Keeping it Trophy Tight from the Inside Out!

 The Mind Connection ~ 01-25-22 ~ Trophy Body Sally Blog #4

Trophy Mind to Trophy Gut 

Did you know that certain foods paired together increase nutrient absorption? I plan on incorporating these 8 food pairings ⬇️ into my diet for the rest of my 17 week Trophy Body Transformation.

Vitamins A & D & Sun Butter

Sun butter on a spoon with a tall glass of Oat milk? Absolutely, Yes!

Spinach & 


Super Boost of Vitamin A, K and C for only 10 calories?

Please and Thank You!

WW Bread & Peanut Butter

Easy World for on the go! Soft bread, delicious peanut butter, 100% Yes!

Olives & 


Who needs lettuce when we can go straight for the olives and tomatoes?

I'll take 1 handful of each!

Did you know that experiencing stressful emotions before, during and after meals can cause digestive spastic contractions that no longer allow the stomach to empty properly? I heard this in the audio book 'The Mind-Gut Connection" by Emeran Mayer. If spastic contractions happen in the evening, the overnight cleansing of the gut will not happen. This can carry the stomach distress into the next day. We must not only vibe with the food we are eating, but also keep our cool around meal time. ✌️

WW Crackers & Hummus

Salty and Satisfying! Homemade hummus can be made salt-free, which happens to makes this snack absolutely perfect! 

Beans & 


Stick to my ribs and get on with my day kind of meal. When a starchy meal is in order, this is my Go-To!

Turmeric & 

Black Pepper 

This comes in pill form, but an easy sprinkle of each tastes awesome in smoothies! Add in some pineapple, banana, greens and oat milk to pack a nutrient Punch!

Quinoa & 


Could this fluffy and sweet combo be the perfect afternoon snack? Or better yet, the perfect anytime of day snack! Fork or Spoon?

Trophy Mind to Trophy Core

Did you know that the pelvic floor muscles act as a hammock, holding up the pelvic organs? And squeezing these muscles several times a day will keep them strong and lifted? And as an added bonus, we notice better posture just from having this awareness? 

According to this link here ⬇️,

the benefits of keeping these muscles strong are:

*Not wetting your pants

*Better sex

*Flatter stomach

Since my goal is to reap these 3 benefits, I squeeze whenever I can remember. If I'm walking down the grocery aisle, I'll squeeze from one end to the other. If I'm driving, I'll squeeze until the next light. If I'm cooking a meal, I'll squeeze while the microwave is going! All I do is squeeze, squeeze, squeeze no matter what. ;)

Trophy Mind to Trophy Muscles

As you've seen in my previous blogs, Flex Repetition is CRUCIAL for building muscle, but when we flex (squeeze) with our FULL attention, we get the MOST out of our workouts. We don't have to work harder, we just have to work smarter. ;) 

Try my brand new Jumping workout!  

This routine starts with a 5 minute warm-up, followed by 15 minutes of full body, lower body and upper body flexing, taking it down to the mat for 5 minutes of core flexing, bringing it back up for 5 minutes of stomach vacuums, ending with 5 minutes of cardio!

It's 35 minutes, all levels 🏆

Let us use our minds rather than letting our minds use us. Let's eat what we believe in, let's bring awareness to our pelvic floor, and let's train like the Trophies we are. 🏆 


  • Thanks for talking about strengthening the pelvic floor. I’m in my 50’s and have started to notice the weakness there when I sneeze hard!😅 I will be trying to incorporate your suggestions on being mindful throughout the days about tightening those muscles and keeping good posture!👍🏼

  • Great post with lots of good information.

  • Love this! Thank you for sharing! I’m trying to figure out what my body wants. I’m trying to listen closely to my body with each meal. I like everything you’ve posted here as far as food goes.


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