Trophy Body Sally Blog #17

Takeaways from my Trophy Body Sally Transformation Series

17 weeks, 17 Blogs and 17 Vlogs later, I realized what I was born to do, I found my balance with food, I discovered symmetry in my training, and I surrendered to happiness. I trusted, I let go, and I transformed. Here's a recap.

1: I Asked and I Recieved

✨I planted the seed and it sprouted

17 weeks ago, I said: "I want to look like a fully-fed professional ballerina that could compete on stage in a Bikini Competition. I want to have a body filled with beautiful, balanced muscles that keep me toned, tight, fit and flexible year round. I want to master my sleep, strengthen my lung power beyond belief, keep my immune system in tip top health and effortlessly run my business. I want easy world, happy world and freedom world."
Even though I put this out into the universe, I had no plans of competing...until week 15. 

2: Name of the Game-Posing/Flexing Repetition

✨It's that simple

Flexing while bouncing is what builds our muscles the strongest. Bouncing alone will strengthen our muscles, but throwing in the flex (or squeeze) adds more resistance to the cells, causing them to adapt and grow stronger. Posing is a great way to explore flexing. Think of yourself on stage, showing off your biceps, lats, abs, quads, etc. If you're showing off, you're flexing. If you're flexing, you're posing. If you're flexing and posing on repeat, you're getting faster results.

3: Finding Freedom with my Diet

✨I let it all go

I've done it all...low carb, high carb, fasting, all raw, all fruit, etc. At some point along the way, I became out of touch with myself. I stopped figuring out what worked for my body; what digested the best and what satisfied me physically and mentally. This week during my transformation, I became free. I let go of my past, and trusted myself. 

4: The Center of it All

✨Pelvic floor squeeze

The root chakra is located at the base of our spine. It provides us with a base or foundation for life, and it helps us feel grounded and able to withstand challenges. Our root chakra is responsible for our sense of security and stability. The simple act of squeezing our pelvic floor (or hypothetically holding our pee in) activates the root chakra, and also helps us to stand up taller, flatten our tummies and have better sex. 

5: Getting Happy

✨Loving what is

Happiness will take us anywhere we want to go. I've lived many years of my life in a state of fear. Fear of eating too much, fear of not eating enough, fear of getting sick, fear of being vulnerable, fear of the future. This week in my transformation series, I remembered the book, "Loving What Is," which changed my life many years ago. I also remembered "Ask and It Is Given" author, Abraham Hicks, telling me, "You just have to decide who you are, and how you want to feel." This week, I got happy.

6: Getting Organized

✨Strategizing my meals

I knew that If I wanted to train hard, sleep hard and keep my immune system strong, I needed a plan. These 6 fat loss tricks were that plan. 

7: Staying balanced

✨Partying smarter

Balance with everything helps us to have everything we want in life while maintaining health and longevity. I enjoy having a cocktail or two. I even enjoy taking MJ here and there as well. This week, I figured out how to have my cocktail, have my puff, and still wake up feeling rested, fresh and happy. 

8: Deciding to Compete

✨Sprint triathlon

Since starting my (our) business, "I Jump Instead," I have been full-force creating jumping routines and training programs that get results and keep us having fun. This week, I wanted to put my fitness to the test. I committed to my very first challenge. This revamped my excitement for training, along with opening up a whole new opportunity for more Trophy Body Training programs!

9: Learning to Run Outdoors

✨5k race

At this point, I had my sprint triathlon all lined up, but I figured I should throw in a 5k race beforehand to push me to start jog training asap, so I set the date. Running this 5k forced me to create a 10 week training schedule for myself, along with learning all the ins and outs of what really goes into being an outdoor runner. 

10: Staying Focused 

✨4 easy steps to fat loss

This week, my mind wanted to sum up what I truly needed to stay focused on so I didn't become too overwhelmed. Committing to a challenge, nose breathing, rebounding and sleeping well was my whole life this week. 

11: Exploring my JumpSport Rebounder

✨Superwoman splits

This week, I got my second hand JumpSport rebounder. I only knew the language of Cellercising up until this point, and wanted to explore what the bungee JumpSport had to offer. And you know what I discovered? Airborne flexing.

12: Creating My Diet Protocol

✨My own food pyramid

It all needed to be summed up at some point. What diet was going to be my final diet protocol? What foods were going to keep me thriving for the rest of my life? It all came together this week.

13: Running while Nose Breathing

✨Game changing

I had already dabbled with nose breathing before this week, but incorporating it into my outdoor running was what really challenged me for the better. Let me just say that nose breathing while running outdoors takes a bit of a learning curve, and it was exactly what I needed to be the absolute best runner I could possibly be.

14: Running Smarter Hacks

✨Blackstrap molasses

This week, I share with you my best running tips for running smarter, and one of them is incorporating blackstrap molasses into our diet. Blackstrap molasses is loaded with vitamins and minerals, along with healthy sugars that support our energy needs. There are many different ways to enjoy blackstrap molasses, one being to add orange juice to help boost iron absorption. 

15: The Beginning of the Rest of my Life

✨Bikini physique competitor

I was born to do this. Bodybuilding was made for me. I'm 37, and I am officially a Bikini physique competitor. The foundation of my new career is my business, I Jump Instead. The 2 jobs go hand in hand. I will continue to make incredible training programs for all bodies, and I will prove my incredible rebounding results by presenting them on stage to the world.

16: My Secret Weapon

✨Breath holds

Training will never be the same. I've discovered my secret weapon. I've figured out a way to stay engaged in my mind to muscle connection while maximizing oxygen absorption, muscle activation and recovery. Breath holds are bringing my Trophy Bikini Body to life.

17: That's a Wrap Q & A with Stephanie

✨Let's chat

Stephanie and I love to talk! Here's a recap of our full 17 week Trophy Body Transformation series!


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The journey continues! Every 4 weeks, Stephanie and I will be collaborating with our Bikini and Figure physique updates! This is going to be lots of fun, Trophies! Stay tuned :)

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