Vlog # 12 

 The Macrobiotic Diet & What I'm Eating 

The Results I Want & New Training Tips

What is a Macrobiotic Diet?

Here is the Internet's description of what a Macrobiotic Diet consists of:

(Avoid Caffeine)

Macros: 70-75% Carbs, 10-15% Fat, 15% Protein

40-60% Well chewed: whole grains, especially brown rice, oat groats, quinoa (Occasionally: WW noodles, WW bread, oats, corn meal etc)

20-30% Fruits & Vegetables

10-25% Beans, Legumes, Miso Soup, Sea Vegetables (Especially Adzuki, Chickpeas, Lentils)

5-10% Traditionally or naturally processed foods

**Fish, Seafood, Seeds/Nuts, Seed/Nut Butters, Seasonings, Sweeteners & Beverages are to be enjoyed 2-3x/week.

My Approach with the Macrobiotic Diet - Days 16-28:

From my perspective, a Macrobiotic diet is a Starch Based Diet, so to tap into maximum fat loss for the cut phase, I will call it my version of Dr. McDougall's Program for Maximum Weight Loss. My menu will consist of any Starches, but I will definitely make a strong attempt at eating brown rice once per day. Then I’ll also have my usual oats, potatoes and/or corn tortillas for my other Starches. Beans are a must, and I will try to consume at least ½ a can per day. Then for my daily fruits and veggies, I'll go with the flow. For fats and proteins, I will limit them only if necessary, and I’ve decided to focus mostly on olives, yogurt, avocado and dark chocolate (instead of nuts, seeds, nut butters, PB2 and Protein Powder). I want to keep it light and simple to assist with fat loss and digestion, so I feel that higher proteins and protein/fats will not digest as well with Starches as lower protein/fats.

My Current Food Combining Structure:

As I continue to do my research, the food combining topic came up which made me want to explore it. The lists pictured here in my notebook will sum up my food combining rules. I've taken a 180 with my diet recently, and I am starting to see why everything is heading in the direction that it is, so without getting into too much detail, this chart makes sense to me and I'm moving forward with it. Whether it works for me or not has yet to be determined, but I'll focus on separating the 'Protein' food list from the 'Starches' food list. I will keep you posted with the results I come across.

Heading into the Keto Phase:

As I closed in on my Menstrual Phase aka Keto Phase, I stocked up on foods such as: Nuts, Olives, Eggs, Kite Hill (Plain) Yogurt, Unsweetened Chocolate, Coconut Cream, Bacon, Rib Eye Steaks, Avocado, Tempeh, Tofu, Berries & Non Starch Veggies (Spinach, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Asparagus, Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms, Bok Choy, Cabbage, Zucchini, Cucumber, Tomatoes etc.)

(After 2 days of eating a meat based Keto menu, I'm now going to explore a vegetarian style keto menu after an incident I had with meat which I will share in my next blog #13)

Let’s talk about Results:

Diet will be the main factor in revealing my profoundly unique Jumping physique, but the Trophy Body I built using only a Cellerciser Rebounder is something that ANY BODY can achieve, especially since it’s in the comfort of our home. When I step on that stage, I want to present what ALL female athletes can accomplish without ever having to step foot in a gym. Will my Jumping physique resemble the exact shape of a weight lifting Bikini Competitor?? That’s what I’m going to figure out. :) All I know is that when Jumping and Flexing, I most certainly can build incredible muscle throughout my body, and I can definitely strategize with growing a bit more in my shoulders and glutes (which is what the bikini division judges are looking for). The sky’s the limit with Jumping! I can build ANY shape physique I ever so desire, and it may very well be the MOST efficient, sustainable process available to me.

It’s true. I’m not lifting super heavy, which has its advantages, but the more I dig and uncover the reality of how to grow more mass/shape, the goal is always mind to muscle connection, creating a stimulus, proper nutrition and proper recovery. All I will need to do is to continue learning and progressing with my ability to flex and access increased gravity resistance. How fun is that? It’s almost as if a weight lifting coach wouldn't know WHAT I should do because only I can know if my muscles are activated and for how long/hard I should be flexing and/or Jumping! Plus, I am creating flexibility in my muscles as I go, which I believe will keep me from looking ‘bulky’. Let’s not forget that I can do ALL of my cardio on the Celly too! Can somebody say EASYWORLD?? And I’m putting it out there RIGHT NOW that I will effortlessly maintain this wildly impressive physique YEAR ROUND, or for as long as I so desire. When competing in the sport of bodybuilding, it definitely takes A LOT of work to TRAIN, grow, put the complete package/presentation together and WIN a competition, but I’m going to make this easy, FUN and as I’ve said before, sustainable. What exactly do I want out of this? Here it is. A prayer if you will:

‘Dear Trophy God, I want the Cellerciser to teach me ALL the moves and techniques I must implement in order to achieve a WINNING Bikini Competitor’s Physique. I want that wisdom to carry into my day to day life as I dial into my nutrition, intuition, hormone fluctuations, calorie and recovery needs. I want my results to come quickly and I want them to surpass the judges expectations which will give me the ultimate WOW factor (every time) and eventually, the Gold Trophy. I want to have FUN while I train (or rest), and I want my hormones to stay happy and healthy throughout my journey. I want my Prep phases to be effortless as I slip into Cycle Syncing mode and easily drop excess weight. I want my Improvement seasons to be innovative, creative, FUN and productive as I intuitively align with my current physique goals, my Cycle and my muscle building nutrient needs. I want posing to come naturally and effortlessly because of how incredibly coordinated, flexible and FLEX ABLE I am. I want shopping for sparkly bikinis and all my accessories to be easy, joyful and budget friendly. I want to stay humble throughout the process as I continue to learn and grow in the sport. Last but not least, I want ANY BODY who desires this journey/experience to be able to hop on board and easily learn to achieve these same results while having great success! Thank you Trophy God for this AMAZING opportunity to Jump instead while having the BEST of ALL worlds: excellent health, excellent fitness, a year round TIGHT, lean physique, an injury free body, a peaceful, balanced mind, gorgeous, clear skin, constant happiness and great prosperity in ALL things!’ 

New Training Tips:

On higher intensity training days, Running or Jogging between moves is a great way to keep the heart rate up and to move more blood to the muscles that were just activated. Here’s the set up I follow:

Move, Run/Jog, Health Bounce, Repeat

How long I do each move is either pre planned or intuitive.

How hard I flex is either pre planned or intuitive.

How MANY rounds of this I end up doing is either pre planned or intuitive.

How long and how fast I run/jog after each move is either pre planned or intuitive.

How long I recover/health bounce after the run/jog is either pre planned or intuitive.

Pre Planned = Following a clock or a routine

Intuitive = No clock, just listen to the body

Fitness Log: 3/17-3/23

3/17: Rest Day & Steps: 4,700

3/18: 1 Hour Full Body Flex Jumping & Walking/Steps: 20,000

3/19: 1 Hour Full Body Jumping Aerobics & Walking/Steps: 18,000

3/20: Rest & Walking/Steps: 10,000

3/21: Walking/Steps: 9,400

3/22: Walking/Steps: 15,000

3/23: 20 min Light Jumping Session focusing on Glutes and Shoulders / Steps: 5,600

3/24: 1 Hour Indoor Bike Ride

Mindset Focus: My mind stays right when I’m ‘In the moment’, and practicing that is making this experience so rewarding and FUN! Stay in the moment. Don’t rush anything. Get out of the past and each moment will guide me perfectly.

Next Week I'll be diving into my Keto experiment, my honest thoughts about it and the Menu I chose.

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