Trophy Body Training 3.0 ~ Level 1
Trophy Body Training 3.0 ~ Level 1
Trophy Body Training 3.0 ~ Level 1
Trophy Body Training 3.0 ~ Level 1
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Trophy Body Training 3.0 ~ Level 1

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***Disclaimer*** You are NOT able to download the videos due to copyright purposes. Videos can only be streamed online.

The Complete Trophy Body Training 3.0 Program - Max Muscle in Minimal Time

The QUICKEST and most EFFICIENT 5-15 minutes of your life. We call this our MAINTENANCE program. We recommend doing this program AFTER you’ve completed Trophy Body Training 1.0 and 2.0 for BEST results.

These POWERFUL Upper Body and Lower Body workouts are designed to build and maintain MAXIMUM Muscle Density throughout the entire body in the SHORTEST period of time possible. For BEST results, we recommend rotating between the Upper Body and the Lower Body Routines to give your muscles a MUCH needed break to repair and rebuild. We also HIGHLY recommend incorporating STRETCH routines from our YouTube Channel DAILY.

trophy body training 1.0 trophy twins I jump instead
2 Levels of Experience Available
Handlebar Required

Using a Handlebar will INCREASE your strength and flexibility. The BEST of the BEST use a handlebar, and you should too. If your unit does NOT come with a handlebar, consider getting a rebounder that DOES come with a handlebar. The Cellerciser rebounder is what we use, and HIGHLY recommend.

Recommended Equipment

NOT required: Iso Flex Balls.

You can purchase the I Jump Instead Iso Flex Balls here >

Don’t underestimate the POWER of short and sweet BodyBuilding routines. Not only will they keep you SHREDDED year round, they will also SPARE you energy and time in your day to do all the things you love to do. Getting in a quick 5-15 minute session will be easy breezy while making you feel INVIGORATED all day long.  

Here is a breakdown of all 4 routines included in this program: 

Trophy Body Training 3.0 Level 1 Routines

The 5 minute routines have no warm up or cool down. The 15 minute routines start with a 4 minute warm up, followed by a 10 minute workout and a 1 minute cool down. All routines have optional AB training at the end.

access_time_filled   5 Min Upper Body Routine + 2.5 min Standing ABS (optional)
access_time_filled   5 Min Lower Body Routine + 2.5 min Lay Bouncing CORE (optional
access_time_filled   15 Min Upper Body Routine + 5 min Standing ABS (optional)
access_time_filled   15 Min Lower Body Routine + 5 min Lay Bouncing CORE (optional)

Keeping You Motivated!

Trophy Body Training 3.0 comes with a ‘Keep You Motivated’ Calendar that will set you up for Trophy success. The Calendar is blank, so you are welcome to fill it out in any way you like. Give yourself a trial period to figure out a schedule you can maintain effortlessly. We want you to PUSH yourself, but we also want you to have FUN. Make sure to fill out the Goals, Motivation and Reward columns before you begin each calendar month. Keep track of your progress and BE PROUD of yourself. A completed calendar means you GET YOUR REWARD. And of course, you’re getting, or better yet KEEPING your Trophy Body. 🏆

Trophy body training 3.0


i jump instead trophy body 1.0 training
Blank Calendar

Here are my BEST tips for you to stay on track and see AMAZING results using this Training Program.

Please prioritize the following:

    • Give us ALL YOU’VE GOT in your workouts. By now you should be a MASTER of the Mind to Muscle Flex. Maintenance requires a less than normal workout load, but it still requires WORK. 

  • In order to SEE your muscle definition, you need to eat a LEAN diet. We follow Dr. McDougall’s Starch Solution along with incorporating lots of fruits. Whatever diet you eat, make sure it supports your muscle building/weight loss goals, and keeps you healthy and happy for life. 

    • Stay on top of your hydration. Aim for light colored urine. This is a GAME CHANGER for achieving/maintaining your Trophy Body.

PAY ATTENTION to your body. If your body needs LESS, go easier and take more rest days. If your body needs MORE, throw in some evening stretch sessions on your Jumper. We have AMAZING routines to choose from on our YouTube Channel. As long as your body FEELS good, keep Jumping.

DON’T TRAIN WITH PAIN. Injuries need to be addressed first and foremost. Watch this video here if you’re ready to HEAL your weaker areas once and for all.

Check in on Facebook to stay accountable and to help motivate others. A little check-in goes a LONG way

PS. Our Facebook Group is I Jump Instead. If you want to communicate with us and other Trophies doing this exact same training program, come say hi! 👋

Thank you for your Interest in our masterfully crafted 3.0 Trophy Body Training Program. Jumping is a lifestyle, and a very smart one at that. You know EXACTLY what you’re doing if you’ve got a resistance mat under your feet. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy your Every Single Day Trophy Life. 💖