NO WEIGHT LIFTING~NPC Bikini Competition Training

4-19-22 Trophy Body Sally Blog #16

How will I build my Trophy Bikini Body?

One bounce at a time on my rebounder
I will bear weight. I will put resistance against every single cell in my body by jumping on my Cellerciser rebounder. I will strategize by flexing certain muscles more than others to build my body exactly how I want it. I will find a healthy balance between muscle building and conditioning. I will work tirelessly on my flexibility by twisting, reaching, kicking and practicing my bikini poses so I move like an angel on stage. I will keep my intensity at a healthy, sustainable pace so I can train smarter vs. harder. I will stay on top of my hydration, diet and sleep. I will study, smile and have fun through the entire process. This is my life, this is my choice, and I'm giving it my all.

Cellerciser rebounder pictured below

What's the exact training plan?

I will divide my training into 5 categories. I will work each category as often as possible. I will rest intuitively. 

◾Warm-Up Flexibility

Targeted joints: Neck, Shoulders, Wrists, Hips, Knees, Ankles
Warming up first thing on the rebounder is just as important as warming up with any exercise program. We need to bring more blood flow and oxygen to our muscles so we can get the most out of our workout, reduce the risk of injury and recover the fastest. I will warm up intuitively everyday, sticking with many of the stretches I do in my stretch routines on 'I Jump Instead' YouTube. 

◾Posing Flexibility

Targeted posing joints: Spine, Shoulders, Wrists, Hips
Posing with grace and poise will make me look like I belong on stage (which I do). I will definitely be strapping up my 5" heels and practicing my posing off the rebounder, but for now, I'm going to deepen my posing flexibility by practicing on the rebounder. Each pose takes specific joint flexibility that I will further stretch strategically on the rebounder. Check out the tutorials below to get a feel for what posing looks like off the rebounder.

◾Major Muscle Group Conditioning/Activation

Targeting major muscle groups: Deltoids, Glutes

Bikini competitors have a specific look that the judges want to see. We aim for:

*Deltoids with a small amount of roundness

*A conditioned core

*Full, round glutes with slight separation between hams and glutes

*A curvy hourglass silhouette

*Overall presentation that exudes HEALTH and femininity

I will grow my deltoids and glutes so they are balanced and beautiful. Each time I train them, I will start by conditioning these muscles at a low intensity pace while breathing steadily and strongly through my nose. Then I will work into a stronger muscle activation by incorporating breath holds, and catch my breath through my nose between sets. I will experiment with different intensities, seeing if less is more, or if more is more. I will also incorporate interval training throughout the day in 1-10 minute increments. I will do moves that seem fun in the moment, and make sure to not train muscles that are too sore. 

◾Minor Muscle Group Conditioning

Targeting minor muscle groups: Biceps, Triceps, Core, Obliques, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves
Conditioning is made extremely easy on the Cellerciser rebounder. With each conditioning move, I will aim to maintain maximum muscle in my deltoids and glutes, while beautifully conditioning and toning all of the minor muscle groups listed above. I will experiment with different moves, intensities and durations, strategizing to recover as fast as possible so I can train as often as possible. I will do this by keeping my heart rate low during conditioning. 

◾Off the Jumper Conditioning/Stretching

Jogging outdoors (conditioning)

Ebiking outdoors (conditioning)

Pull-up bar hanging (stretching)

Wheel pose (stretching)

These 2 off-the-jumper categories are combined for keeping things simple. I will condition at a low intensity while jogging and cycling, aiming to keep my heart rate low for maximum glute growth and fast recovery. I will hang from my pull-up bar and practice wheel pose daily, aiming to stay flexible and primed for the rest of my training. I will train strategically and intuitively, learn as much as possible along the way, and bring my absolute best to my very first stage appearance on November 11, 2022. 

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