My #1 Diet Strategy for Fat Loss &

Muscle Gain

Meal Prepping

Let’s dive right into the most crucial diet strategy I am implementing to give me the fastest results. Meal Prepping. One of the first things I’ve noticed since prepping my meals is that I spend virtually no time in the kitchen 3 out of every 4 days. What do I have time for instead? Reaching my goals of course. Taking care of Grandma, breath work, Jumping, writing out my social media content, planning, self care, steps, etc etc. Spending a few hours in the kitchen every four days has transformed my free time and my productivity levels. Plus, I now have time to meal prep for my boyfriend which is helping him to reach his Trophy Body goals. Win win all around. Last but not least, meal prepping is teaching me my monthly calorie and macro fluctuation and requirements.

Getting to know my Monthly Calorie and Macro Fluctuations & Requirements

Over the years, I've been lost when it comes to my appetite and its natural fluctuation throughout the month. Some days I'm hungrier, some days I'm more satiated. Some days I want more peanut butter, other days I want more sweets. Some days my digestion is fast and some days it's slow. How am I supposed to reach my ultimate physique goals if I don't recognize this fluctuation and instead force feed, undereat or restrict necessary macros? Fact of the matter is, my hormones shift therefore my calorie and macro needs shift. That has always been my missing link. 

My Trophy Body Calorie Range:

So far, my comfortable calorie ranges are averaging between 2100 & 2400 a day. I will continue to observe my averages over the weeks in conjunction with my energy, sleep quality and recovery needs.

My Trophy Body Macro Range:

My comfortable Macro ranges are looking to be somewhere around 20-30% Fats, 10-15% Protein and the rest in Carbs. Pretty soon I will see my trends over the months and be able to anticipate what my body will be asking for.
"Switching up my menu every four days is fascinating because by day three I'm already writing out my next meal prep based on new cravings, appetite fluctuations, new macro desires and the joy of getting to make meals that I absolutely love to eat." 

My #1 Fitness Strategy for Fat Loss/Muscle Gain

The most crucial Fitness strategy I am implementing to give me my most exceptional results is intentional Progressive Overload. How am I going to track and increase weight resistance overtime using only the mystery weight of gravity? Great question. Dave Hall, the creator of the Cellerciser rebounder, has done an experiment where he was able to determine the added weight of resistance when Jumping on his unit. The results showed that we bear up to 25+% of our body weight when jumping moderately high. That means a 160lb person is bearing and extra 40+/- pounds on every single cell in the body over 100x a minute. When we add the component of flexing, the intensity that we flex, the duration that we flex and the different heights that we jump, the results go into a cellular level that may never be measurable. 

Progressive overload is a method of strength training that advocates for the gradual increase of the stress placed upon the musculoskeletal and nervous system

Implementing measurable progressive overload will be tricky on a Rebounder, so I'll be increasing the stress placed upon my musculoskeletal system with different flexing intensities, flexing durations and resting periods in order to shock the muscles, keep them guessing and keep them growing. For example, I will increase the intensity of my flex while decreasing the duration of the move. Or, I will decrease the intensity of the flex while increasing the duration of the move. I will slow down or speed up the motion of the move, or I will change the sequence of my routines. I will also explore longer or shorter rest periods in between sets. Then there's incorporating new training splits, different ranges of motion and different moves all together. The sky is the limit with Jumping, Flexing and accessing the boundless weight of gravity.

Will the ultimate Trophy Body built solely on a Rebounder be enough to convince the World that Jumping / Flexing on a tight resistance mat has the power to transform ANY body? Any age? Anywhere in the world?

The Trophy Twins are here to make that happen.

Fitness Log 1/13-1/19 :

1/13: 65 Minute Low Intensity Cardio- Jamba Rock/Skeleton Walk/Southie (Heart Rate @ 100-120)

11,400 Steps Total

1/14: 40 Minute Core & Face-

*10 Minutes: Warm Up & Deep Stretching

*20 Minute Moves: High Jump, Lay Bounce, Leg Lifts, Superman, Jump Crunches, Forward Leg Holds

*10 Minutes: Deep Stretching & Cool Down

1/15: 60 Minute Muscle Specific Flex Session-

*10 Minute: Stretching & Warm Up

*30 Minutes: Jump Squats, Squat Bounce, Glute Thrusts, Raise the Roof, Repeat, Off the Jumper Flex Practice, Jump Crunches, Ab Flex Bounce

*20 Minutes: Cool Down & Full Body Foam Rolling

1/16: Rest Day
1/17: 35 Minute Upper Body-

*10 Minutes: Warm up & Skeleton Walk w/ Compass Moves

*10 Moves: 45 sec on/15 sec off

*15 min Cool Down: Skeleton Walk w/ Compass Moves, Stretching & Foam Rolling Upper Body

1/18: 14,000 Steps-

*60 Minute walk + normal activities

1/19: 40 Minute Lower Body-

*10 Minutes: Warm up & Jogathon w/ Compass Kicks

*10 Moves: 45 sec on/15 sec off

-Jump Squats: 7/8

-Jump Splits: 20/20

*20 min Cool Down: Jogathon w/ light Squat Bouncing, Deep Leg Stretching & Foam Rolling Lower Body

Meal Prep #5: Days 17-20 (1/14-1/17)

Macros & Calories: 63% Carbs (346 grams), 26% Fat (63 grams), 12% Protein (63 grams), 2200 Calories, 60 grams Fiber

Hot Drink: Dandy Blend Tea w/ ¼ c Oat Milk

Snack #1: 1 Banana & 1 TB Nut Butter

Breakfast: Oatmeal Waffles (oats, banana, baking powder, hemp milk, cinnamon/salt) served with 2 TB PB2, 1 TB Nut Butter and Blueberries

Lunch: Hummus Sandwich on Homemade Bread served w/ lettuce, cucumber, tomato, mustard & Black Olives

Snack #2: Trophy Muffin

Dinner: Unfried Rice: Brown Rice, Peas, Corn, Cauliflower, Broccoli & Trophy Dressing

Dessert: 100% Dark Chocolate (I also experimented w/ having this after lunch instead of before bed)

Meal Prep #6: Days 21-24 (1/18-21)

Macros & Calories: 68% Carbs (375 grams), 20% Fat (48 grams), 12% Protein (66 grams), 2200-2300 Calories, 61 grams Fiber

Hot Drink: Dandy Blend Tea w/ 1 cup Almond Milk

Snack #1: 1 Banana & 1 TB Nut Butter

Breakfast: Oatmeal Waffles (oats, banana, baking powder, flax milk, cinnamon/salt) served with 2 TB PB2 & 1 cup Applesauce

Lunch: Polenta Quiche (Polenta, Kidney Beans, White Onion, Green Onions, Bell Peppers, Green Chilis, Salsa & Avocado)

Snack #2: Clif Bar (I also experimented w/ having this after dinner instead of between lunch & dinner)

Dinner: Unfried Rice: Brown Rice, Riced Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrots, Jackfruit (or tofu), Olives & Hawaiian BBQ Sauce

Dessert: Homemade 100% Dark Chocolate / Nut Butter Bite (100 calories)

Mindset Focus: Tell myself the truth. If it's not true, it causes fear/anxiety. If it's true, it's causes joy and peace. Find what's true and focus on that.

Next Week I'll check in with my 1 month Physique update, discuss bulking & cutting, I'll answer your questions and will give you the Master Plan for my 17 week Transformation Series.

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  • Hi there. I have been following you ladies and doing your workouts for years. I have purchased some as well. At 57 I love fitness and do things daily. Problem. I don’t have a plan. Results aren’t great. I go from rebounding, to weighrs, to cardio and weights etc. Still have loose skin,cellulite and no true definition. I know my attention disorder often Sabatoges my goals. I get over whelmed. Help

    Deana Gonnsen

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