Stephanie's Physique Update, 17 Week Master Plan + Q & A

Physique Update: Weight: 132 

 Measurements: To be revealed at the end of the 17 weeks

December 2021

Weight: 130lbs

January 2021

Weight: 132 lbs

The 'Day 1' Poster comes from the 90 day transformation challenge I joined with (pics taken Jan 18th, 2022)

Bulking & Cutting, Trophy Style

Let’s talk about bulking and cutting. I’m not a pro at these two topics, but I understand the concept. The traditional Bodybuilder style Bulk is to eat at maintenance or in a calorie surplus and train hard and heavy. Then, the traditional Bodybuilder style Cut is to eat in a calorie deficit, train a bit lighter and focus on more cardio. There is a lot more strategy involved, but this basically sums it up.

How I will be Implementing a Bulk & Cut during this 17 Week Transformation

In order for me to officially bulk or cut, I must first know what my maintenance calories are and strategize with estimating proper/sufficient macros over the two phases. Since I have determined my maintenance calorie numbers, I am ready, but when it comes down to it, I always want to eat what is comfortable for my stomach and eatvwhat I’m craving which means I don’t have any desire to eat more, less or other foods than that. Since I will be implementing Progressive Overload and doing my best not to over or undereat,  I am mastering my Trophy Body's needs and will ultimately succeed.

The Master Plan

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Here’s how I am going to approach my BULK phase (weeks 1-11) during this 17 week transformation

Train with maximum efficiency and recover with maximum priority
Switch up my training structure on weeks 5 & 9, while focusing on Interval Training & Progressive Overload
Only focus on steps and very low intensity cardio (heart rate 90-110) on off days
Do my best to adjust calorie density if my weight drops below 128 or if it reaches above 135
Focus on fat macro percentages between 20 & 30% (unless I’m craving otherwise) to help with satiation for my maximum muscle training sessions
Supplement with Creatine (Half to Full Dose) & welcome more complex meals and menu

Here’s how I am going to approach my CUT phase (weeks 12-17) during this 17 week transformation

Train with maximum efficiency and recover with maximum priority
Switch up my training structure for the entire 6 weeks focusing more on dance, aerobics and stretching
Focus more on steps and low intensity cardio (heart rate 110-130) on all days

Adjust calorie density while honoring macro needs if my weight plateaus or increases

  • Focus on fat macro percentages between 15 & 20% (unless I’m craving otherwise) to reduce unnecessary satiation assistance for my maximum fat loss training sessions 
  • Reduce or eliminate the Supplement Creatine & focus on simplifying my meals & menu
My goal is to be jacked and shredded, which means I am putting the work into building my body full of dense, evenly distributed muscles so for the rest of my life (or for as long as I'm Jumping) I can flirt with a calorie surplus, workout for 20-30 minutes a day and maintain low body fat effortlessly. I used to believe that restricting fats would give me that exact result, but I was neglecting my true desire to have a shapely, muscular physique as well as the opportunity to connect with fats (and my hormone fluctuation) in a respectful way. For me, fats (in necessary amounts) increase satisfaction, balance my hormones and provide necessary satiation for my best sleep, best recovery and building metabolic tissue.


Fun Fact: I identify as an overeater, not so much an undereater. As close as I get to honoring my true hunger and satiation cues, I tend to err on the side of more is better. That’s just my personality. How will I still reach my goals? What matters MOST is that I am in tune with my macro desires, I do my best to respect my true appetite, I serve myself portions that work for me, I recognize when I need veggies, I get to bed early (most nights) and I understand how to make things right when I slip. If I cross the line in any way, I need to know how to make up for it and be brave enough to actually do it. If I trust myself along the way, I will always be making progress no matter what.

Q & A:

Fitness Log 1/20-1/26:

1/20: 15,500 Steps: Rebounder & Outdoor Steps (Heart Rate @ 100-120)

1/21: 40 Minute Core & Face-

*10 Minutes: Warm Up & Deep Stretching

*20 Minute Moves: High Jump, Lay Bounce, Leg Lifts, Superman, Jump Crunches, Forward/Diagonal Back Leg Holds, Trophy Twist

*10 Minutes: Deep Stretching & Cool Down

1/22: 60 Minute Muscle Specific Flex Session-

*10 Minute: Stretching & Warm Up

*30 Minutes: Jump Squats, Glute Squeeze, Raise the Roof, Shuffle Dance, Shoulder Pumps, Off the Jumper Flex Practice, Back Kicks

*15 Minutes: Cool Down & Full Body Foam Rolling

*10,000 Steps

1/23: Rest Day
1/24: Fish Lake (Rest Day)
1/25: Fish Lake (35 Minute Full Body Jump Training): Random Upper Body and Lower body Moves with a warm up and cool down + 1 Sing along
1/26: Fish Lake (Sledding Day)

Jaw, Face and Neck Training: Exagerated Singing to one song about 3x/week

Meal Prep #7: Days 25-30 (1/22-1/27)

Macros & Calories: 68% Carbs, 20% Fat, 12% Protein, 2200-2400+ Calories, 61+ grams Fiber

Hot Drink: Dandy Blend Tea or Cocoa Powder w/ 1 cup Almond Milk

Snack #1: 1 Medium Banana & 1 TB Nut Butter

Breakfast: Oatmeal Waffles (oats, banana, baking powder, flax milk, cinnamon/salt) served with 2 TB PB2 & 1 cup Applesauce (aslo included one square of melted chocolate for a couple vacation days)

Lunch: Polenta Quiche (Polenta, Kidney Beans, White Onion, Green Onions, Bell Peppers, Green Chilis, Salsa & Avocado) + One Homemade Flauta on two vacation days

Snack #2: Clif Bar, Snack Food or Alcoholic Drinks

Dinner: 4 different dinner's over our Winter Vacation: Night 1: Chickpea Broccoli Burritos, Night 2: Mexicana Lasagna, Night 3: Chili Dogs (Plant Based). Night 4: Jackfuit and Rice stuffed Bell Peppers

Dessert: Protein Powder based homemade cookie dough raw or baked

Mindset Focus:

Correct mistakes along the way. If I over eat, under eat, over train, under train, lose sleep, get injured, over stress myself, don't chew as well, don't reach my steps goal, find myself having any negative thoughts, CORRECT IT! I need to be brave, do what I HAVE to do, trust myself and stay on track. Sometimes this is the hardest thing for me to do, but once I finally make the necessary correction, I realise that it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and I feel 10x better immedietly.

Next Week I will be discussing why I don't do 'cheat' days and instead do 'meat' days. Stay tuned.

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