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I'm a jumper. I jump on a mini trampoline. I don't jump high and crazy, I just gently bounce on the mat to flush my lymphatic system, build my muscles like crazy and make my body more flexible by the day. No big deal really. ;) HA! It's a huge deal. It's a gigantic deal. It's a life saving deal. How do humans live without keeping their bodies loosened up every day? How do people sit at a computer for hours, lift weights at the gym, run outside, run on a treadmill, carry babies or backpacks all day long, or even just live their normal lives without the sweet relief of loosening up the back muscles by gently bouncing on a rebounder? Not only do the back muscles get instant relief, so does the neck muscles, shoulder muscles and all the joints below them. Have you been told how important it is to keep the lymphatic system flushed and clean?
"The lymphatic system is important for the optimal functioning of our general and specific immune responses. The lymph nodes monitor the lymph flowing into them and produce cells and antibodies which protect our body from infection and disease."


Rebounding protects our bodies from infection and disease AND loosens up our hardworking human bodies. Need I say more? To summarize, rebounding and living life go hand in hand. Add nose breathing into this mix and we have ourselves a triumvirate of health. 


I began consciously nose breathing only recently. It was brought to my attention by a few of the JumpStars in my private 'I Jump Instead' facebook group who happen to be some of the smartest people I know. They noticed I was mouth breathing in my workout routines on YouTube, and immediately reached out to warn me of the dangers of mouth breathing, and encouraged me to read the books 'Breath' by James Nestor, and 'The Oxygen Advantage' by Patrick McKeown. I was hesitant at first, not understanding how closing my mouth could possibly enhance my fitness. After so long, I added 'Breath' to my monthly Audible subscription, and started listening. Eeek...why didn't I know all of this before? Why were people on the internet telling me to exercise with my mouth open? They even said it would help get more oxygen into my lungs, making me a better athlete. Oops. They were misinformed. I immediately closed my mouth and began exploring nose breathing, and what I found was more exciting than I expected.

When we breathe out through our nostrils, it actually takes us longer to exhale. This is important because absorption of oxygen actually happens during exhalation. So the increase in time that it takes for us to breathe out through our noses helps us absorb oxygen better. It is thought that you actually absorb Oxygen around 15% better when you exhale through your nose when compared to mouth breathing.
‘Mouth-breather’ has been used as an insult for a stupid person since at least 1915, and people who do it are sometimes said to be unattractive. But while training yourself to breathe through the nose might not make you beautiful and smart, it could have very real impacts on your health, from your teeth to your fitness.


Let me remind you that I'm a Jumper, and have been since 2016. I only picked up running as of late because I was struck with inspiration to do a SPRINT Triathlon this Summer, just for the heck of it. Swimming and Cycling will be easy for me, considering I have a lot of experience doing both of these sports in my 37 years. Running on the other hand hasn't always been so successful for me. I used to run back in my 20's, but all I remember about it was constant pain in my knees and shins. I prioritized burning calories over my joint health, and ended up having to give up on running entirely. Thank goodness I discovered rebounding, because now I have my life back, and then some. Same goes for nose breathing. I'm so lucky I was introduced to nose breathing before my triathlon journey began. Now I can train with ease knowing that I will be doing it in the healthiest, safest way possible.


My very first nose breathing run

Can someone say faucet face? I was blowing snot rockets every 50 steps. I couldn't believe I forgot to bring a tissue. My sweatshirt sleeves were a little bit helpful, thankfully. This was a disaster though. Would I need to bring a handkerchief every single run from now on? Not only did I have waterfall nostrils for my entire run, I also couldn't stop blowing my nose and sneezing for the next 24 hours. I thought I came down with a cold, it was so bad. My energy was good and I felt normal otherwise, but snot face Sally was my life for the entire day and night after my first nose breathing run. Then it all cleared up and I was back to normal.

My second nose breathing run

Even though I forgot to bring a tissue, I surprisingly didn't need it, but everything didn't go as smoothly as you might think. As I was reaching peak elevation in the hills behind my city condo, I noticed my nostrils were caving in on me. I felt like I was suffocating. My ego didn't want my mouth to slip open even for a second, so I straightened out my posture, slowed way down and relaxed. It worked. I wasn't suffocating anymore. That was horrible though. I was obviously pushing way too hard. Was nose breathing potentially limiting my running abilities? Would my nostrils cave like that every time? For the rest of my run I was feeling good. I made it my number one priority to not push too hard, and be able to breathe instead of suffocate myself.


All I can say is that I am truly in love with nose breathing. Every run feels better and better. No more nasal dripping, no more caving nostrils, just pure running bliss. The one thing that really stands out for me with nose breathing is that I can feel the resistance against my breathing muscles, which makes me work harder, but at the exact same time, I am forced to stay within my limits. I have to adapt my training intensity so I can actually maintain nose breathing. Typical me would already be overworking myself out on the pavement, causing trauma to my airways and increasing my risk of injury. Nose breathing keeps me in the safe zone. Nose breathing also keeps me focused on my form, helping me to run with better posture and alignment, keeping me safe, healthy and happy.  


I wrote this blog to bring awareness to Rebounding and Nose Breathing. Running outdoors is fun too, but entirely unnecessary when we can be Jumping instead. Mouth breathing may seem easier, but after a few weeks of nose breathing, you'll wonder how you ever trained with your mouth open. Rebounding and Nose Breathing can stand alone as an incredible fitness program for any body at any age, but if you choose to engage in other sport/activities in life (which is highly likely), make sure you have a rebounder to jump on daily, and keep your mouth shut while training. Your body will thank you for it, and be healthier and happier because of it.  



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I will see you next week for Vlog #14! Happy Jumping, Trophies! Keep your mouth shut, keep your pelvic floor tight, and keep smiling. All the love!😊

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