Hello and Welcome to I Jump Instead™ with the Cellerciser®


The Trophy Twins!

We are Sally and Stephanie Smith, identical twins and the creators of I Jump Instead™. In 2016, we discovered the Cellerciser® rebounder, a mini trampoline that is UNMATCHED on the market today. What we realized back then is that we had embarked on more than just a piece of exercise equipment. We had discovered what is quickly becoming the answer to SUPERIOR health and wellness in life. 

The Whole Family Will Benefit!

The Cellerciser® rebounder is the ONLY mini trampoline built to last a lifetime AND made with self adjusting springs to support your specific weight from 30lbs to 300lbs. You only have to buy this mini trampoline ONCE (unless you want 4 of them like we have), and the WHOLE FAMILY will benefit. Pregnant women, young children, our beloved elderly and our pets (pets being bounced by us) ALL benefit from jumping on a Cellerciser®.

The Benefits of Jumping on a Cellerciser®:

  • Promotes lymphatic health (just as important as blood health).
  • Reduces inflammation all over the body.
  • Builds evenly distributed, flexible muscles from your jaw down to your feet.
  • Burns calories and boosts the metabolism reducing unwanted body fat.
  • Increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain promoting brain health.
  • Increases flexibility through the whole body and helps heal injuries.
  • Relieves stress and tension in the body.

The list goes on and on.....and on.

Here at I Jump Instead™ our end goal is TROPHY BODY STATUS. We want you to experience SUPERIOR health, inside and out, along with SUPERIOR results, top to bottom. Following our programs will get the job done.

I Jump Instead™ Summary:

  • Hydrate by drinking water and following a Starch Based Diet.
  • Flex, squeeze and sweat with our Trophy Body Training programs.
  • Stretch and breathe on your jumper first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.
  • Eat your starches, vegetables and fruit.
  • Get to bed earlier than later.
  • Get outside and breath fresh air daily.

I Jump Instead™ and Cellerciser®:

 I Jump Instead™ and Cellerciser®  are taking over the fitness industry. Buying a Cellerciser® and following our programs indefinitely will help you reach your GREATEST health potential. Jumping is the MOST sustainable and realistic approach to finding SUPERIOR health and ULTIMATE fitness. 

Join the Team:

Join the TROPHY TEAM on Facebook and Instagram, get jumping today, and never look back. Your whole LIFE is about to DRASTICALLY change!