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The REAL reasons why I am entering a bodybuilding competition | Fitness & Fats | Meal Prep #14 (Follicular Phase)

Diving deeper into WHY I am entering a bodybuilding competition has been very fun and also very eye opening for me. I didn’t know I wanted to build huge glutes and point them at lots of cameras one day, but I see now that this decision goes deep into my roots, my purpose and my true passion in life. My memories as a kid, my personality traits, my relationship with food and my ultimate desire to be brave, bold and fit has guided me to this moment, and I am thrilled to finally turn this fantasy into a reality. I may not end up with the weight lifter’s physique that the judges are looking for, (or maybe that's exactly what I will have), but I believe my Jumping approach is the only way for me to safely and sustainable achieve this physique and lifestyle that I’ve always wanted. Here are 5 Reasons I will start competing in 2023:

Reason #1: The desire to build muscle mass and muscle density throughout my entire body stems from my lifelong goal of having a super strong, nourished, energized, healthy and lean physique. This muscle mass will be my body armor, my stored nourishment & energy, my longevity, my strength and my power.

Reason #2: Building and achieving a bikini competitor’s physique using only a 28” high quality resistance mat (that is 11” off the ground) has yet to be explored, conquered and publicized and I feel I’m the perfect pioneer to achieve and represent a long term jumping physique in the bodybuilding world and in the media.

Reason #3: This competition will provide me with the ultimate photoshoot and media representation of how Jumping exclusively and strategically has built my physique.

Reason #4: What better way to put my Starch Based, low/moderate protein diet to the test to see if it is sufficient for building maximum size, shape, health and long term muscle density in my body.

Reason #5: I've always wanted to participate in a sport at some point in my later life and this is the PERFECT sport since I’m already so invested (and super passionate) about jumping and bodybuilding on a Rebounder. I can also be my own coach (at first) and learn at my own comfortable pace, and I will later involve a team of experts to take me all the way to the stage.

Am I ready for this?

At 37 years old with no real fitness background, I have lots to learn when it comes to bodybuilding so I feel I need to start this process off from the beginning. In terms of progressive overload, proper technique, modern gainz strategies, recovery skills and peak performance, I'm a total newbie which means I need to take a back seat, take a deep breath and study like crazy. As far as flexing goes, I'm just now learning progression strategies, isolation techniques and a spectrum of intensities which means again, I have a lot of work to do. So far, I'm gathering as much information as I can from Youtube, coaches, trainers and social media influencers, piecing it all together and drafting routines/programs to try out and study to see how my body/muscles respond. Tying everything together with Cycle Syncing is making this process more exciting because I can already feel an alignment with higher energy levels, lower energy levels and sleep quality throughout the month. This is crucial for achieving my best (and fastest) results possible because I am setting a goal and I want to achieve it safely, quickly and proudly and the last thing I need is to get injured or plateau for weeks or even months at a time. 

Here's my draft training schedule combining Cycle Syncing and my current Jumping Routines (26-28 day Cycle & Rest/Steps days as needed):

Menstrual: Days 1-4: Rest/Walk

Follicular: Days 5-11: Aerobics (Full Body)

Ovulatory: Days 12-18: High Intensity (long) Flex Routines

Luteal (part 1): Days 19-23: High Intensity (short) Flex Routines &  Posing Practice

Luteal (part 2): Days 24-26+: Aerobics (no core)

Fitness & Fats

When it comes to strategizing with diatary fats and fitness, I'm finding a correlation between increased fat and rest, reduced fats and peak performance and honoring hormones thorughout my Cycle. Here is how I am going to approach my next cycle, all the phases and my dietary fat intake:

# of Days for each Cycle Phase:

🔴4 - Menstrual (30% fat)

🔵7- Follicular (23% fat)—>(20% fat)

🟢4 - Ovulatory (15% fat)

🟡🟠11 - Luteal (20% fat)—>(23% fat)

Fitness plan for Cycle Phases:

🔴Menstrual ~ Days 1-4 (Rest/Walk)

🔵Follicular ~ Days 5-11: Aerobics

🟢Ovulatory/Luteal ~ Days 12-18: High Intensity Flexing Routines

🟡Luteal ~ Days 19-23: {1/2} HIT Routines, Posing Practice

🟠Luteal ~ Days 24-26: Aerobics/Rest/Walk

Fitness Log: 3/3-3/9


Practice Core & Face Routine (20 minute stretching routine) + Steps: 8,000


Practice Core & Face Routine (20 minute stretching routine) + Steps: 18,000


Film Core & Face Routine (60 minutes total) + Steps: 12,800


Rest Day & Steps: 6,000


Aerobics: 25 min + Steps: 14,000


Bikini Routine: 45 minutes + Steps: 10,000


Rest & Steps: 14,000

2022 Ms. Bikini International~

Lauralie Chapados

Meal Prep # 14: Days 64 - 70 (3/3-3/9)

(Follicular Phase) 

Macros: 62-65% Carbs, 20-23% Fat, 15% Protein

Calories: 2500, 80g grams Fiber

*Additional Lemon Water or ACV

Hot Drink: Instant Decaf w/ 1/2 c Oat Milk & Hot Water

Snack #1: 1 Banana & 1 TB Cashew Butter or small bowl of Oat/Wheat cereal with PBFit Protein or PB2 + water

Breakfast: Waffle, Yogurt, ½ scoop PP & Mandarines OR Corn Tortilla Bake, Yogurt & ½ scoop PP

Lunch: Brown Rice, Sauerkraut, Cucumber, Tomato, Olives, Lettuce, random cooked veggies & Teriyaki Sauce

Snack #2: Smoothie: Unsweetened Chocolate or Carob Powder, Peanut Butter, ½ scoop PP, Banana, Almond Milk, Ice

Dinner: Corn Tortilla & Bean Enchiladas (Corn Tortillas, Black Beans, Refried Beans, Bell Peppers, Onion, Garlic, Tomatoes, homemade Enchilada Sauce) served with steamed Broccoli (and homemade Parm Cheese on some days)

**Meat Dinner on Monday 3/7: Cactus Restaurant - Beef Brisket Burrito with no Dairy 

Mindset Focus: Firm firm firm. I want to be firm as can be.

Next week I’m going to discuss how I'll be facing my fears as I approach my very first Cut Phase. Thanks for tuning in. :)

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