3-22-22 Trophy Body Sally Vlog #12

My New Diet Protocol + my 6 week 5k Training Schedule!

6 weeks, 16 scheduled workouts, diet on point, let's do this!

It's Crunch Time, Trophies! 

As you've seen in the last few Vlogs of my 17 week Vlog series, I'm scheduled to run my first 5k on May 1st. I started training 10 weeks out, but things didn't go exactly as planned. I started off by taking a chill pill while resting during my menstruation, and then came out hard and strong finding myself quickly injured and needing more rest. Week 4 was a smart and calculated transition back into training, and now it's week 5 (6 full weeks out) and it's crunch time. Thankfully I've managed to squeeze in a few good 1 mile runs and lot's of jumping on my Cellerciser and JumpSport rebounders. So in preparation for my 3.1 mile run (5k), I've designed my perfect schedule and diet to make the run go as smoothly as possible. 2-3 workouts per week, rest time around my menstruation, and a diet rich in ALL the good stuff, I'm feeling confident and ready to go. Let's take a closer look at my upcoming 6 week Training Schedule along with my brand new Diet Protocol!

Training Schedule: 6 weeks, 16 Total Workouts  

*2-3 workouts per week working around my menstrual cycle 
Below, you will find my 6 week training schedule along with a blank 6 week calendar, both printable! I will be following my schedule to the best of my ability, allowing rest as needed, and walking my dog as much as possible ;) I will be rotating between 3 workouts, averaging 75% of my training on both of my rebounders, and 25% on the pavement. I chose these 3 workouts because they include everything I wanted in my perfect training schedule. These workouts are 60 minutes long, not including my post-workout Face flexing and Ab training. I will also be incorporating Breathwork training on workout days, and Evening Stretching as many nights as possible.  

The 3 workouts I'll be rotating through for the next 6 weeks:

Workout 1: Tri-45 + 1 Mile + SFLA

*Tri-45 = 45m Triathlon Routine (Rebounder)

*SFLA = Sit bounce Face flexing and Lay down bounce Ab training

*Low, Moderate and High Intensity
This 60m workout will start with my recently created 45m Triathlon workout (launching this Summer in my Trophy Body Triathlon Training Program), then go straight into a 1 mile jog out on the pavement, and finish off with Sit bounce Face flexing and Lay down bounce Ab training. This training session will range from low to high intensity. I will be nose breathing for this entire workout. 

Workout 2: IJI Workouts + 1➡️3 Miles + SFLA

*IJI Workouts = Any I Jump instead Workout from IJI YouTube

*SFLA = Sit bounce Face flexing and Lay down bounce Ab training

*Low, Moderate and High Intensity
This 60m workout will begin with any I Jump Instead routine(s) from my Website/YouTube channel that fits into my allotted time window. With 60 minutes of training time, I will start with 46 minutes of IJI routines and 14 minutes of outdoor running. Over the 6 weeks, I will be adding .4 miles to every outdoor run (4 minutes), which will transfer over from my jumping time. The final time I do this routine, I will be rebounding for 30 minutes and running outside for 30 minutes. After each session, I will cool down with health bounce on my jumper, followed by Sit bounce Face flexing and Lay down bounce Ab training. This training session will range from low to high intensity. I will be nose breathing for this entire workout.

Workout 3: C-10 + IT-20 + S-15 + L-15

*C-10 = Compass Routine from IJI YouTube

*IT-20 = Interval Training on a JumpSport Routine from IJI YouTube

*S-15 = Sit Bouncing for 15 minutes

*L-15 = Lay Bouncing for 15 minutes

*Low, Moderate and High Intensity
This workout will begin with my perfect warm-up 10m Compass routine, followed by my 20m Interval Training on a JumpSport routine, finishing off with 15m of Sit bouncing and 15m of Lay bouncing. This training session will range from low to high intensity. I will be nose breathing for this entire workout.

Diet: Trophy Body Sally's Protocol

I finally landed on the perfect diet...for me. Before my 17 week Transformation Series began, I ate high carb, low fat and plant based for 9 years straight. Then I began the transformation of a lifetime, finding myself fulfilling my deep down desires for higher fat foods like chocolate, nut butter and salmon. After a few weeks, I noticed myself falling back into old habits, for no reason other than simply forgetting to add proteins and fats to my meals because I was so used to not eating them for so long. I finally asked myself, "Sally, what do you WANT to be eating? What do you BELIEVE in?" This is how my new protocol was born.

Trophy Body Sally's Protocol Pyramid

List of Foods in each Food Group 

Sugar as needed:

Blackstrap Molasses, Jaggery, all Refined Sugars

3 servings of Fat

Nuts, Seeds, Olives, Salmon, Oil, Soy

3 servings of Protein

Protein Powder (Liv Body & Anthony's Pea Protein), Beans, Nutritional Yeast, TVP, Salmon

3-4 servings of Fruit

Bananas, Grapes, Apples, Dates, Dried Figs, Citrus, Melon, etc.

4-5 servings of Veggies

Bell Pepper, Onion, Peas, Pumpkin, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Zucchini, Mushroom, Lettuce, Corn, etc.

5 servings of Starch

Oats, Cereal, Bread products, Rice, Pasta, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, etc.

Caffeine as needed

Decaf Coffee, Cacao, Yerba Mate 

Why am I eating this way?

With all the information I've gathered up until this point in my life, this protocol makes the most sense to me. It includes a balance of everything, and gives me the macronutrient ratios that I require to be the healthiest, strongest athlete I can be. This protocol gives me:

*Substantial vitamins and minerals for my health✔️

*Substantial carbs for my energy and sleep:✔️(too much takes away from muscle growth, not enough takes away from muscle performance)

*Substantial protein & fats to rebuild and repair my muscles after training✔️

Macronutrient breakdown:

My body requires the lion's share of my calories coming from carbohydrates, every single day, which my protocol fulfills. Fat and Protein, on the other hand, need to be eaten carefully and strategically, so I meet my protein needs without loading up on unnecessary fat grams. As long as my protein and fat sources come from a balance of the 5 categories listed below, my carbs stay right where they need to be, my fats stay in a healthy range, and my daily protein needs are met so I can quickly and efficiently repair and rebuild my rebounding and running muscles. If I want my muscles to have their greatest potential of growth & strength, I have to eat a sufficient amount of protein and fat every single day, which my protocol fulfills.

Protein & Fat sources divide into 5 categories:

1. Isolated Protein: Protein Powder

▪️I can fully supplement my protein needs with protein powder if I'm trying to reduce overall calories by eating less fat, but isolated protein is ultimately harder to digest because it’s not attached to fiber and water. Because of this, I supplement with only 1/2 a scoop of LIV Body protein powder or Anthony's Pea Protein, 1-2x a day. 

2. Isolated Fat: Oil

▪️Fats coming from oil have zero protein, fiber, water and nutrition attached to them. At any rate, I do enjoy eating wheat tortillas, adding oat milk to my decaf coffee, spreading a little plant cream cheese on my toast, and dipping my cauliflower wings into some creamy plant based salad dressings. As a rule of thumb, I aim to enjoy only one serving of oil per day. 


3. Protein that is Attached to Carbs: Beans, Grains, Peas, TVP and some Vegetables

▪️These protein/carb sources are what I like to call my bonus proteins (because the majority of their calories come from carbohydrates). *TVP (textured vegetable protein) and certain vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus and zucchini have so little carbohydrate grams, they instead mainly contribute toward my protein needs. I enjoy these protein/carb sources as much as I desire, daily. 

4. Protein that is Attached to Fat: Nuts, Seeds, Soy and Salmon

▪️All of these protein sources are naturally attached to fat, fiber and water, which is the way nature intended them to be. Because they do offer the majority of their calories coming from fat, I enjoy, on average, one of these protein/fat sources daily. 

5. Fat that is attached to Carbs: like olives and avocados

▪️Because olives and avocados are fully hydrated fat sources, I feel comfortable consuming them as much as needed for added flavor and texture. They are fairly low in calories, and can be just what a meal needs to make it extra enjoyable. I consume olives and avocados as often as I desire them. 

Sugar and Caffeine

Sugar and Caffeine are energy supplements. Sugar is attached to carbohydrates, which contributes toward my carbohydrate needs. Because it is not attached to fiber or water, I supplement with <15% of my carb calories coming from sugar. Caffeine is attached to nothing, and highly addictive. Because of this, I use caffeine sparingly.    


Blackstrap Molasses is by far one of my favorite sugar sources of all time. It tastes great when added straight to water, or added to water and plant milk for a delicious hot morning beverage or an outstanding iced afternoon beverage. Added straight to plant milk makes a chocolaty drink that will blow your socks off. Blackstrap Molasses is chock full of vitamins and minerals as well. Other sugar sources I enjoy are Jaggery (concentrated cane sugar cubes), and cane sugar itself (in the form of soda and candy). I consume these sugar sources as often as I desire them.


Decaf coffee and/or Hot Cacao in the mornings has been my go-to these days. My favorite decaf coffee is the Donut Shop Decaf Coffee pods I get at my local grocery store. Other than some chocolate here and there, and the occasional Yerba Mate tea, I don't consume any other caffeinated products. My protocol keeps me alert, energized and happy, and I notice that I have no cravings for caffeine whatsoever. 

Meal plan example

*120oz of Water a day (minimum)


(sometimes I have Hot Cacao as well)


Protein Oats

*Shredded Wheat 

*Honey Nut Cheerios 

*Protein Powder water 

*Grapes & Banana

*1 Tortilla

*1.5c Chili

*1 Bell Pepper

*1 Onion

*Vitarain Zero (or Sprite)



*Chocolate (if desired)

**I eat until I'm satisfied

*2 Dinner options of many

*Black and Red Licorice

*64 oz Jar of Molasses Water

(600ml BSM with 40oz Water)

**I pour some on ice for a delicious drink anytime of day

(100 cals per oz)

Thank you for being here🤍

See you next week for Vlog #13 of my 17 week Trophy Body Sally transformation series! Keep it tight, Trophies! 🏆

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