If we POSE to win trophies, 

why not just 

practice posing?

Jan 08, 2021 by Trophy Body Sally

"I'm Going to Flex Daily until I'm Flexing Permanently."

Let us build a relationship with our muscles. Feeling strong today? Time to flex. Feeling tight? Time to stretch. Feeling fatiqued? Time to rest. Have we had a gallon of water today? I sure hope so. Have we had a proper night sleep? We absolutely better have. Is there anything more to it? 

"All we have to do is find the flex, focus on it, add some weight to it, explore all the safe angles of it, and build our Trophy Bodies." 

How much flexing should we do? For how long? This has to be up to each individual person. For me, I will practice with a passion. I will never limit myself. I will rest when needed. I will stay driven and motivated to make change over these next 17 weeks. And if I do it in a healthy and sustainable way, I will take the flex with me into the rest of my life. 17 weeks of practice is long enough for me to make a permanent habit out of it.


accessing the flex: this takes practice

💎Finding the Flex in all areas of the body

💎Experimenting with the intensity of the Flex

👉Squeezing gently or firmly

💎Exploring the duration of the Flex

👉Squeezing for 3 seconds to 3 minutes (or even longer 😲)

Adding weight: weight bearing instead of weight lifting

💎When rebounding, the forces of the Earth are ADDING 25% of our bodyweight to every cell in our body

👉Low Jumping will add less than 25% of our body weight (I love stretching while low jumping)

👉Regular Jumping will add 25% of our body weight (I love flexing while regular jumping)

👉High Jumping will add more than 25% of our body weight (jumping high can dangerous and is not recommended)

changing the angle of the weighted bounce/flex

💎Exploring all the ways we can safely and strategically shift the angle of our bodies while bouncing to add leverage in a strategic way

👉Leaning forward, backward, side to side and twisting with the option of kicking and reaching

👉Sitting down, leaning back and twisting with the option of kicking and reaching

👉Laying down with the option of lowering our legs, bending our knees and/or twisting at the waist

flex repetition

💎Doing this over 100x a minute, anytime of day, week after week, month after month, year after year = Trophy Body for LIFE

Flexing my whole upper body 🏆

Flexing can be practiced on and off the rebounder. I like to compare it to endurance training vs interval training. Endurance training is like flexing OFF the jumper. We are holding the flex steady and still, training ourselves to endure the flex for as long as possible. Interval training is like flexing ON the jumper. We are adding weight to our flexed muscles in intervals (only at the bottom of the bounce), creating a pumping action that has already proven to build stong, nourished muscles throughout my entire body. I believe that implementing BOTH of these strategies will be what launches my results to their greatest potential. 

Flexing my entire Lower Body 🏆

In this clip, I show you how I'm currently flexing my lower body both on and off the jumper. I admit that flexing my lower body does not come as easily to me...yet. Moving around a little bit while pointing my toes outward definitely helps, but I still have some work to do. My goal is to figure out a few poses that I can practice regularly that will hit every single muscle in my whole lower body. My core engages naturally almost no matter what when I'm flexing, but the more muscles I flex, the more tiring it becomes. This is why I like to break up the flex sessions into different segments. When I do practice my FULL BODY flex, I just about die ;) But I am having an absolute BLAST mastering the flex, and building my beautiful Trophy Body in the process. 

flexing my trophy face 🏆

1 song a day will bring my Trophy face to stay. The current song I'm jamming to is "Hero" by Mariah Carey. This has been one of my FAVORITE additions to my 17 week Trophy Body Sally Transformation. I don't listen to music often, but when I do, I definitely bring my game face. ;) 

let us see what happens

Flex repetition, macro freedom and full night sleeps are my main focuses right now. Macro freedom will be my next blog topic. I plan on bringing the best of ALL the eating strategies I've learned over the years, and finding my happy place with them. I figure if I go into this as intuitively as possible, I will be able to easily and effortlessly maintain this way of eating for life. I'm going for the permanent flex, permanent food freedom, and the permanent Trophy Body. Thanks for coming along for the ride. See you next Tuesday. :)


  • You’re amazing! Can’t wait to see your progress…..I may even flex along with you :)

    Patricia K Wiseman
  • Thank you both for all you are doing. Great inspiration. I will keep watching and learning.


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