Celebrity Interview

The Trophy Twins

With Chef Aj


Yes, two of them. And two more after that (for mom and dad). And eventually 6 more for our closest family members and friends. Knowing what we knew from researching 'Rebounding' and all the health benefits that came along with it, we wanted everyone close to us to experience the same benefits as us...and they most certainly did.
Jumping makes us feel DIFFERENT, but at the same time, it makes us feel something FAMILIAR. Oh yes! Like we did when we were kids! Jumping was SO much fun growing up. Jumping on the bed, Jumping rope, even being bounced to sleep as babies was pretty cool ;). The feeling we get when we Jump is still WILDLY addicting, almost like our bodies NEED to be Jumped. Like it should be REQUIRED by Doctors and Physical Therapists or recommended by the World Health Organization.

Thank goodness for online shopping, because we were able to bring this 'Fountain of Youth' machine into our living room in just a matter of days, making us younger, healthier, and better looking by the bounce. We even like to Jump in our PJ's (or any clothing attire for that matter) because jumping is done in the privacy of our home, at any time of day or night.

Trophy body Transformations

One thing we learned straight away was that Jumping needs to be taken slowly and seriously. The flushing of our lymphatic system and the massaging of all our stiff body parts can stir up toxins and expose weaknesses that we didn't even know we had. But after adapting for just a few short weeks (or months depending on our physical condition), most of us are ready to Jump right into our new Trophy Bodies!


It's closer to the ground than its leading competitor, making it safer for kids and elderly. It uses patented springs that support anyone from 30-350 pounds, unlike its leading competitor that uses bungees which stretch out overtime and need to be different strengths for different sized people. The Cellerciser mat is space-age and never loses its tightness, resulting in a stable and safe jumping platform, unlike its leading competitor who uses a non-space-age mat material that can cause long term damage to our joints from risk of pronation.
The Cellerciser comes with a handlebar which is vital for safety and performance, unlike most of the other leading rebounder brands. The Cellerciser is built to last a lifetime which means you and your family can rely on just one unit for the rest of your lives and EVERYONE gets a Trophy Body (pets too)! If you do have kids though, consider getting them their own unit because they are going to be just as OBSESSED as you are with that wonderful feeling we get when Jumping. 


This truly is the best exercise that the fitness Industry has seen, so don't waste another second (or dollar) at the gym. Order your Cellerciser today (they ship worldwide).

Pretty soon, all the hottest Celebrities and Athletes will be Jumping too, and you my friend, will already be well on your way to achieving your dream Trophy Body.

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