Trophy Body Training 2.0 Level 1
Trophy Body Training 2.0 Level 1
Trophy Body Training 2.0 Level 1
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Trophy Body Training 2.0 Level 1

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The Complete Trophy Body Training 2.0 Program - A refined version of 1.0 with an added sweat session

After making SIGNIFICANT progress following along to our Trophy Body Training 1.0 program for 6-8 weeks, 2.0 was built to take us to the next level. The foundational training incorporated in 1.0 was already working wonders for us, so all we needed to do was change up some of the moves, times and intensities, and add a little bit of HEAT. 2.0 requires more time in our day to train, but building a Trophy Body from the ground up takes work. These routines have you covered head to toe, inside and out. All you need to do is commit. It worked for us, and it will work for you too. Keep in mind, once the construction is complete, maintaining your Trophy Body will be a breeze…(hint...TBT 3.0 😉)

trophy body training 1.0 trophy twins I jump instead
2 Levels of Experience Available
Handlebar Required

Using a Handlebar will INCREASE your strength and flexibility. The BEST of the BEST use a handlebar, and you should too. If your unit does NOT come with a handlebar, consider getting a rebounder that DOES come with a handlebar. The Cellerciser rebounder is what we use, and HIGHLY recommend.

Recommended Equipment

NOT required: Iso Flex Balls.

You can purchase the I Jump Instead Iso Flex Balls here >

This program includes 3 routines per level, 1 designated routine for Monday/Thursday, 1 designated routine for Tuesday/Friday, and 1 designated routine for Wednesday/Saturday. Sunday is REST day. If it works better for you to take a different day off in the week, adjust your schedule accordingly.

Here is a breakdown of all 3 routines included in this program

Trophy Body Training 2.0 Level 1 Routines

These routines start with a proper 15 minute warm-up, followed by 20-30 minutes of light intensity Trophy Body Foundational Training, ending with a variety of 10 minute sweat sessions that will have you dripping from head to toe. A quick cool down is also included.

access_time_filled   Monday/Thursday - (Total Time - 51m)
access_time_filled   Tuesday/Friday - (Total Time - 51m)
access_time_filled   Wednesday/Saturday - (Total Time - 56m)

Keeping You Motivated!

Trophy Body Training 2.0 comes with a ‘Keep You Motivated’ Calendar that will set you up for Trophy success. We have created 2 calendars that you are welcome to download and print. The first calendar is blank, and you are welcome to fill it out in any way you like. The second calendar will have the designated routines already plugged in for each day of the week. As long as you complete either a level 1 or level 2 class, you did your job. Make sure to fill out the Goals, Motivation and Reward columns before you begin each calendar month. Keep track of your progress and BE PROUD of yourself. A completed calendar means you GET YOUR REWARD. And of course, you’re getting your Trophy Body. 🏆

Trophy body training 2.0


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Blank Calendar
Designated Routines Calendar
trophy body training 1.0 i jump instead calendar

Here are my BEST tips for you to stay on track and see AMAZING results using this Training Program.

Please prioritize the following:

  • Stay on top of your hydration. Aim for light colored urine. This is a GAME CHANGER for achieving your Trophy Body.

The breathing techniques incorporated into the sweat sessions MELTED the body fat right off of us. There are two ways to MASTER the exhale/squeeze strategy. One way is to treat it like interval training, where you exhale out slowly but completely, and inhale while essentially catching your breath. The second way is to treat it like steady state cardio, where you exhale slowly, but not completely, and then inhale only once, back to exhaling again. BOTH techniques are extremely effective. Implement either strategy depending on how you're feeling during the sweat session.

  • Mind to Muscle connection is CRITICAL in our 2.0 program. This is what we like to call ‘Training Smarter vs Harder’. Building strength does not require going faster or increasing your heart rate. We need to be MASTERING our form as much as humanly possible. All Trophies LOOK the part, so practice LOOKING the part.

  • If you are wondering about incorporating a healthy diet into your Training regimine, consider listening to ‘The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss’ audiobook. Eating CARBOHYDRATES has helped us to stay CONSISTENT in our training 100%. 

PAY ATTENTION to your body. If your body needs LESS, go easier and take more rest days. If your body needs MORE, throw in some evening stretch sessions on your Jumper. We have AMAZING routines to choose from on our YouTube Channel. As long as your body FEELS good, keep Jumping.

DON’T TRAIN WITH PAIN. Injuries need to be addressed first and foremost. Watch this video here if you’re ready to HEAL your weaker areas once and for all.

  • Remember that the simple Baby Bounce or Health Bounce in a standing, sitting or laying down position works WONDERS for recovery. Anytime your muscles feel tight or sore, remember to FLUSH them out with gentle bouncing. This includes DURING your training sessions or anytime in the day. 

Check in on Facebook to stay accountable and to help motivate others. A little check-in goes a LONG way

  • Don’t let your ‘OUTER’ body distract you. Your ‘INNER’ body is what you need to focus on. You are Trophy Body Training, and you will reap what you sow. Remember, don’t work harder, work SMARTER. Go inward, stay inward, and be extremely proud of yourself. You are undertaking a HUGE transformation, and you are going to be AMAZED at what you achieve internally and externally. Now go get your Trophy. 🏆

PS. Our Facebook Group is I Jump Instead. If you want to communicate with us and other Trophies doing this exact same training program, come say hi! 👋

Thank you for your Interest in our masterfully crafted 2.0 Trophy Body Training Program. We guarantee you will love every Jump of the way straight to your brand new, INCREDIBLE Trophy Body. Believe in your Jumper, because Jumping is the answer, and always will be. 💖