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Maximum Weight Loss 

Meal Planner

This Meal Planner is designed to give you MAXIMUM hydration while following a Fruit and Starch Focused Menu. If you want to have fast and efficient digestion, you must get every cell in your body hydrated and flushed. If there is any caffeine in your current menu, consider your hydration potential. If you can instead have a Trophy tea, you will be many steps closer to having optimal, hydrated results. It’s Hydration or the Highway, baby. Let’s Begin.

Your Trophy Body awaits on the other side of these 3 simple rules:

Rule #1: Chew Every Single Bite (to the best of your ability)

Rule #2: Follow Calorie Density Guidelines as much as possible

Rule #3: Learn to eat what digests well and ALSO what sounds good. When you make your Fruit and/or Starch filled plate, you must dress it up mindfully. For example, more veggies or less fruit doesn’t necessarily equal better health or more weight loss. Build your meal as you truly desire, and eat what your body/tongue wants for best results.

The day you start chewing high water, high volume, low calorie density food is the day you’ll start eating as close to your true calorie needs as possible. Chewing well is like meditation, and those who meditate connect deeper to the body and it’s needs. 

Your digestion is always asking for the quantity that will give you your ideal, lean body weight, but in order to learn what that quantity is, you must be present with every bite. This presence connects you to your truest hunger and satiation signals, especially while you are eating. Every bite counts. You don’t want to eat any less or any more than you need, and once you start practicing this, it becomes a habit. When you do have too much to eat, do your best to wait until you are genuinely hungry again, and try to move your body in the meantime. The goal is to be held over all the way to your next meal while not ever getting too full. Today is when the learning and practicing begins. Give yourself months/years to master this and you will be so happy you started now. 

I encourage you to put notes up on the wall around your eating area, or make a new wallpaper on your phone that says, “Chew to your Trophy Body.” Chewing is next level and will get you, and keep you, at your ideal weight for LIFE. 

Say you were on vacation and ate higher fat, lower water content foods. If you mindfully ate every single bite and chewed very well, do you think you’d come home having gained weight? I don’t think so. In fact, you might even lose a few pounds because this protocol connects us SO WELL to our true hunger and satiation cues. You’ll probably get full and satisfied very easily on these treat meals, unless there is alcohol involved. If I were you, I’d be eating very similarly if not the SAME menu as usual while traveling because the foods on this meal plan are THAT easy to sustain and eat no matter the circumstance.

That’s what makes Fruits and Starches so amazing. They are incredibly sustainable, easy to travel with and very, very satiating (especially when our chewing habit is in place). Having flawless digestion when eating is truly a game changer, and I believe you will have that with a balance of Fruits and Starches if you focus on hydration and chewing your food well. 


You must always start the day with water. Whether it’s a few sips before you train or it’s 2 liters over the first hour or two, you have to drink as much as you feel you need. In order to know how much you need, you have to experiment and see what happens. Light to clear colored urine is the goal as well as peeing frequently (every 2-3 hours). I drink only ¼ - ½ of a liter when going straight into my workout, and I’ll drink up to 2 liters (within an hour or two) if I feel behind in hydration, but I usually aim for about 1 liter upon rising. The rate I drink it depends on how my body accepts it. {Optional: add a bit of lemon or lime to your water for better absorption, though we didn’t do this during our 50 pound weight loss}. In total, aim to drink 3-5 Liters of Water per day. You may need more or less, but find what works best for you.

Trophy Tea: 2-3 Ingredients

~Molasses (1-3 TB) or Jaggery (~30g or as needed)

~Hot Water (6-10 oz) or as needed 

~Vanilla Soymilk or any Plant Milk (2-6 TB) splash or as needed

We like to have our Trophy Tea as needed in respect to our appetite and our training schedule. Sometimes we drink it just to induce a bowel movement (and plain hot water may work too), or we have it to hold us over until our first meal. Sometimes we finish it and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we skip it and sometimes one cup isn’t enough. All that said, you have to separate yourself from drinking it as a habit and instead use it strategically in accordance with your meal plan and your goals.



Should you track them? If you aren’t having success with weight loss, it may be time to consider tracking either calories or the volume of your typical meals. Just weighing your portions in pounds or kilos (and writing those numbers down) will help you determine the volumes you need at each meal to provide you with proper satiation. Calorie awareness is vital when it comes to weight loss, so a thorough phase of getting to know your calorie and volume intake is in order. Long term, you will have a strong idea of what your calorie density needs/volumes look like, and you'll be able to eyeball portions as needed. Now, ask yourself a few questions to implement our strategy:

How many meals do I currently eat per day? 

How many meals do I want to eat per day? 

How many calories/pounds of food do I consume per day on average?

The best way to lose weight while not calorie tracking/weighing food would be to experiment with increasing veggies (and chewing better of course). If you continue eating similarly to what you’re used to, and you increase veggies, you’ll probably start to drop some pounds. If you want to get strategic with it and KEEP the weight loss ball rolling, start tracking how many calories you currently eat each day. A food scale and an App called Cronometer is all you'll need. You're just tracking here, without any judgements towards the numbers. This doesn’t mean you will necessarily be eating this amount daily moving forward, but you should probably aim for similar totals at first to avoid any sudden over or under eating. Once you know your average, then you can split that number into the amount of meals you decide on eating each day, and let the chewing do its magic.


~If your average calorie intake is 2000 and 3 meals are chosen to eat each day, then you would aim for 3 - 600 calorie meals as well as 1 - Trophy Tea. (These are just examples and you should always let your appetite/digestion guide you).

~If 2500 calories is your average and 5 meals are chosen, then you’d aim for 5 meals (3 @ 500, 2 @ 400, and 1 Trophy Tea)

~If you choose not to have Trophy Tea, you can incorporate those projected calories into your desired meal count. 

This is your rough draft meal plan. You first decide the number of meals to eat each day, then you figure out the targeted quantities. Next, you transform the hydration and calorie density levels of your meals. Soon, you will start connecting better to your hunger and satiation cues which will result in the fastest and healthiest weight loss possible.

With this Meal Plan, it's likely that the volume of your meals will be increasing which may take a transition period. Be patient, practice and have hydrating snacks as necessary. We all have to go through this phase/experiment in order to reach our consistent meal number and hydration goals. It may even take a whole year or more to transition to perfect meal consistency, so love the process and trust yourself along the way. 


Calorie Density:

We love this chart because it’s easy to follow as a guideline. Even though you will focus on specific Fruits and Starches in this meal planner, you can still follow the principles of this chart. 


Key Fruits on this Meal Plan:


Bananas, Berries, Canned Peaches, Apples, Applesauce, Dates (best soaked and used only if the meal requires them for sweetness or if your fitness is cranked and you need the calories) and any seasonal Fruit of choice. All Fruit is entirely welcome, we just focus on this list more because they are a super reliable calorie source. 


Key Starches on this Meal Plan:

All Potatoes, Corn (Polenta/Grits/Cornmeal/Whole Corn or Corn Tortillas), Oats (Oat Groats, Steel cut or Regular Oats), Homemade Bread, Whole Grain Cereal, Whole Grain Rice and 'low ingredient' Tortillas. Our homemade bread is only 640 calories per pound and Cereal/Tortillas are upwards of 1600 calories per pound) which is necessary to know, but nothing to stress over if you are eating to satiety and reaching your goals. **Always eat your Cereal with the Plant Milk diluted with water.

Key Additions to your meals:

All Vegetables, Beans/Legumes and Plant Milk

Optional: Avocado, Nuts, Seeds, Tofu, Olives etc.

Salt, Sugar & Condiments:

Use salt to taste ANY time the Starch is too bland. Use sugar (or dates) to taste ANY time the Fruit is not sweet enough. Any non oil, Plant Based condiments are permitted if used sparingly. You should fully enjoy your meals so have salt and sugar anytime you need to and see if the quantities change over time. 

Example Condiments: Sweet and Sour Sauce, Salsa, Gravy, Marinara, Hummus, Sweet Chili Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, Ketchup, BBQ, Hot Sauce etc.

Meal # 1

(or 1 & 2 if more meals are eaten):

Plate Options:

#1: 45% Starch, 45% Fruit, 10% Vegetable 

#2: 80% Starch, 10% Fruit, 10% Vegetable

#3: 90% Starch, 10% Vegetable

#4: 90% Fruit, 10% Vegetable 

**Adding Flax or Chia seeds to any plate is optional 

Hydrating Starch: 

Soupy Corn (Polenta/Grits), Oats, Homemade Bread, Any Potatoes or Cereal (preferably hot, whole grain Cereal) **Potato Varieties: All Sweet Potato, Russet Potato, Yukon Gold, Fingerling, Kennebec, Red Potatoes, Baby Potatoes, Blue Potatoes, etc.

The key is to hydrate your Starch as much as needed to enjoy it and find it light and satisfying to eat. You can also dilute this Starch with Winter Squash such as Pumpkin, Acorn, Butternut, Spaghetti etc.

Hydrating Fruit:

All Fruit: Berries, Bananas, Apples, Canned (or fresh) Peaches, Soaked Dates, Mango, Pineapple, Applesauce etc. 

The goal is to add sweetness, nutrition, fiber and water to your meal to make it satisfying and more versatile. 

Non-Starchy Vegetable:

All Non-Starchy Veggies: Steamed Zucchini, Asparagus, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Cucumber, Lettuce, Brussel Sprouts, Bell Pepper, Carrots etc.

Breakfast Ideas:

~Soupy Polenta/Grits with Berries and Steamed Zucchini

~Soupy Polenta/Grits with fresh Banana and Steamed Cauliflower

~Soupy Oatmeal with Berries, Banana and a side of Steamed Broccoli

~Oatmeal Bake loaded with Fruit, soaked Dates and (optional) steamed Zucchini

~Bread Pudding: Homemade Bread, Fruit, plant milk and cinnamon baked in a Pyrex

~Sweet Potatoes topped with Banana, Berries and Cucumber

~Soupy 10 Grain Cereal, chopped Apples, Cinnamon and shredded cooked/raw Carrots

~Soupy Polenta with Banana Slurry (Bananas thawed from frozen) and steamed Zucchini

~Baked White Potatoes with Ketchup and steamed Broccoli

~Soupy Oats with Banana Slurry, soaked Dates and a side of steamed Asparagus

~Fruit Bowl, Starch Based Muffins or Bread as needed (Pumpkin, Banana, Wheat/White etc), steamed Zucchini

Bottom line: Breakfast must leave you feeling satiated (comfortably full), hydrated, and having to pee a few times over the next couple of hours. If you need to split your breakfast into two meals, do it. As long as you’re following the three rules, you’re good to go.

 Meal #2

(or 3 & 4 if more meals are eaten):

Plate Options (Same as Breakfast): 

#1: 45% Starch, 45% Fruit, 10% Vegetable 

#2: 80% Starch, 10% Fruit, 10% Vegetable

#3: 90% Starch, 10% Vegetable

#4: 90% Fruit, 10% Vegetable 

**Adding Flax or Chia seeds to any plate is optional 

Hydrating Starch: 

Soupy Corn (Polenta/Grits), Oats, Homemade Bread, Any Potatoes or Cereal (preferably hot, whole grain Cereal) **Potato Varieties: All Sweet Potato, Russet Potato, Yukon Gold, Fingerling, Kennebec, Red Potatoes, Baby Potatoes, Blue Potatoes, etc.


Hydrating Fruit:

All Fruit: Berries, Bananas, Apples, Canned (or fresh) Peaches, Soaked Dates, Mango, Pineapple, Applesauce etc. 


Non-Starchy Vegetable:

All Non-Starchy Veggies: Steamed Zucchini, Asparagus, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Cucumber, Lettuce, Brussel Sprouts, Bell Pepper, Carrots etc.

**Corn and Peas are fine if you’re reaching your desired physique goals.

Lunch Ideas:

**Refer to Meal # 1 options, but here are some great Potato dish ideas:

~Baked Sweet Potato with any Lettuce variety (preferably not dark leafy greens unless strongly desired)

~Baked White Potato topped with Salsa and Corn, served with Lettuce or Cucumber 

~Sweet or White Potato wedges (fries) with steamed Broccoli and BBQ sauce

~Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, served with Peas and Corn

~Potatoes boiled in Vegetable Stock, served with steamed Zucchini

~Potato Casserole (sliced Potatoes, non starchy Veg and Trophy Cheese Sauce baked in the oven) (It’s best to start with pre-cooked Potatoes)

~Boiled baby Potatoes, squished, then baked (or air fried), served with steamed Broccoli and Ketchup to taste

~Frozen Hash Browns in Air Fryer (no added oils) with Carrot Soup

~Leftover Mashed Potatoes, Air Fried as Patties (or in any shape you want) with Gravy and steamed Brussel Sprouts

~Hash Brown Potatoes made into Waffles (using a Waffle Iron), served with steamed Broccoli and Hot Sauce to taste

~Shredded pre-cooked Potatoes mixed with seasonings, formed into patties and baked or air-fried, served with Lettuce or Vegetable Soup

~Potatoes boiled in water and 1-2 tsp of Baking Soda, drained and tossed in a large mixing bowl (to rough them up a bit), then baked or air fried, served with hummus and Bell Pepper Soup

~Sweet Potato blended with Cinnamon, served with steamed Zucchini

~Sweet Potato blended with Banana, served with Celery

~Bananas (fresh, frozen or thawed), served with Lettuce or Vegetable Soup (Ex: Carrot, Squash etc.)

Bottom line: Lunch must leave you feeling light, energized and held over until your next meal. If you find yourself hungry soon after lunch, that’s okay because you are adjusting to the higher water content and volume of your meals. If you’re too full, adjust the Starch portion next time and see how that goes. The long term goal is to know roughly how many calories, and ideally, how much Volume you need to feel the way I described, pee often after lunch and lose weight or maintain your Trophy Body. Keep practicing and you will get very consistent in time.  

Meal # 3

(or 5 & 6 if more meals are eaten):

Plate Options:

#1: 50% Starch, 30% Polenta, 20% Vegetable

#2: 70-90% Starch, 10-30% Vegetable

#3: 80% Starch, 10% Fruit, 10% Vegetable

#4: Any other Starch you desire with added Vegetables and optional Fruit

Starch ~ Any Starch, Especially Rice:

Any and All Varieties of Rice: Brown, Wild, Black, Red or White (White only on occasion unless you are losing weight). Any other Starch is permitted: Whole Grain Pasta, Potatoes, Corn, Oats, Wheat or Whole Grains etc.

Polenta Quiche: (If adding to meal)

How to prep: Make fresh Polenta Porridge, add Dk. Leafy Greens, canned chili's/jalapeno etc, pour mixture into Pyrex to cool and stiffen for a few hours, then air fry or bake your desired portion @ 400 degrees for 20 minutes


Hydrating Fruit: (optional)

All Fruit: Berries, Apples, Oranges, Mango, Pineapple, Peaches etc. 

-Keep an eye on digestion to observe any food combinations your tummy may not tolerate (which you must honor until you feel like reincorporating it again in the future)

Non-Starchy Vegetable:

All Non-Starchy Veggies: Steamed Zucchini, Asparagus, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Lettuce, Cucumber, Brussel Sprouts, Bell Pepper, Carrots, Dark Leafy Greens etc.

-Starchy Vegetables permitted as needed 

Beans, Soy & Legumes:

Any Variety of Beans or Bean Soup, Lentils or Lentil Soup, Peas or Pea Soup, or Tofu. Plant Based Meat alternatives are fine to eat on occasion


Avocado, Guacamole, all Nuts and Nut Butters, all Seeds and Seed Butters, Olives, Hummus w/ Tahini, PB2, Coconut Milk, etc.

Dinner Ideas:

Our #1 Favorite Starch Based Dinner: 

Trophy Rice Salad w/ Veggie Polenta:

Recipe: (Polenta Recipe Above)

*We cook the Rice in our favorite flavored Vegetable stock. They all taste a bit different, so find one you love. We like vegetable stock paste and add 1 tsp (around 600mg sodium) per ¾ c dry rice serving 

Add Salad Additions as you see fit:

*Raw Veggies - 10-20%: Celery, Cucumber or any you desire

*Fruit - 10%: Berries or any you desire: optional

*Starchy Veg or Beans/Legumes: Corn, Peas, Beans or any you desire: optional

*Fats - 0-10%: Avocado, Seeds, or any you desire: optional

*Side of Non Starchy Vegetable: Steamed Broccoli or any you desire: optional

*If you skip the Fruit, any oil free dressing is permitted 'to taste'

 Other Plant Based Dinner Ideas (Sky is the limit):

~Any and all Potatoes served with Non-Starchy Vegetables (optional) dipped in Panko Bread Crumbs

~Whole Grain Pasta w/ added Broth Paste stirred in (add a splash of water to mix through noodles), Veggie Polenta cake and Raw Salad w/ non fat Plant Based Dressing

~Brown Rice, Sweet and Sour Sauce, Stir Fried Veggies and Air Fried Polenta 

~Soups with Starch, Veggies and Beans, served with Lettuce

Bottom Line:

Hunger, satiation and digestion should always lead you on this journey. If something digests great for a few months then digestion seems off, you must listen and tweak. You may have hungrier days and/or more satiated days so you have to do your best to listen and let your body and intuition lead the way. Chewing your food well will help your digestion tremendously, but you still need to tap into your hunger/satiation cues and eat as close to what you need as possible. Even those who’ve had a Trophy Body for a decade still have to make tweaks and put digestion, energy, hydration and sleep quality first. You are getting to know yourself the best you can, so do right by your body, and have fun.

Tips and Tricks:

~Don’t wait until you are famished before you eat. Have a strong idea of what your next meal is and plan ahead so you can prepare it as you are getting hungry.


~Different ways to Prepare Potatoes: Baked or Air Fried Whole or in Wedges, Roasted, Boiled, Mashed, Hash Browns, Blended (if necessary) etc.


~Calorie Density Matters. Learn which meals and what quantities work for your digestion and hold you over properly. This can/will take time, trial and error. Try to be as patient as possible and be okay with temporary digestion discomfort or weight fluctuations

~As I said before, Dates are optional and should be used wisely. If dates are being consumed and weight is not coming down, try going without them for 1 month. You may still actually need them, but you must experiment and take chances with higher calorie density foods (such as cereal, tortillas, and dates). 

~Our Homemade Bread is 640 calories per pound, but if you are eating it regularly and weight is not shifting, you may experiment with this too and take it out of the diet temporarily. 

~Our bodies will tolerate Higher Calorie Density foods better when we have less body fat stores. Keep this in mind and know that you will be able to enjoy these foods again if you need to take them out of your diet temporarily

~Tweak your menu as much as necessary. You want to be consistent, but you need to honor your body’s signals. Always follow your heart and be open to making changes.

~If you are following this meal plan perfectly and aren’t losing weight, I might suggest separating your Fruit from your Veggies and Starch. Also, focus on Fitness, including daily walks and stretching.

~Try to drink your water before meals (10-30 minutes before) instead of right after meals.

~As for Snacks, I’d stick with juicy fruit, potatoes or veggies (optional dipped in hummus). Enjoy some bread or cereal on occasion, and make sure those two are somehow hydrated (or you are very hydrated before you eat them)

~Eating the Veggie portion of your meal (steamed or raw) FIRST is definitely worth trying and/or keeping in the rotation just for experimentation

~You may or may not want to eat snacks in your day. If not, work towards sufficient calories at each meal to avoid snacking. If you choose to snack, determine which snacks work BEST for you that keep you on the fast train towards your goals

~If your tummy tells you there is too much fiber in this meal plan, you might try eating less Vegetables or incorporating a few meals of refined starches such as White Rice or White Bread (this may be what you need Permanently, but experiment first). 

~Many Recipes are available in the 'Files' Section of our Trophy Body Diet Facebook Group. If you cant find them there, reach out and ask anytime

Note: We often times experiment with Recipes (make them up) or we find them online and tweak them as needed 

Over on Instagram, Sally and I continue to share our latest tips and tricks daily, so definitely stay tuned (especially in the stories) and feel free to reach out with any questions you have.


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