Intermittent Fasting & Current Menu | My Favorite Fats | Competition date Revealed

Thursday: Fasted until 11:30am, Finished eating at 7:30pm 

Friday: (16 Hours) Fasted until 11:30 am, Finished eating at 8:30pm 

Saturday: (14.75 Hours) Fasted until 11:15am, Finished eating at 9pm

Sunday: (15 Hours) Fasted until 12pm, Finished eating at 9pm

Monday: (14.75 Hours) Fasted until 11:45am, Finished eating at 7:10pm

Tuesday: (17 Hours) Fasted until 12pm, Finished eating at 7pm

Wednesday: (15 Hours) Fasted until 10am

In the past, my experience with Intermittent fasting has always failed me. Why? I’m not 100% sure, but being hungry was probably the main factor. I can’t really remember the last time I tried IF or why, but it only ever lasted a few days because I had a million reasons to quit and ‘honor my hunger’. I believe in honoring my hunger and eating until satisfied, but there is a large spectrum of calorie amounts I could eat that would equal this ‘satisfied, honored hunger’ result. I’m learning so much these days, the most important being my mindset and how much it really changes EVERYTHING. For instance, everyone translates things in their own personal way, right? For one person, honoring hunger could mean “don’t restrict”, and for another person, ‘honoring hunger’ could mean “do BETTER strategizing with meal quantities/timing”. And maybe another translation would be to “figure out what true hunger is, then honor that”. It’s different for everyone, so for me, I have to nail my strategies with meal quantities, particular macro ratios and meal timing. Until recently, dietary fats have been missing from my diet. Now, they are making it possible for me to align with my goals, execute my mission, plan my vision and achieve the results I truly desire.

For my first run, I am shocked at how well Intermittent fasting is going and everything it’s teaching me. I have no issues waiting until the 11 or 12 o’clock to eat my first meal (yes, I have a stimulant beverage to temporarily blunt my hunger), and my last meal (around 7 or 8pm) is satiating and satisfying me beautifully. Why am I successful this time? I think it’s because of dietary fats. My current menu includes 50-70g of natural, hydrated, fiber filled fats that not only fill me up, but also digest perfectly, produce happy emotions/hormones and help me build vibrant, strong, sexy muscles. Without these delicious plant fats, I wouldn’t stand a chance with Intermittent fasting nor would I be able to provide my digestion with these necessary and beneficial 16ish hour resting periods. With the strategy of Cycle syncing, I will only be Intermittent fasting for about 1 week each month (during the Follicular Phase), and with the additional HGH boosting benefits (among others), I’m happy to oblige.

My Top 2 Favorite Dietary Fats:

When it comes to Dietary Fats, I want to shine a light on my top two favorites: Olives and Avocado. Peanut Butter comes close in third place, and Coconut Milk is on the radar, but there is something so perfect about Avocado and Olives which gives them the spotlight right now. Let’s start with Avocado.
This hydrating plant fat is packed with vitamins and minerals, provides a decent amount of fiber and freezes well. Just like bananas (in my experience), avocados have a short shelf life and ripen either super slow or super fast. How do we hack this? We freeze it. Once I figured out the portion of Avocado that suited me best, I can now buy them in bulk, freeze the portions I need, then microwave them as I go. Thawing or microwaving them makes them turn dark in color, but both methods leave the Avocado tasting exactly the same! Avocados are so versatile too. They can be eaten savory or sweet, they combine well with proteins or starches and they are easy to digest. As you may have heard, I am experimenting with separating my Starches and Proteins (throughout the day), so this daily serving of Avocado is not only a delight to eat with Proteins or Starches, it’s enriching my cells and muscles beautifully. 
Now let's talk about Olives. I have never really liked Olives, but within the last 6 months, I settled for black Olives in my menu. Yes, I said settled, because black Olives can taste like a tin can sometimes!! Anyway, my Grandma Fern loves green Olives, so naturally, I had to give them a chance. What do you know? No tin can taste. And, they are the perfect and I mean the PERFECT bite to go with lettuce. Salty, hydrated, high in fiber, and most impressively, LOW CALORIE. They have about 1g of fat per large green Olive (10 calories), and 4-7 of these big, fat, juicy treats go a LONG way. I view them just as I do Avocado: enriching to my muscles, nourishing to my hormones and very, very satiating to my cells. When I eat a serving of Olives and/or Avocado each day, I am held over BETTER! Thanks to these decadent plant fats, my hunger and satiation levels have never felt more stable.

My Current Intermittent Fasting Menu:

Estimated Total Calories & Macros: 1800-1900 -- 56% Carbs, 25% Fats, 19% Protein

(One Re-Feed say so far since starting the Cut Phase)

A.M. *Water *Hot Lemon Water (with stevia) *1 TB Cocoa w/ ¼ tsp Instant Coffee

Breakfast: 60g Oatmeal, 2 cups Berries, 1 Banana, ¾ c Soy Yogurt

Lunch: Steamed Green Peas, Corn or steamed Carrots, optional Gravy and 1 small Avocado 

Optional snacks if needed:

½ oz unsweetened Chocolate with 1 TB nut butter

Small handful of Hot Tamales

½ Scoop Protein Powder with 1 c Almond Milk

1 Serving of Premier Protein Cereal w/ Almond Milk

Dinner Part 1: Salad: Lettuce, 2 TB Hemp seeds, protein such as Tempeh, Tofu or Fish and Lemon juice

Dinner Part 2: Starch such as Sweet Potato, White Potato, Whole Grains or Corn Tortillas, Olives and a nice helping of Veggies such as Broccoli, Cauliflower, Asparagus, Spinach, Carrots, etc.

Competition Date Revealed

Once I started my first practice ‘prep’ or as I’ve been putting it, my ‘Cut Phase’, I realized that I am ready to take my physique and my career to the highest possible level. 
Just a few days ago, my goal had been to enter the Bikini division in Bodybuilding, but then something AMAZING happened. I asked and I received. The moves on my Cellerciser that spark THE MOST joy for me definitely include glutes and shoulders, but my favorite body parts to work really are my lats, back and quads!! YAY! When I go into those muscles with my hard focus and intention to GROW, I am in pure bliss. I'm officially 36 weeks out from my first NPC competition(s) in the FIGURE division: 

2022 NPC Northwest Natural/Championships: 11/11/22 & 11/12/22

My Fitness Log:

Thursday: 10,000 Steps

Friday: 1 Hour Stretching/Flexing Session + Posing

Saturday: 15 min Morning Bounce Stretch Session, 50 Minute Bike Ride, 10 Minute Bounce Flexing

Sunday: 20 min Morning Bounce Stretch/Flex Session, 15 min Lay Bouncing + Posing

Monday: Stretching/Flexing Play Session + Posing

Tuesday: Stretching/Flexing Play Session + Posing

Wednesday: 40 Minute Cardio + Posing

Mindset Focus: Expand my body with breath. Slow, deep breaths into my back and lats as well as my core.

Next week I'll discuss weight loss, my final weeks of my cut phase and whether or not I followed a high raw diet for the Ovulatory Phase.

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