1/8: (Practiced Routine) 40 Minute Core & Face-

*10 min warm up & deep stretch

*20 Minute core / lower back on and off the Rebounder

*10 Minute cool down & stretch

1/9: Rest Day

Relaxing Breathwork

10,000 Steps

1/10: 30 Minute Upper Body- 

*10 min Warm Up: Stretching & Skeleton Walk w/ Compass Moves

*10 min Moves: (45 sec on/15 sec off)

*15 min Cool Down: Skeleton Walk w/ Compass Moves, stretching & Foam Rolling Upper Body

1/11: 10,000 Steps: 30 Minutes Biking + 30 Minutes Jumping while watching T.V.
1/12: 30 Minute Lower Body-

*10 min Warm Up: Stretching & Jogathon w/ Compass Moves

*10 min Moves: 50 sec on/10 sec off or 25 sec on each side

*15 min Cool Down: Jogathon, stretching & Foam Rolling Lower Body

Upper Body Routine

Lower Body Routine

Core & Face Routine

Meal Prep #3: Days 9-12 (1/6-1/9)

Macros & Calories: 63% Carbs (364 grams), 21% Fat (54 grams), 16% Protein (89 grams), 2200-2400 Calories

Morning Drink: 1/2 tsp Instant Coffee (half caf), 1/3 c Oat Milk, Hot Water

Snack #1: 1 Medium Banana, 100% Dark Chocolate

Day 11- First day of taking Creatine Supplement (LivBody)

Breakfast: Oatmeal w/ Protein Powder, Blueberries, PB2, 1 Brazil Nut & 1 TB Flax Seed

Lunch: Quinoa w/ steamed Kale, Edamame, fresh Tomatoes, fresh Cucumber, Olives, Creamy Dill Dressing, Salt & Pepper

Snack: Trophy Muffin or Clif Bar or Banana

Dinner: White Potatoes, Homemade Whole Wheat Bread, steamed Broccoli, Homemade Hummus & Kinders BBQ Sauce

+any extra nibbles or -bites of food remaining

Meal Prep #4: Days 13-16 (1/10-1/13)

Macros & Calories: 58% Carbs (307 grams), 25% Fat (60 grams), 17% Protein (90 grams), 2100-2300 Calories

Morning Drink: 2 tsp Dandy Blend, 1/4 c Oat Milk, Hot Water

Snack #1: 1 Medium Banana, 1 TB Peanut Butter, 1/2 Scoop Creatine

Breakfast: Oatmeal, Blueberries, 1 TB Peanut Butter, 1 Banana, 2 TB Hemp Seeds

Lunch: Homemade Bread, Plant Based Deli Slices, Iceberg Lettuce, Mustard, Cucumber, Tomato, Black Olives

Snack: Protein Shake- 1 Banana, 3/4 scoop Cake Batter Protein Powder, 1 cup Almond Milk, water/ice to taste

Dinner: Russet Potatoes, steamed Broccoli & Kinders BBQ Sauce 

Dessert: 3 pieces 100% Pascha Dark Chocolate + any extra nibbles or - bites of food remaining

Mindset Focus: Keeping my eye on the Prize. Don’t waste valuable time staring into a screen unnecessarily. Stay focused on my goals, my stats, my schedule and my mission!
Next Week I’ll be filling you in on crucial strategies I am implementing to expedite my results and give me the most exceptional physique possible. 

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  • I’m so glad that you included links to the specific workouts you are doing during the 17 weeks. I’m going to join you doing those workouts during the few weeks left. You are truly an inspiration. I’ve found surprisingly many ‘rebounder’ workouts on youtube but I find I really enjoy doing yours and keep coming back. Thank you so much for all youd do to help others!


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