6 MORE Tricks that will CHANGE THE GAME!

Part 2 ⭐

2-15-22 ~ Trophy Body Sally Vlog #7 

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These next 6 Tricks are SO GOOD! Let's dive right in.

#7~I stopped prioritizing my heart muscle when training

Bodybuilders already know this secret. Train ALL of our muscles and SEE RESULTS. So why is it that so many of us continue to focus on only our HEART muscle when training? I'll tell you exactly why...because it's EASIER to train ONE muscle than it is to train ALL of them. Training the heart DOES help us to speed up the metabolism, but why only have ONE MUSCLE working for us when we can have ALL OF THEM working for us? Jumping makes this EASY! Here's the TRICK...now it's time to train the muscles we want to SHOW OFF. Do we want to show off our heart muscle? Maybe some of us do. Being an endurance athlete is very notable. If we want to show off our GUNS, it's time to bring the heart rate down, and PRACTICE FLEXING. Rebounding is an absolute game changer. Most of the work is done FOR US. We do need to get good at flexing our different body parts, but this is how we get GOOD at showing off our muscles anyhow! 🤩 Putting resistance against our muscles happens naturally when we jump. Flexibility needs a reach and a kick here and there, but otherwise happens naturally when we jump. So, all we really have to do is practice SHOWING OFF 😂, and the rest is history! So, in ranking order for getting results FAST:

🥇I practice showing off for 35 minutes, 4 days a week, 3 out of 4 weeks a month, while incorporating lot's of recovery health bouncing in between sets, first thing in the morning (30 seconds) and last thing before bed (30 seconds).

🥈I practice showing off in shorter increments anytime, any day, with health bouncing as often as possible.

🥉I own a jumper, I get on it, and I do my best.

Check out my latest FLEX ROUTINE to have the best SHOW OFF session of your life! 👇🏼

#8~how I party the trophy way

I'll be honest, this is my favorite trick of all. These days, I like to drink alcohol 1 day per week. I don't drink on my weeknights (Friday - Tuesday), and I don't drink the day before my work week begins (Thursday), so Wednesday is my day. Designating this day for drinking has been a GAME CHANGER for me. I ALLOW it. I don't feel guilty about it. I want to get and KEEP my Trophy Body for life, and doing this with one day of alcohol a week keeps me balanced and sane. I don't HAVE to drink every week, but if I skip a week, sometimes I get antsy for it. I don't have to drink a lot, I just want to pick a type of alcohol and enjoy it. If I'm feeling frisky, I'll have two types of alcohol (tequila and beer 😉), but otherwise just one type does me right. Now, this is the TRICK: When enjoying alcohol, WATCH THE CLOCK! Didn't see that coming, right? 😁 STOP drinking 3+ hours before bed. This basically means HAPPY HOUR, TROPHIES! This trick makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER the next morning. I can't tell you how much this has changed the game for me. One last trick I follow for an added bonus: No caffeine (including chocolate) the following day. I even like to keep protein powder to a half scoop, and I always get my gallon of water in NO MATTER WHAT. Lastly, I rest from ALL Trophy Body Training. This gives me the FULL recovery I need to get BACK on Trophy Track Friday morning. Boom!

#9~Visualizing my favorite bodies online

When was the last time you had an inspirational POSTER on the wall? Hahaha let's BRING THEM BACK!! When we have a STRONG VISUALIZATION of our DREAM BODY, we can be SO MUCH MORE precise when training. We can SEE the muscles we're working to build, and stay MOTIVATED the whole way through. I found this beautiful, fit and MUSCULAR woman on Instagram. Her name is Cynthia Balout. She has my DREAM quads and abs. I currently have her as my iPhone screen saver, but I need to UP MY GAME and PRINT A POSTER of her. I know I can do this at my local printer store or drugstore, so I'm going to DO IT. If you LOVE this trick and plan on printing out YOUR dream physique person, let me know WHO IT IS in the comments below. I ALWAYS need more ideas. Otherwise, search professional athletes in your favorite sport online, and  find someone to print and POST on your wall. Visualization is CRUCIAL for building your Trophy Body as FAST as humanly possible. The more posters the BETTER!

#10~Oura ring and pride in my sleep/readiness scores

Every morning I wake up, the first thing I do is open up my Oura App and check my sleep/readiness scores. They obviously can't tell the WHOLE story, but they definitely help me to see what I've done RIGHT, and what I could have done better to have a terrific Trophy day! If my readiness score is low, and tells me to rest, I REST! If my sleep stats say I had a restless night, I look at what I did the night before, and try to do BETTER next time. These scores give me a sense of pride, and I look forward to how well I sleep every night! I could even see myself doing an Oura Ring Challenge where I aim to get the BEST scores possible over a certain period of time. Whatever helps me to get to know myself better, and gets me my Trophy body the FASTEST, is DEFINITELY worth the $!

11~Watching I Jump Instead on YouTube or  YTTV - Outside

I can't stress enough how important it is to get GOOD at Jumping if you want your Trophy Body as FAST as possible. You don't need to become a pro, you just need to be PRACTICED. You need to have a BOND with your Jumper. Everytime you Jump, the first thoughts that cross your mind should be...

"I am SO LUCKY to be a JUMPSTAR!" 


"My Jumper takes SUCH GOOD CARE of me!"

"No matter how STIFF I am, just a few minutes of bouncing and I'm feeling BETTER!" 

"I don't have to get down on the floor to stretch, EVER. Yay!"

"This Jumper is my LIFE SAVING BEST FRIEND!" 

Stephanie and I have made over 100 routines on YouTube. Each routine is unique, fun, and EDUCATIONAL. So here's the trick...WATCH US ON YOUR TV DURING THE DAY! Play ALL of our amazing playlists on 'I Jump Instead' YouTube while LISTENING and LEARNING, or even keep us on MUTE. I Jump Instead on YouTube is the BEST CHANNEL you can have on your TV. Having a Trophy Body inside and out is SO WORTH IT, so get PRACTICED and get EDUCATED. Another channel to watch is 'OUTSIDE' on YouTube TV. If you don't have YouTube TV, move on to my next trick or SIGN UP. This channel is SO MOTIVATING. It shows people all over the world doing outdoor activities like Ironman, mountain biking, skiing, motocross, diving, kayaking, EVERYTHING. Do your best to ELIMINATE the drama from your mind, and replace it with what motivates you to REACH your Trophy Goals as FAST as possible. 

12~Curbing my sweet tooth at lunch

This is a very basic trick that WORKS. I recently got a 24 pack of Kirkland Signature Vitarain Zero from Costco, and I lOVE them. All I do is grab one out of the fridge right when I'm about to sit down for lunch, and I drink it WITH my lunch. If I don't feel like having one with lunch, that's cool. I could have it with dinner if I feel like it. I don't force it, I just enjoy it. My lunch is usually bean burritos, bean tacos or beans on toast, and this sweet Vitarain Zero drink is the PERFECT compliment to my savory meal. Afterward, I'm left feeling TOTALLY satisfied, MORE hydrated, and I have absolutely NO sweet tooth in sight. As you know from my first 6 Trophy tricks, I'll be enjoying my mid-day dessert 2-3 hours after this meal (if I need it), and a beautifully balanced Trophy dinner 2-3 hours before bed. This gives me a SUPER SOUND Trophy night's sleep and a NICE FLAT stomach when I wake up in the morning. My Trophy Tricks WORK for me, and I KNOW they will work for you too. 💝 Keep the FAITH, keep SMILING, and keep it TIGHT! 🌪️


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Next week I'm filming a Q & A, so post your questions in the comments below! I'm glad you enjoyed these Trophy Tricks! More to come soon.💋💋💋

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