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March 3, 2022

Vlog # 9 - New Bodybuilding Routines | Starting Over with Nose Breathing | No Longer Counting Calories | Diving deeper into Cycle Syncing 

As I head into weeks 9 & 10 of my 17 week transformation series, I am starting over with a nose breathing focus, will be switching up my workout routine and am still implementing progressive overload to keep my muscles guessing and growing. Here's what I'm changing:

  • *I'll be using the same moves but slowing them down where possible and I'll be putting them in a new order
  • *I will do each move for a longer duration and with more focused flexing (not more intense)

    *I will be doing Jamba Walk instead of Jumping for moves that apply

  • *I will be taking longer rest periods between moves with the goal of getting my heart rate down as much as possible 

  • *I will be practicing 2 songs each day now while sit bouncing (feet off the ground if possible)

My new Routines for Week 9/10:

Upper Body Routine:

5 min Bounce Stretch / Warm Up

5 min Skeleton Walk/Compass Activation

75 sec each (+ rest):

Lat Pull Downs - IsoFlex Balls

Battle Ropes

Butterfly - IsoFlex

Trophy Pose

Pull Aparts

Raise the Roof

Tricep Reach Circles/Back Hug

Shoulder Pumps - IsoFlex Balls

Chest Press

Tricep Reach Circles/Back Hug (counter clockwise)

Arm Flex Hold - IsoFlex Balls

5 min Cool Down / Bounce Stretch

1-2 Songs + Upper Body Foam Rolling

**Have Hot Tamales ready if needed

**Rest for as long as needed between moves

**Prepare for nose breathing, slowing down moves and doing both Jamba Walk and Bouncing

Lower Body Routine:

5 min Bounce Stretch / Warm up

5 min Jogathon Activation

1 set: Jump Squats (11-week 1 / 12-week 2)

Jump Splits - 10x10 x4 (rest between sets)

Calf Jumps - 45 sec in each position x3 (rest between sets)

Ballet Pose - 75 sec

1 set: Jump Squats (10-week 1 / 12-week 2)

Forward Knee Pumps - 35/25 x2 / 30/30 x2 (rest between sets)

Squat Bounce - 75 sec

Sidekicks - 30/30 x4 (rest between sets)

1 set: Jump Squats (9-week 1 / 10-week 2)

One Leg Jumping - 75 sec each side (rest between sets)

Glute Squeeze thrust holds (5 sec on/10 sec rest x12)

Back Kicks - 75 sec each side (rest between sets)

5 min Cool Down / Bounce Stretch

1-2 Songs + Lower Body Foam Rolling

**Have Hot Tamales ready if needed

**Rest for as long as needed between moves

**Prepare for nose breathing, slowing down moves and doing both Jamba Walk and Bouncing

Core & Face Routine:

10 min Bounce Stretch / Warm up / Core & Back Openers

3-5 min Trophy Twisters (slow it down)

Jump Crunches - 30/30 x5 (rest between sets)

3-5 min Superman Pose (rest as needed)

–Next Segment–

21 Leg Lifts holding couch

5 min Lay Bouncing (chin ups included)

1 min Right side crunch pumps (rest after)

1 min Right diagonal back pumps (rest after)

–Repeat Segment– (Left side during round 2)

5 min Cool Down / Bounce Stretch

1-2 Songs while sit bouncing

**Have Hot Tamales ready if needed

**Rest for as long as needed between moves

**Prepare for nose breathing, slowing down moves and doing both Jamba Walk and Bouncing

Bikini Routine:

5 min Bounce Stretch / 

Warm Up 


1 min Jamba Walk

Jamba Run (10s/20s) 

{wk1-x8 / wk2-x10}

1 min Jamba Walk


*Eagle Pose (palms down/back/up)

*Forward Eagle Pumps (palms down/back/up)

*Bent over Carlton

*Raise the Roof


Glute Squeeze thrust holds (5 sec on/10 sec rest) {wk1-x12}{wk2-x14}


Sit Bouncing (5 sec on/10 sec rest) {wk1-x12}{wk2-x14}

**Full Body Foam Rolling

**Rest for as long as needed between moves

**Prepare for nose breathing, slowing down moves and doing both

**Shoulders (practice and experiemnt w/ moves that isolate the deltoids)

Diving Deeper into Cycle Syncing

Now that I am implementing a more strategic, progressive overload program for my training, I am experiencing many wonderful things, as well as a heightened sensitivity to high intensity training and caffeine around my cycle (which is a good sign)! This is completely natural and normal for females and now that I have become aware of this, I can practice being even more efficient with my protocol and keep my body in even better balance and peace..

 My physique is changing faster than I have ever experienced right now, and because of this, not only do I want to eat the recommended foods that will assist my hormonal shifts and physical needs, I also want to strategize with my training and do as much as I can to keep my body calm, peaceful and in balance. Anxiety and Depression are real, and I certainly experience both, so it is up to me to get to know myself better and strategize with my diet and fitness program so I maximize my efforts, minimize physical stress and keep my body happy and healthy for life. 

My strategy with fitness will be to reintroduce nose breathing (thanks Trophy Sally) and get better at flexing and my routines while doing my best to nose and belly breathe. If I need to, I will open my mouth, but I'm thinking it will be wise to REDUCE the intensity in order to keep breathing solely through my nose. This will change the way I approach my same bodybuilding moves, but I feel it's going to take my hormonal health and my physique to the highest possible level and beyond. 

My strategy with diet will be to introduce specific foods during each phase of my cycle that will assist my body in achieving homeostasus. During my menstrual phase, my body temperature and hormones are at their lowest levels which means I will make sure to focus on warming foods as well as proteins and fats. I am also in need of specific micronutrients to build up my blood, so I will be adding Nori, Beets, Red Meat (1x this week), Mushrooms and Kidney Beans. For more information about Cycle Syncing and recommended foods for all phases in the month, visit floliving.

Why I am no longer Counting Calories

Now that I am more experienced and know what portions and macros my body asks for throughout each day, I am taking the next step with trusting my eyeballs and switching over to a family style meal prep for the meals that apply: Snacks, Oatmeal Bake, Waffles, Corn Quiche, Enchilladas, Pasta Casserole, Batches of Rice, Veggies etc. I will continue to strive for specific macro ratios throughout the month, but will build my ratios based on my cycle phase and the feelings in my gut. Pre-portioned meals work VERY well for me, but I end up serving myself too much, not enough or the perfect amount. This new style of eating will connect me closer to my intuition, calorie needs, hunger cues and satiation signals while I continue succeeding on my bodybuilding journey.

Menstrual Phase Meal Prep # 13: Days 57 - 63 (2/24-3/2)

Macros & Calories: 56% Carbs (347g), 30% Fat (83g), 14% Protein (90g), 2500 Calories, 78g grams Fiber

Hot Drink: Cocoa Powder w/ 1/2 c Oat Milk or 1 c Almond Milk & Hot Water

Snack #1: 1 Banana & 1 TB Sunbutter or 1 Packet Instant Oatmeal (Apple Cinnamon) with PBFit Protein or PB2

Breakfast: Oatmeal with 1 TB Almond Butter, 1 c Yogurt, ½ scoop Protein Powder, 1 TB Hemp Seeds, 10g Walnuts, 180g Berries

Lunch: Corn Tortilla & Bean Enchiladas (Corn Tortillas, Kidney Beans, Refried Beans, Bell Peppers, Onion, Garlic, Tomatoes, homemade Enchilada Sauce) served with homemade plant based Parm Cheese & Boston Lettuce

Snack #2: 1/2 oz Unsweetened Chocolate + 31 grams of Almonds or a Bar of some sort + any additional snacks if needed

Dinner: Brown Rice, Zucchini Noodles, Peas, Kale, Beets, 2 TB Tahini, 1.5 oz Sweet Chili Sauce (+ Seaweed Snacks or Nori next month)

**Meat Dinner on Monday 2/28: Steak Filet, Baked Potato, mushrooms and steamed Veggies

Fitness Log (Menstrual Phase): 2/24-3/2

2/24: Rest Day & Steps: 7,700 (plus one song)

2/25: 20 minute full body (moderate intensity) workout (haven’t started cycle yet) & steps: 14,000

2/26: Morning Bounce Stretch, Day 1 of Cycle & Steps: 16,000

2/27: Rest Day (didn't track steps)

2/28: Steps: 10,800

3/1: Steps: 20 minute low intensity dance/stretch bounce & Steps: 11,500

3/2: 20 minute Stretch session & Steps: 7,800

Mindset Focus: Reduce Heart Rate throughout day (and during workout 'rest' periods) as much as possible: I am practicing visualization of my heart beating at 60 beats per minute & deep tissue massage whenever necessary.

Learning the ins and outs of a hormonally balanced Trophy Body is a troubleshooting process, and I am so honored to share and grow with my readers here in this Blog. Thank you for your time today and I'll see you next week!

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  • How do you start Building muscle mass? I understand the aerobic, or cardio work, but I am still confused on “ how to build muscle” on the rebounder! Thank Yoi

    Catherine Palmer
  • I have always been a fan. I am so glad you are more muscle building focused. I find I lost a lot of muscle doing m jumping the other way. Question. I still need weights or I go flabby. I am 57. I need both your routins and weights to stay lean. Any advice


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