6 Tricks that will CHANGE THE GAME!

Part 1 ⭐

These Trophy Tricks recently helped me expedite my fat loss, and I'm certain they will help you do the same!

#1~Watching the clock after dinner

Whatever time I finish eating will ideally be 2-3 hours before I go to sleep. If I haven't eaten enough in the day, my no-food-before-bed window shortens or I go to bed later. I PREFER having 2-3 hours of NO EATING before bed, and I PREFER going to bed no later than 10, so in ranking order:

🥇I finish eating by 7:30-45 and go to bed at 10.

🥈I finish eating by 8:45-9 and go to bed at 11.

🥉I eat a snack within 1 hour of sleep time.

What's most important to me is that I LEARN from my experiences. It doesn't matter HOW I get in enough calories in the day, as long as I'm going to sleep on a digested stomach more often than not. More nights per week of implementing this trick = getting my Trophy Body the fastest!

#2~Eating with intention to hold myself over AT Lunch

Lunch has become the make or break meal for me to stay on Trophy Track. If I eat lunch with the intention of holding myself over until my next meal (without needing caffeine or anything sweet), I prime my digestion for the rest of the evening. What I have found to be the BEST lunch option for me is BEANS! I particularly like bean burritos, but beans on toast works, or even just a can of beans with some olives does me right as well. Whatever we choose for this MAIN MEAL in the day, let's make sure it doesn't leave us thinking about sweets or caffeine (a stick of gum can be perfect here as well). My next tip will take care of the sweet tooth. ;) So, in ranking order for keeping it Trophy Tight:
🥇I portion myself the perfect portion (2 medium sized burritos), and then I'm done until dinner (or until I have a strategic snack before dinner).

🥈I portion myself not enough, and have a snack immediately afterwards (which is totally cool if the portion is right, just not 1st place optimal). 

🥉I portion myself (and eat) too much and feel slightly uncomfortable afterwards, do my best to not be hard on myself about it, and wait to eat again when I'm truly hungry.  

As long as I continue to LEARN from my experiences, I get better and better at nailing my portions and having optimal digestion, which = getting my Trophy Body the fastest!

#3~Dessert for my mid day snack 

(bar, candy, nicecream, whatever I want)

I love enjoying something sweet every single day, and it's up to ME when I have that sweet treat. My definition of a 'treat' is something that consists of refined sugar (clif bar, protein bar, candy, donut) or even dates and/or nicecream. For me, efficient digestion gets me my Trophy Body the FASTEST, so if I can have my sweet treat as a mini-meal in the day rather than after any of my starch-based meals, I'm going to have better overall digestion. So, in ranking order for keeping it Tornado Tight:

🥇I have my treat between lunch and dinner, with a couple hours before and afterwards of no eating, and feel no cravings after dinner because I have eaten enough all day.

🥈I have my treat with dinner, slightly compromising digestion, and eat a smaller portion of dinner overall.

🥉I have my full dinner, and follow it with a treat (because I haven't eaten enough in the day, so I'm getting in my required calories here), and do better the next day. 

#4~Maintenance Calories & Cellercising

My diet and training have fluctuated over the last 10 years, but I give ALL my weight loss credit to the 2 strategies below :

🥇The McDougall Program For Maximum Weight Loss ~ link above.

This diet made me realize the IMPORTANCE of eating starches, and to this day, I still eat a starch based diet. I incorporate more fats and proteins now that I've lost the majority of the weight, but during my 55 lb weight loss, I kept them to a minimum. The time I spent focusing on starches and vegetables helped me to learn my portion needs, figure out my favorite go-to meals, and learn my hunger/satiation cues. Now that I've gained this knowledge, I feel comfortable continuing to eat a starch based diet with added fats and proteins to my liking, and have no fear whatsoever of gaining weight. I stick to the meals that work for me in the day, NAIL my lunch portion, and live the Trophy Life!

🥇Jumping Instead ~ Trophy Body Training ~ link below.

Jumping has transformed my Trophy physique inside and out. Jumping was FUN and SUSTAINABLE since the very first day. My digestion greatly improved, my joints became more flexible, and my muscles started POPPING! There was no turning back once I realized the POWER of being a JUMPSTAR!! ⭐⭐⭐ Get Jumping Today for getting your Trophy Body the FASTEST! 

#5~Training is my number 1 priority, diet and sleep fall in line.

🥇Focusing on my Trophy Body Training schedule.

🥈Focusing on my Trophy Body Diet.

🥉Focusing on my Trophy Night's Sleep. 

If I'm crazy in love with Jumping Instead, everything else seems to fall in line. If I'm so excited to flex, flush and stretch my Trophy Body every single day, my meals and sleep are a means to get my training in NO MATTER WHAT (unless I'm on my period). I want my Trophy. I want to win first place. I want to be a champion. Eyes on the prize. My diet and sleep will not get me my Trophy Body. They will HELP get me my Trophy Body, but Jumping Instead will take me ALL THE WAY. I'm staying focused, I'm competing with ONLY myself, and I'm having a blast all the way to the Trophy finish line. Trophy mind, Trophy body and a Trophy heart is all I'm after. 

#6~1 week off every month (minimum 3 days)

10 steps forward, 3 steps back. Seems like a fair deal to me, considering I take 7 steps forward every month. And what's a kick-ass Trophy Body Training schedule without a rest week? Burnout. Especially when my body cramps and bleeds during this time anyhow. Seems like the perfect time to take a Trophy chill pill. Do I need to take an entire week off? Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes I'm still cramping on day 5, other times I'm not. Sometimes I'm PMSing a few days BEFORE my menstruation, which may be a good time for me to rest, other weeks I feel great until I start my flow. No matter the situation, I REST during this week (no Trophy Body Training), with walking outside and housework being the only things I do. My muscles get FULLY recovered, I get MORE done with my work, and I take the time to evaluate the weeks leading up to my period, what I could do BETTER, and implement new strategies moving forward. This is mental training, and it will help me KEEP my Trophy Body for LIFE! 


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  • Thank you for the detail you put into your blog, it is easy to follow along and apply. Common sense stuff, thanks’ for sharing.

    Cynthia Metelak
  • This is awesome !!! Thank you for sharing so much!!

    Mary Smith

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