Vlog #11 | Keto? Raw Vegan? Fasting?  | My Hormone Balancing Cut Phase Strategies | Flexing Tips

These guidelines are inspired by ‘In The Flo’ written by hormone expert Alisa Vitti. To promote maximum hormone balance, she recommends different foods & menus throughout each of the 4 phases of a Circadian Rhythm. For my ultimate enjoyment and sustainability of this experiment, I'll be plugging in my own personal food preferences and will eat as intuitively as possible. (Pictures take 3/16/22)

I have many goals as a (future) Cellercising Bikini Competitor, and one of them is to establish the healthiest, most sustainable approach to ‘cutting’ and achieving (a very temporary, but necessary) stage lean physique. There are no competitors who want to suffer long term consequences of cutting regularly, but the common fat loss strategies used in the bodybuilding industry have led many to leave the sport and write it off as dangerous, unhealthy or unsustainable. So, in the attempt for me to stay hormonally balanced, do well and safely progress in this sport, I’m going ALL IN with cycle syncing to see if this approach maximizes fat loss, optimizes muscle gain and helps temporarily achieve the cut and dry, stage lean look. 


Will I take Cycle Syncing to this extreme every month forever? Well, I won’t have a period forever. At this point, I have nothing but time, and with this luxury, I want to learn everything I can when it comes to my health, my body, my relationship with food, my happiness and my success. Here are a few questions I will hopefully have answered after this 6 week (or longer) experiment: 

Is this an efficient way to balance my hormones?

Will this approach give me the best of ALL worlds when it comes to my eating/dieting experience?

Will I maximize muscle gain, fat loss, recovery and hormonal balance?

Will my body reject these diets in any way or will it reject the transition from one diet to another?

Will I lose my mind eating low carbohydrate?

Will I get sick if I eat Dairy?

Can I actually let my digestion rest for 16 hours at a time, 6 days in a row?

What exactly will I eat during the IF phase?

Is eating Raw Plant based sustainable and realistic for 5 days straight?

Will I feel restricted and impatient to eat foods from the other diets?

Will I ever cheat?

Will I gain fat? Will I lose fat?

Will I get sick? 

Will my digestion suffer?

Will I still eat Protein Powder? 

Will I regret this experiment?

Over the next 6 weeks, I will cycle through the 4 different diets listed below:

Menstrual Phase

Keto Diet

Days 1-4


Rest / Walk

Menu Plan:
(Decaf w/Coconut Cream)

Nuts, Seeds, Unsweetened Chocolate, Meat, Non Starch Veggies, Avocado, Fish, Plant Based Dairy, Eggs, Tofu, Oil, Bone Broth & Berries

Follicular Phase Intermittent Fasting

Days 5-10 


Aerobics / Prepare

Menu Plan:
(Black Coffee) 

8 hour Eating Window starts once I'm hungry for my first meal (after coffee)

Menu: To Be Determined (Intuition)

Ovulatory Phase 

High Raw-Plant Based

Days 11-15


Higher Intensity Flex Routines / Open Up

Menu Plan:
(Green Juice)

Fruit, Veggies, Nuts, Seeds, Potatoes

Luteal Phase 

Macrobiotic Diet

Days 16-28


Short Flex Routines / Work

Menu Plan:

Emphasis on Whole Grain Brown Rice, Beans & Vegetables

Low/Moderate Fat (Plant Based) 

My Cut Phase Additions:

  • *Cardio --> Walking, Easy Biking or Flexing practice allowed days 5-26 (greatest cardiovascular efficiency and muscle strength at 5 pm) with rest days as needed (heart rate target will be 110-130 bpm for walking/biking)

  • *Cut Phase Meal Prep and macro fluctuation will align with these new diet menus & intuitive eating

    *I will increase veggies if my weight plateaus or increases

  • *I will eliminate my Creatine supplement

    *I will focus on simplifying my meals and chewing well

Fitness Log: 3/10-3/16

3/10: Rest/Steps: 9,600

3/11: 60 min Core & Face Routine & Steps: 19,000

3/12: 20 min Outdoor Scooter Ride & Steps: 13,700

3/13: 60 min Upper Body Flex Routine & Steps: 13,900

3/14: 30 Minute Off the Jumper Flex Routine & Steps: 9,600

3/15: 30 min Core & Legs Routine & Steps: 15,800

3/16: Steps: Rest/Steps: 13,500

Meal Prep # 15: Days 71 - 77 (3/10-3/16)

(Ovulatory Phase) (Last Official Meal Prep) 

Note: I will keep sharing sample days of what and how I eat moving forward

Hot Drink: Mocha w/ 1/2 c Oat Milk & Hot Water

Snack #1: 1 Banana w/ PB2 or Small Bowl or Joe’s O’s w/ PB2 & water

Breakfast: Waffle, Yogurt, ½ scoop PP & Berries or Corn Tortilla Bake, Yogurt & ½ scoop PP

Lunch: Banana Nice Cream, Rye Crackers, unsweetened Chocolate Chips or Seeds

Dinner: Corn Tortilla & Bean Enchiladas (Corn Tortillas, Beans, homemade Enchilada Sauce) served with Steamed Broccoli

Snack #2: Nuts & Tru Bar or Oatmeal with PB2

**Meat Dinner on Monday 3/14: Salmon, Red Potatoes & Asparagus

Mindset Focus: 

I'm going to start 'Off the Jumper' flexing practice to increase my flexing capacity and build my mind to flexing connection. I'll practice by standing on the floor with my legs wider apart, then intermittently flex my muscles with rest periods in between (on my Rebounder). I can flex my upper body, my lower body, isolated muscles or even my full body.  My goal with each flex practice session is to achieve a slight stimulus in my muscles, then build on that over the weeks/months.

Next Week I'll be discussing my experience with the Macrobiotic Diet and will also share my full physique update!

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  • Will you be avoiding breads and bananas during your cut phase?


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