My 10 week~5k Training Schedule + My Training Diet + More Tricks

3-1-22 Trophy Body Sally Vlog #9 

10 week~5k Training Schedule

I have created my perfect 10 week, 5k Training Schedule, and I'm sharing it with you here. Workouts will be both indoors (on the Jumper) and outdoors (on the pavement). It's a 4 day workout week with 3 recommended rest days. I have 6 different routines to choose from, and will schedule them out in advance, or go with what sounds best for the day. I will keep track of my workouts as I complete them. During menstruation, I will be walking outside along with visualization/meditation/breathing workouts only.

My Training Diet + More tricks

My Training Diet (2 recipes below)

My style of meal prepping is to have all food groups in the fridge and cupboards READY TO GO.

👉Starches like Oats, Cereal, Bread, Beans, Peas, Pumpkin, Pasta, Potatoes, Corn, Crackers and Rice make up a substantial percentage of my diet.

👉Fruits & Vegetables like Grapefruit, Banana, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrot and Zucchini are always in rotation as well.

Along with that, I enjoy things like:

👉Liv Body Protein Powder, Soy yogurt, Oat milk, Nutritional yeast, TVP, Tofu, Salmon, etc.

For my fat/protein fillers, I enjoy:

👉Nuts/Seeds, Olives, TruBars, Luna & Clif Bars, Chocolate, etc.

👉Candy like licorice, sour belts and gummies are always stocked up as well.

As a triathlete 😊, I want to stay FOCUSED on my training, so diet for me needs to be EASY and FAST. The ratios of these foods will be based on my eyeballs/cravings, not calories, and will fluctuate as I progress with my training. My main focus will be to keep my workouts CHARGED, to keep me sleeping HARD at night, and to keep my physical and mental health in TIP TOP shape. As I continue to get fitter and faster week to week, I will ALWAYS go with my cravings. I will NEVER limit my calorie intake. If I crave sugar, I will eat sugar. If I crave sodium, I will eat sodium. My focus is on my training schedule and my sleeping schedule. As long as those two are kicking ass, week after week, my job is done. 🏆

Breathing for my Muscles, Metabolism and Waistline

Breathing is a HUGE part of a successful training schedule, helping us keep our muscles AND metabolisms STRONG and FAST, and our stomachs FLAT.

👉Mornings and Before Training: Ever since I was introduced to 'The Wim Hof Method', I was hooked. I find the 10 minute guided breathing session (linked below) best to be practiced first thing in the morning, and/or before my 4 training workouts scheduled above. Afterwards, I will practice my stomach vacuuming, which is a gentle breathing exercise that activates and strengthens the deepest abdominal muscle (the transverse abdominis). This breathing technique is great for achieving a flatter, more taut stomach, as well as preventing lower back pain.

👉During Training: The Oxygen Advantage says that during lower intensity training, we should breathe ONLY through our nose, but at different times during our training and competition, we will need to mouth breathe as well. I will incorporate both as needed, keeping my mouth closed as much as possible.

Read more by clicking the links below.


Citrus and Vodka are a match made in heaven. Talk about a vitamin BOOST while getting a BUZZ. 3 recipes I recommend for keeping us on Trophy Track (and following my latest Trophy Trick of course ~ no alcohol after 6:30 😉):

👉Greyhound (Vodka with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice)

👉Screwdriver (Vodka with fresh squeezed orange juice)

👉Vodka Lemonade (Vodka with fresh squeezed lemon juice and sugar to taste)

Only add enough citrus to make the drinks enjoyable. Too much citrus may have us drinking too fast. 😏

Hydrating the Hard Stuff

Drinking straight liquor keeps the calories lower when it comes to letting loose and having fun, but straight liquor is tough to swallow. I have the perfect solution. Just add water! We can add hot water, cold water, sparkling water, or ice (let it melt a little bit of course). We can even squeeze lemon or lime into these hydrated cocktails as well. Have you ever added an icecube to your wine? Or hot water to your whiskey? Or cold water to your rum? Or sparkling water to your tequila? Try it! Please drink responsibly, and please do it the Trophy way (only once per week). Having a FIT, STRONG body while getting a good BUZZ on once per week makes it ALL worthwhile (in my opinion)!   🍻🥂

I figured out what I WANTED from my Cellerciser

When I first began my Jumping journey, I wanted weight loss from my Cellerciser. So I got my Cellerciser on board, and we lost weight. Then I wanted to do a little more exploring, which evolved into a BEAUTIFUL Ballerina Training program posted on our website, and a FABULOUS Flex Routine posted on our YouTube channel. All of a sudden, inspiration hit me like a ton of bricks. I wanted the Cellerciser to make me a competitive Triathlete! it's time for me to ask you. What do YOU want from your Jumper? Have you had a discussion with your Jumper about this? Could there be any new aspirations for you now that I've prompted this question? Are we talking big picture here, or just reaching small life goals along the way? Let's be CLEAR. Let's be PRECISE. Let's make it HAPPEN. Join our private Facebook Group, I Jump Instead, and tell us what you WANT. Tell us what you're discussing with your Jumper. And tell us how THRILLED you are to have your BEST FRIEND JUMPER to take you all the way to your wildest dreams! 😁 If everyday, you wake up with a SMILE across your face because you KNOW what you want, and you BELIEVE that you will get there, then I've done my job, and so have you. This is Trophy World. This is pure ecstacy. This is exactly how you show everyone WHO'S BOSS. Everyday is a day to PRACTICE and LEARN. You're starting EARLY. Not many people know about Jumping, but YOU DO. This is your DESTINY. You are here on Earth to do THIS. To BE this. Happiness is now your DEFAULT. Your Jumper is THRILLED too. You two are going ALL THE WAY. The Trophy is YOURS, for the rest of your life!  

Quick and Easy Slaw

I do NOT add the oil in this recipe. I weigh out half a pound of cabbage and shred it. I buy shredded carrots and add a handful into the cabbage. I add the dressing and cilantro asap and eat it for a couple days. The vegetables in this recipe can be interchanged with ANY VEGETABLE (I like chopped broccoli stems). YUM!

Sally's Trail Mix

These 3 ingredients are my current favorites. They may change over the weeks!

Let us have gratitude before bed, and a smile in the morning :)

As I lay my head next to my pillow (yes, my head lays flat on the mattress, with my head leaning against my pillow), I like to think about all the things I am grateful for today. Everyday my list is different. Some days my list is short, and some days it's long. This always puts me to sleep with a sound heart. Then when I wake up, the first thing I like to do is smile. It's going to be a Trophy day! Water bottle? Wim Hof? Here I come.😃 


BEING HERE   favorite
This 17 week Transformation Series is literally the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm asking the universe to keep the inspiration flowing, and it's OVERflowing. I focus on what makes me happy, and NEW inspiration is returned to me every single day. If I have something that troubles me, I do 'The Work' on it (blog #5 ~ Loving What Is: Four questions that can change your life). It's time to live our BEST life, Trophies! Smile, Jump and Believe!  

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