Every month, we create a challenge to keep us on track toward our Trophy Body, inside and out. For the month of December, we are going to focus on 1 move each day, performing it on the Jumper for 1 minute at a time, and doing it as many times throughout the day as we feel like.

Each move is already predetermined and plugged into our 31 day December calendar. If you want to go rogue and create your OWN 1 minute December Challenge calendar, click HERE. It doesn't matter what you're wearing or what time it is, we all have just ONE minute to boost our metabolism, flush our lymphatic system and get one step closer to our well-deserved Trophy Body.

Here's How to Start The Challenge


Print your downloadable calendar and keep track of your 1 minute sessions each day, for the entire month.


Print our REMINDERS page, and tape it to the wall NEXT to your jumper so you remember to practice PERFECT Form


Share Your Progress

At the end of each day, share your progess in our facebook group and tag us on instagram @ijumpstead. Let us know how many 1 minute sessions you comlete each day!

November Trophy Body Challenge Description

Rehab Video

This challenge is for you and ONLY you. If you feel like doing a non-jumping move any day in the month, GO FOR IT. If you are experiencing any PAIN or have a stubborn injury that needs to be healed, this is the PERFECT opportunity to start REHABBING. For your 1 minute challenge each day, focus DIRECTLY on your injury/painful area. Need ideas? THIS video is for you.


This monthly weight loss tracker is created specifically to be saved on your phone for quick and easy logging and sharing. 

You can use any free photo app (Canva, Over, PicCollage, Photogrid, etc) to add text over images and then share your success on Instagram, Facebook or any other social network app. 

Don't forget to tag us @ijumpinstead #goflexyourself #gostretchyourself

Track Your Own December Goals

november trophy body challenge calendar i jump instead

I Jump Instead Predetermined Calendar

november trophy body challenge calendar i jump instead
Thank you for joining our December Jumping Challenge. These 1 minute sessions are going to keep you feeling EMPOWERED and MOTIVATED to stay ON TRACK for the Holidays, and have you JUMPING into the New Year on both feet. Lots of love, and ALL the best.

Tutorials For Each Move👇

Tricep Reach on a Rebounder

Squat Bounce on a Rebounder

One Leg Jumping on a Rebounder

Bicep Flex Hold on a Rebounder

Sit Bounce with Alternationg Kicks on a Rebounder

Breath Work on a Rebounder

Jamba Walk on a Rebounder

Trophy Pose on a Rebounder

Ski Jump on a Rebounder

Forward Kicks on a Rebounder

Shoulder Pumps on a Rebounder

Sit Bounce with Face Flex on a Rebounder

Chest Press on a Rebounder

Jogathon on a Rebounder

Side to Side Kicks on a Rebounder

Glute Squeeze Hold on a Rebounder

Shuffle Dance on a Rebounder