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My Bodybuilding Competition Protocol, Shifting Calories  

Pro Physique 90 Day Transformation Photos

In the beginning of 2022, I became inspired to start my very own 17 week transformation series on YouTube. Next thing I knew, ProPhysique.com was hosting a 90 Day Transformation Challenge on their website (from January 17th, 2022 - April 17th, 2022), so I commited, paid $50 and joined. Here are the before and after pictures.
Can you see the 3lb weight difference? I can, but only a little bit in my abdomen and inner thighs. Although my weight didn't drop significantly, I can definitely confirm that my body is DIFFERENT than the last time I weighed 129. In fact, I have more muscle and less body fat than when I weighed as little as 126 lbs! That's what we like to call Body Recomposition, and ultimately, it's what I needed most.  
My Mindset Moving Forward:

Let's start by talking about the last 16 weeks of my transformation series. I DID IT!! This was such a great experience from start to finish (and I still have one week to go). From learning how to write Blogs to filming and editing Vlogs, I have come a long way with skills I never knew I had and growth I didn't even expect! I'm so happy to have built content for my viewers and for my future self because I will take everything I gathered from this experience and continue applying it to my Professional Bodybuilding lifestyle and career. 

Moving forward, I am thrilled to begin this new adventure and to create an unimaginable, yet achievable shape in my physique, performance and lifestyle. I stand by every single 'physique goal' detail that I laid out in Vlog #1, but with my new competitive Figure Physique vision, I will expand my knowledge as much as possible and will keep discovering MORE & BETTER strategies for muscle growth, healthy hormones and success in this sport. Besides Cellercising, breathwork will definitely play a role, as well as strategic diet and deep tissue (self provided) massage. For my mindset, I will stay crystal clear on what's most important: 

Faith & Focus. Which is more important? They are EQUAL. The more faith I put out into the Universe, the more wisdom, knowledge and focus I receive. The more I focus on the ultimate goal and prize, the more I believe in myself. 

My Figure Competition Diet & Training Protocol

As I head into the 6.5 months prior to my first Figure Division Bodybuilding Competition, my mission is to eat the highest quality foods, drink alcohol minimally and train super smart and efficiently. Looking over the last 3 months (and beyond that) of this transformation series, the biggest trend I see is my constant desire to change, grow and make my physical and mental experience BETTER. From here out, I will stick to my outlined, structured Protocol and that's it. I may even step out of the guidelines listed below, but I am confident that these guidelines will be easy and sustainable for me to stick with long term. Here is my Figure Competitor Protocol:

Bodybuilding Diet Protocol:

*Specific Food Items & Meal Options will vary over the weeks/months
*Carbohydrate Based: 50-70% of my calories will come from Carbohydrates

15-25% of my calories will come from Protein

15-25% of my calories will come from Fats

*Cycle Syncing will guide my Macro Fluctuations

*Calorie needs will vary throughout the month, but I foresee them ranging between 2000-2500, with rogue days of more or less than that.

*Meat will be consumed as needed (1x/week on average).

*Fiber intake daily goal will be 40 grams at minimum.

*Water will be consumed as needed, averaging about 3-4 liters daily.

*Caffeine will be limited to Cocoa/Unsweetened Chocolate with coffee on rare occasions.

*Sodium intake will be intuitive, but won't fall below 1500mg/day

*Tweaks and changes to food item choices will happen based on digestion, energy and recovery needs.

What I Ate on 4/18/22:

Training Protocol:

*Figure Competitor Muscles I will be focusing on:

Major Focus: Deltoids, Lats, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, Lower Abdomen

Minor Focus: Face, Biceps, Triceps, Traps, Calves, Lower Back

My Protocol Focus: Listen to my body each day with the goal to do AS MUCH AS I CAN without backtracking or overtraining

5 Key Components:

Muscle Growth, Conditioning, Flexibility, Posing & Recovery (with daily breathwork)

During Days 1-4 of my Cycle:

Rest & Recovery Focus with Posing Practice Optional

Mindset Focus: Increasing Portions & Eating More Calories Earlier in my Day

This week's experiment has me trying out different timing with my meals. I have yet to try this and am excited to see how it unfolds. I must remember to transition though, because I am more likely to succeed if I do. Here is what I am going to explore: 

Meal 1: Within 30 minutes of rising (Small Portion)

Meal 2: Around 9/10am (Medium Portion)

Meal 3: 12/1pm (Big Portion)

Meal 4: 4/5pm (Big Portion)

Meal 6: (Optional only if I need it) (Small Portion)

Lentil/Black Bean Enchiladas, Veggies, Avocado, Olives & Honey Mustard

Next Week, Sally and I will be answering questions and chatting for our very first Trophy Twins Podcast dropping on our YouTube Channel.

Vlog #16 on YouTube:

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