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4-12-22 Vlog #15

High Carb Cellerciser Bodybuilding

What does eating a high carb diet mean? It means eating the majority of calories coming from carbohydrates. The overall percentage may differ from person to person, but as long as fat and protein calories combined do not equal more than total carbohydrate calories, then it's considered a high carb diet.  
Can someone be a competitive bodybuilder eating a high carb diet? Yes! Natalie Matthews became a Pro Bodybuilder following a high carb VEGAN diet in 2017, and I'm going to work toward doing the same in 2022 and beyond. Check out Natalie's journey below.

When did I decide to become a competitive bikini bodybuilder?

"I want to look like a fully-fed professional ballerina that could compete on stage in a Bikini Competition. I want to have a body filled with beautiful, balanced muscles that keep me toned, tight, fit and flexible year round. I want to master my sleep, strengthen my lung power beyond belief, keep my immune system in tip top health and effortlessly run my business. I want easy world, happy world and freedom world."

I must have known all along

These were the exact words in my very first blog (1-4-22) of my Trophy Body Sally transformation series (14 blogs ago). At the time, I had no intention of becoming a bikini physique competitor. Apparently I planted the seed, and this week, it has officially sprouted! Everything I have learned during this transformation series has set me up for Trophy success. Check out the rest of my blog series below.

How will I begin my bikini bodybuilding career?

I have already begun, but now I will dive deeper, and learn everything there is to know about bikini bodybuilding, and how my body adapts to the process. I will learn how to set myself up with a sustainable training schedule to get to my bikini Trophy Body the safest and the fastest. I will learn how to gracefully and powerfully pose with poise and passion. I will learn how to follow my diet protocol consistently and strategically to keep my immune system in tip-top health and fully recover during my sleep. I will also continue to practice nose breathing during my training, rest and sleep for the strongest, healthiest set of breathing muscles I can achieve.
Mind to Muscle Connection using mostly the Cellerciser Rebounder 
▪️Cellercising creates balance, symmetry and offers the best conditioning in the world 

▪️Cellercising is low-impact, creates maximum flexibility and complete cellular strength

▪️Cellercising is safe, fun and sustainable for all ages

What I plan to do on the Cellerciser:

I plan to implement breath holds before and during my training while baby bouncing, flexing, sit bouncing, lay bouncing and stretching. I will be strategically working on my shoulders, abs and glutes to fit the criteria of a high level bikini competitor. I will also incorporate interval training including jump splits, jump squats and running on the jumper. Pull-up bar bouncing is part of the plan as well.

What I plan to do off the Cellerciser:

I will enjoy bike rides and outdoor jogging as needed along with long dog walks and yoga. I will also use my pull-up bar for deeply stretching my back, hips and ankles. Ab rolling will also be incorporated.
Following 65-70% Carbohydrates, 20% Protein, 10-15% Fat Macro Ratios
▪️Wholesome, hydrated foods keep my digestion and elimination efficient

▪️Enough carbohydrates induce deep sleep improving recovery speed

▪️Proper macro ratios ignite energy, vibrance and hormonal balance

I've been at this for a decade

I've spent many years eating a high carbohydrate diet. There are slower burning carbs, and quicker burning carbs, and I know what my body needs when it needs it. Protein is added strictly for muscle growth. I make sure to aim for mostly hydrated proteins (non-meats), with the occasional fish. Fats are used to help get the carbs and protein down, when needed. For example, I can cram enough carbs and protein into a large wheat tortilla (which has 10 grams of fat), and enjoy that meal to the max. I can curb a sweet tooth with a TruBar or a Lemon Luna bar (which has 6-9 grams of fat), and enjoy that snack to the max. I can get my fill of rice/quinoa/tvp/veggies with a delicious side of creamy coconut milk curry (which has 10-20 grams of fat in it), and feel 100% satisfied physically and mentally. As long as my mind is as sharp as a sword during my training, and my meals keep me energized and happy, I get my Trophy Bikini Body.   
Nose Breathing while I Train, Pose, Rest and Sleep along with Breath Holds while I Train
▪️Added resistance during training making breathing muscles stronger, faster

▪️Increased oxygen carrying capacity (synthesizing EPO) aka doping naturally

▪️Helps to prevent dehydration

Nose breathing has changed my life

When it comes to breathing, the nose is the only organ in the whole human body which serves the purpose of conditioning, moistening and regulating breathing volume. The mouth serves no purpose in terms of breathing. So in terms of physical exercise, rest and sleep, it's essential to breathe through the nose. Breath holds take muscle building to a whole new level. Check out this video here to learn more. 

When will I compete?

At the end of this transformation series, I am running my first ever 5k race (May 1st, 2022). My competition will be about 6 months from then. Half way from my 5k to stepping on stage, I will be competing in a SPRINT Triathlon as well.

Northwest Natural

▪️The Ironman Natural is a Drug-Tested National Qualifier, with a two year testing period from the date of the show.
  • ▪️Open to all amateur athletes ages 18 & over and open to citizens of any nation.

Northwest Championships

  • ▪️Open to all amateur athletes ages 18 & over and open to citizens of any nation.

What do I foresee bulking and cutting looking like for me?

Phase 1: Maingaining

💪🏼 I will be following my Trophy Body Sally diet protocol, eating as many calories as I desire with occasional cheat/treat meals. This is what I will be focusing on from May-August, 2022.

Phase 2: Cutting

🌿I will be following my Trophy Body Sally diet protocol with no cheat/treat meals. This is what I will be focusing on from September-October, 2022.

Phase 3: Peak Week

🍌 I will be following a fruit-based diet with lean starches for dinners if desired. This is what I will be focusing on from Nov 1-11, 2022

Plans post show?

My very next planned competition will be on April 28-29, 2023 in my hometown of Bellevue, WA. The picture below is of the 2022 competition, which hasn't happened yet. I'm going to take the next full year to get Trophy Bikini Body ready for the 2023 show. ;) After that, I plan to continue competing and spreading the knowledge of bodybuilding on a Cellerciser rebounder throughout the entire bodybuilding industry inside and out. 

IFBB/NPC Emerald Cup

  • ▪️Open to all amateur athletes ages 18 & over and open to citizens of any nation.

Will you be able to follow my journey until I step on stage?

Yes. My Trophy Bikini Bodybuilding Series will begin on May 23rd, 2020, with updates every 4 weeks on my YouTube channel, I Jump Instead. 🤍


BEING HERE   favorite
This transformation series has rocked my world, inside and out. Update pictures coming soon, Trophies! All the power, all the love. 🤍

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