Jams World

Each fabulous set will include:

🟤The Patina Print Package:
(Worn by Stephanie and Marc )
~Browns, gold, teal, green~

1 Shirt Dress [size XS]
1 Men’s Retro Shirt [size M]
2 Masks [size M/L]
1 Farmers Market Bag
1 head wrap/belt/scarf
(Stephanie has put the head wrap around her waist in some of these photos)


🔵The Bella Print Package:
(Worn by Sally and Jeff)
~Pinks, blues, white and black~

1 Ci Ci Dress [size S]
1 Men’s Retro Shirt [size M]
2 Masks [size M/L]
1 Farmer’s Market Bag

The sizes we’ve chosen (the sizes that all of us are wearing) run slightly large. The clothing fits loosely and comfortably, but only come in these size options. 👗👚👕

These STUNNING couples’ outfits are perfect for ANY occasion. Wear them to lunch on a Spring day, to dinner on a romantic date night, to the beach EVERY day, to a wedding, a dinner party, a backyard bbq, VACATION, basically ANY and EVERY occasion. We wear ours around the house because we feel like a million BUCKS in them.