Trophy Body Sally Vlog #5 2-1-22

Good, Bad, Right, Wrong, Fear & Freedom

For many years I mismanaged my food and substance intake, but THAT'S OKAY! I wasn't the manager of my life yet. I was still a student in training, gathering all information so I would be READY for when I promoted myself to manager. Well, the time has come. Allow me to introduce myself...MANAGER, Trophy Body Sally 😊 the manager now (hehe), the very first thing I want to do is manage my food and substance intake, and I figure I should start by asking myself some very important questions. What am I eating, and why? What do I believe about food? Drugs? Alcohol? Am I free or am I afraid? How does each macronutrient serve me? (More on this in my Vlog #3 above👆🏼) When does the consumption of food and/or substances become gluttonous? When does it go from human enhancing to human diminishing? Can I use my food and substance intake to solely ENHANCE my life physically, mentally and emotionally? Can I strategically and lovingly include everything in a balanced way? Can I forgive myself and learn from my mistakes if I accidentally mismanage myself again? Let's look at the foods and substances in question.



"Most of the body’s energy and calories come from macronutrients. Each type of macronutrient has its own benefits and purpose in maintaining a healthy body. The exact amount of each macronutrient a person requires may vary based on individual factors such as weight, age, and preexisting health conditions."-click the link above for the rest of this article.

 We have to eat to survive, but how we eat and what we eat will determine if we thrive. Many of us believe different ways of eating are superior to others, but at the end of the day, isn't it most important to be happy? Can we find a way to use food to live our best life, rather than abuse it by letting it control us? I'm finding that the only way to not let food control us, is to UNLEARN, and GET HAPPY.  

Caffeine, Alcohol and Pot

"For most people, using drugs is just another way of altering consciousness that is not so different from many other recreational activities. However, for the relatively small number of people who develop more compulsive drug-using patterns, drug use is not just about having fun, relaxing or for 'partying'. It usually serves a deeper purpose (such as helping enhance identity, acceptance, and reducing psychological distress or a sense of alienation)."-click the link above for the rest of this article. 
We don't need to use drugs and alcohol to survive, but could these substances be put in the same category as food, in the sense that using them rather than abusing them may actually benefit our lives? And maybe even help us to reach our short term and long term life goals?  
So, how do we achieve the best of ALL worlds? How do we exercise moderation? How do we move through life fearlessly? How do we know what we're supposed to do moving forward? One...simple...word. Happiness. Happiness is the answer. Turn every fearful thought you have into a happy thought. Turn every exciting thought you have into a daily thought. The book 'Loving What Is' will change your life forever. I read it when I was 19, and I've never been the same. Every single fear of mine was turned into pure joy. 
Just breathe, in and out, right now. Let all your fears go. Smile for me. Believe that your worst fears aren't true anymore. Believe that your wildest fantasies are ACTUAL truth. 

What fears keep coming up for you? Let's turn them around. 

"Carbs make me fat." Now say, "Carbs make me fit!" 

"The fat I eat is the fat I wear." Now say, "The fat I eat is the fat I burn!" 

"Alcohol is bad for me." Now say, "Alcohol is my friend, and I respect it for the way it makes me feel, and use it only as needed!" 

"I can't lose weight no matter how hard I try." Now say, "I will lose weight no matter how little I try!" 

"I can't stay motivated and I'm losing all hope." Now say, "I'm always motivated, and I'm getting results as we speak!" 

"I don't know how many calories to eat." Now say, "I know exactly how many calories to eat, and I don't even have to track them!" 

"I don't know if I'm eating the right macro ratios." Now say, "As long as I'm eating the foods I love, and the foods that make me feel good physically, mentally and emotionally, I'm eating the exact macronutrient ratios my body needs!" 

"I'm unhappy with my body and I feel ugly." Now say, "I love the person that I am, and I make a positive impact on this Earth every single day. I look the way I look for a very special reason, and I'm going to use that to my advantage!" 

"Everything always goes wrong for me." Now say, "I love how life always works out for me no matter what!"

"I hate my job and it holds me back from reaching my goals." Now say, "I chose this job for a good reason, and I'm choosing my next job for a good reason as well! Having a job keeps me on a schedule, and I'm going to use that to my advantage!"

"I wish I could believe everything you're saying right now." Now say, "Whether I believe what she's saying right now is true or not, it's still true, and I better listen!" 😊

Grab your pen and paper, or better yet, shout it out to the heavens above. I want...I declare...I will have...I am...! Be very specific. Don't hold back. Don't be afraid. There is enough abudance here on Earth for everyone 100x over. It's already here for you. All you have to do is ask for it, smile, and believe that it's already yours. ✨

Everything I chose to eat today!

I grocery shop with passion, excitement, balance and freedom. This was the end result for today! 
Morning Hot Chocolate
Protein Powder & Oats
Wheat Cereal, Flax, Nuts, Soy Yogurt & Banana
Beans, Olives and 

Plant Sour Cream

PB Sammy & Yerba
Pumpkin, Protein Powder and Chocolate
Nacho Cheeze Pasta, Edamame and Bread
Calories & Macros
Thanks for being here, Trophies! Leave a comment below if you have anything you would like to ask or share with me! Breathe in, breathe out. Just once, or twice. Then resume life with your mouth closed and pelvic floor tight. All the power, all the love. ✌️💝

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  • Hey Sally, Thanks for sharing. What kind of chocolate is this? I’m excited to audible “Loving What Is” Thanks for that recommendation!


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