Intro To Trophy Body Training

Rebounding (resistance training) is UNMATCHED by any other form of exercise on the market today. “Rebounding makes for a fast and effective workout. Just a short session on a rebounder can bring you a great deal of positive results. A study in NASA’s Journal of Applied Physiology determined that working out on a rebounder is 68% more effective than jogging. You burn more calories on a rebounder than you would jogging in the same amount of time. With such an effective form of exercise, you could spend less than half as much time doing rebounding exercise than you would running, and still get amazing results out of it.”

  • * It tones and strengthens the MUSCLES.

* It builds JOINT support by strengthening the tendons and ligaments

  • * It PREVENTS osteoporosis.

    • * It REBUILDS bones that are weakened by osteoporosis.

      • * It CONTINUOUSLY flushes the lymphatic system.

        • * It’s SAFE, it’s FUN, and it gets results FAST.

        • * Rebounding is fast and effective.

        • * Rebounding is 68% more effective than jogging.

        • * Spend less time on a rebounder than other exercise and you will still get amazing results.

        • Read David Hall's list of health benefits from rebounding

    • With this THRILLING new knowledge, we thought it would be INCREDIBLY valuable to create FULL BODY training programs that not only TEACH you all of the moves we can do on a rebounder, but also teach you the STRATEGIES behind making Jumping EFFECTIVE. Not all Jumping is created equal. Here at I Jump Instead, we aim for maximum MUSCLE BUILDING, maximum FAT LOSS and maximum FUN. Once you start Jumping with us, not only will you become ADDICTED to our routines, you’ll be amazed at how FAST you’ll start seeing your Trophy Body coming to LIFE.

Our Trophy Body Training Programs

Our programs are an EXCELLENT way to master your Jumping craft. Each of these programs will work your FULL BODY, jawline to feet. If you're new to Jumping, we always recommend that you start with Trophy Body Training 1.0.

Trophy Body Training 1.0

Our very first program we created, is our FOUNDATIONAL training program that will teach you everything you need to know. We started with this program ourselves, and highly recommend you do the same.

Trophy Body Training 2.0

Our second program which includes a conditioning 10 minute sweat session in every workout, will add breathing, flexing and squeezing strategies that take your Trophy Body Training to a whole new level. 

Trophy Body Training 3.0

Our most EFFICIENT program yet, will have you in and out with a QUICK Trophy Bodybuilding routine under your belt. This program MAXIMIZES time efficiency and will easily MAINTAIN your Trophy Body for life.

Trophy Body Bikini Training

After years of experience Jumping Instead, we know which moves work exactly which body parts. In this program, we’ve narrowed all the moves down to less than 10 to build and sculpt a Trophy Body Hourglass Bikini Shape.

Trophy Body Ballerina Training

Our most advanced program we've launched to date is our Trophy Body Ballerina Training Program. This program includes sun salutation, loads of leg work and waist training galore. 2 of the 4 routines offered in this program are broken up into three parts, designed to be completed throughout the day for maxiumum repetition. The other 2 routines focus on Steady State Cardio. Click HERE for a FULL overview.

HIIT Fat Burning Packages

We also have 2 Seasonal packages, Winter Weight Loss and Spring Cleaning, which focus on High Intensity Interval Training. For those of you who feel comfortable training at this level, these routines will do you just right. They are not designed to be done every day of the week like our Trophy Body Training programs, but they can be incorporated into your weekly schedules 1-2x per week. Click HERE for a FULL overview of the Winter Weight Loss Package and HERE for a FULL overview of the Spring Cleaning Package.

One Leg Jumping Training

One leg Jumping is another INCREDIBLY effective way to strengthen the WHOLE body and to test our BALANCE. For just $7-10, we have SPECIALLY made routines created ONLY for the website.

Training programs keep us MOTIVATED and ON TRACK.

Jumping is a lifestyle, and every day is fresh and new. Each day you can pick from any of the routines you already own, or pick a routine from our amazing YouTube channel.

You’ll have your favorites, and you can stick with them OR you can switch up the routines you choose to do every single day. For specific directions on how to create your account and purchase your programs, click here: FAQ PAGE 

I could take this moment to thank YOU for being here, and for showing interest in our Trophy Body Training programs, but you really should be thanking YOURSELF. You have not only found the most BRILLIANT way to train on the planet, but you have also found the Fountain of Youth and Health. And we all know that Health is the REAL Wealth.