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Questions & Answers

#1~What did you think of your mostly fruit experience back in Summer 2021? What did it teach you? Why did you want to incorporate more starches now, compared to that style of eating?

I thought long and hard about this answer, because the honest truth is that I enjoyed eating RawTill4 during the Summer equally as much as I enjoy eating a Starch Based Diet now. I've had a lot of experience eating mostly fruit in the past, so I had no trouble whatsoever keeping up with the workload of it, but at the end of the day, the way I felt eating fruit did not outweigh the reality of what it took to keep up with a fruit based diet. Not only did I find it time consuming to eat whole melons at a time, blenders full of smoothies and dinners that were unrealistically large only because the fat/protein was so low, I felt a sense of greed eating this way. I would fight for fruit in my household. I would wipe out fruit sections in the store so I could eat mono meals, which would be 4-10 pieces of fruit in one sitting. I wouldn't ever want to share with anyone. Not only did I feel greedy, I felt gluttonous. I always ate more quantity and for longer periods of time than whoever I was eating with. I would eat as much as I could in one sitting, and soon after, find myself eating more. I had to eat often. I started adding sugar to my meals, and then I needed more sugar...and more sugar...and soon I was feeling greedy, glutonous, and just plain ridiculous. Eating a starch based diet is easy, simple and sustainable...for me. Especially now that I'm incorporating more fats and proteins, I'm more mentally satisfied. I'm also held over way longer, and I'm finally building more muscle, which is making me leaner! I definitely was slim eating a fruit based diet (only because my digestion accepted fruit, but my twin sister's digestion did not), but no matter how slim I got, I never saw more muscle definition, even with all the Trophy Body Training I was doing. Everything I'm doing now is working for me flawlessly. To find out more, follow my full 17 week Trophy Body Sally Transformation Series (linked below)! 

#2~So you gals lost weight and got very thin by eating Starch Solution and Jumping, and now you want to be not so thin and have more muscles, so to do that you are eating more fats/protein and doing more flex style training? Or what is different exactly with food and the type of jumping from 'skinny' to 'muscles'?

I want to start by saying that we lost 15 pounds in 15 weeks late 2020 by following The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss (linked in Q#3), and following our Trophy Body Training programs (linked in Q#4). It would be inaccurate to say that we got really thin from eating Starch Solution and Jumping, because we believe that just eating Starch Solution and just Jumping doesn't necessarily mean getting really thin/weight loss. Some people may lose weight initially with both of these weight loss strategies, but end up finding themselves back in a plateau.  When we were losing weight, we didn't count calories, we didn't follow strict ratio rules, and we listened very closely to our hunger/satiation cues. We ate cucumber with breakfast, iceberg lettuce or broccoli with lunch, and broccoli or zucchini with dinner most days. We ate oats, sweet potato and brown rice most days as well. We enjoyed homemade Trophy Truffles for dessert (dates, oats and a little bit of pb blended in the food processor and rolled into balls). We stayed hydrated, stayed consistent with our training, and prioritized recovery. We were motivated, and we MADE IT HAPPEN. We dedicated that period of time to weight loss, staying on track no matter what anyone else was doing. We figured a pound a week until we reached our healthy weight range, which ended up being 15 pounds in 15 weeks. If someone wants to lose more than that, they can choose to stay in this weight loss phase until they reach their desired healthy weight, or take short diet breaks every 10-15 pounds. Whatever keeps us on track is what we need to stick with 💯. So what's different now? We're NOT restricting our fats and proteins. Stephanie has been stacked with muscles for as long as I can remember, but I personally am doing more flex style training, and it's getting me leaner! Keep jumping, eat what you love, eat what you believe will get you results, follow my Fat Loss Trophy Tricks (linked in Q3), and get your Trophy Body the FASTEST! 😘

#3~How long do you girls recommend each day to bounce? An hour? I am currently doing 30 minutes and want to increase, but my body is like...uh uh girl, you stay nice and fluffy. I do McDougall and I think I need to reduce my portion sizes..? I JUST WANT RESULTS SOON!!!!!

Dave Hall's famous words: "Cells don't have watches." He's right. Clocking your hours week after week will not guarantee results. Feeling your body being pulled down into your resistance mat, bounce after bounce, and minute after minute, will accumulate to stronger, more flexible muscles. If everyday, you say to yourself, "Oh...I feel that!" or "Ohhh..that feels like it's working!" or "Yes...that feels even better than it did yesterday!", you're spending quality time on your jumper. Some days this quality time amounts to 10 minutes, and some days it amounts to an hour! For the BEST energy during your training, you need to have your diet in check.  Are you loving the foods you're eating? Is what you're eating really sustainable for the long haul? Have you dieted in the past? Are you just confused at what the perfect protocol is? First and foremost, LISTEN to The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss audiobook (linked below). Second, watch my last two Vlogs, and implement the tricks I share with you (linked below). Lastly, eat what you love, and eat what you believe will get you results. Figure out how to combine the two. This way you will be able to sustain this way of eating while you build and keep your Trophy Body for life! 💝

#4~What is a realistic workout program to see results? 10, 20, 30 minutes a day? 4, 5, 6 days a week? I've lost 99 pounds but still have 25-30 more to go. I started doing your level 1 programs in January for 10-20 minutes a day most days and can already see some definition in my arms! I LOVE your workouts!

Stephanie and I ALWAYS recommend starting with our Trophy Body Training 1.0 program to see results. This is EXACTLY where we started, and it helped us to lose 15 pounds in 15 weeks. The routines in our 1.0 program are around 30 minutes. After 6-8 weeks (with one rest day per week and 1 rest week per month), advance to our Trophy Body Training 2.0 program. This will take your weight loss and muscle building to the next level. These routines are around 50 minutes. After 6-8 weeks (with 1 rest day per week and 1 rest week per month), Trophy Body Training 3.0 is the PERFECT next step. These routines are only 15-20 minutes long which keeps things fresh, and trains you to work smarter vs. harder. If my Training Programs do not spark joy for you, do whatever DOES spark joy for you. As long as you choose a training schedule that you can stick with, you will be successful and you will achieve your greatest potential Trophy Body! I'm so happy to hear you've already adapted to jumping 10-20 minutes most days. That is EXACTLY what we recommend to begin with. Below are the links to our Trophy Body Training programs. They will build your Trophy Body from the jumper up, inside and out! 

 #5~I noticed a big difference in your physique when you were in HI, so my question would be, what did you do during the few months previous to get so ripped? You're a hottie! 😊💪🏼

We went TANNING! I kid you not, nothing changed as far as our workout regimine. We were motivated to look FABULOUS in Hawaii, and definitely Trophy Body Trained regularly, but did nothing out of the ordinary other than going to the tanning salon. These were the beds that we mostly tanned in:

Seattle Sun Light Spa:

Base Builder

Level 5 beds offer 99.5% UVA & .5% UVB that helps deepen & maintain color in a 360 degree lay-down bed for up to 12 minute sessions.


Level 4 beds offer 98% UVA & 2% UVB that helps deepen & maintain color in a 360 degree lay-down bed for up to 10 minute sessions.

#6~Which one routine would you say works the upper and lower body, and is best for weight loss? I switch it up daily, but I'm wondering if I should try one single routine for a while. 

I want to say that my latest Flex Routine is the EXACT routine you're looking for, but the most REALISTIC answer for you is really ANY routine you like enough to not get sick of 😜 Below is the link to my Flex Routine. Give it a go for 1 month, as many days in the week as you feel up to it, with one week off. If you're not really into only flexing, rotate between the 2 -25 minute routines I linked below. It's not just one routine, but switching between these 2 routines will be equally as beneficial. Whether you do the same routine everyday or switch it up daily, remember that you need to be feeling stronger over the weeks. As your body adapts, you'll need to adjust by working a little harder, or by switching it up so your body has to keep guessing. At the end of the day, quality over quantity will always get you faster results!

#7~Any fun plans for the Summer time? 🤩🤩🤩

Yes!! I've just registered for the Lake Tye SPRINT Triathlon scheduled for Saturday, August 6th, 2022! I will train for this Sprint Triathlon from May-July, while ALSO creating my BRAND NEW Trophy Body Triathlon Training Program!! This will be LAUNCHED at the END of August, 2022! 🏆PS. I am SO EXCITED! 🤩

#8~How far into your Cellercise journey would you say things just started to shift into lean, tight, toned-ness? I've heard that 18 months is very common? Love you gals!! <3

This answer varies from person to person, depending on how much weight one has to lose. Stephanie and I lost 15 pounds in 15 weeks while creating and following our first 2 Trophy Body Training Programs, but literally 18 months in was when we were feeling the lean, tight, toned-ness! So you are RIGHT ON! Dave Hall got ripped in 6 months, but we're thinking 2 years is an excellent commitment to start with! Following my Trophy Tricks will speed up the process as well. 😊

#9~Can you talk about passing gas/flatulence/farting...I have been on WFPB for 11 months now and cannot find any combo of food that will not produce's embarrassing...I thought my body would be used to this way of eating by now...:(

Switching over to a high fiber diet takes adjustment in the gut, but unfortunately, we have no guarantee that our guts will actually adjust. Some people have needed to go back to eating lower fiber, and transition to a higher fiber diet much slower. Sometimes we need the help of a temporary probiotic supplement. Sometimes we need to drink celery juice every morning for a period of time. We always need to listen to our bodies, as cliche as it sounds. If excess gas is becoming annoying and unbearable, make sure you have these few things in order:

⭐Hydration: Just because we drink a gallon of water a day doesn't mean we're hydrated. Eating too fast, caffeine, drugs/medications, late nights and poor food combinations/choices contribute to dehydration. We need to watch our urine color, pay attention to our bowel movement regularity/consistency, and notice how hydrated our skin is. If we have dry areas of skin, this is a clear sign that we need to eat more hydrating foods along with drinking sufficient water everyday.

⭐Chewing our food WELL: We must not be heavily distracted when eating. Chewing our food well can sometimes make all the difference.

⭐Early dinners for earlier elimination in the morning: Eating late can back us up. Let's prioritize getting our meals in on a schedule during the day so we can eat dinner at the same time every night, ideally 2-3 hours before bed.

⭐Appropriate food combinations and food choices: What's working and what's not working? Are we taking notes? Could we consider doing a Mary's Mini for 3 days to give our digestion a reset? If we keep doing the same thing over and over again even though it's not getting us anywhere, we're not that unhappy with where we're at. If we can acknowledge that, then at least we can be happy again! If we truly are unhappy, we will make change, and it will be fun and easy. Follow my tips, keep the faith, and make it happen once and for all. 🏆

#10~What do you love most about the way you eat/train?

Bread is what I love most about the way I eat, and Easy World is what I love most about the way I train.

⭐Bread not only satisfies me physically and mentally, but I also get great pleasure knowing that other people avoid bread like the plague, believing that it will make them fat. I want them to be able to eat bread and be just as happy as I am, but it's almost like they don't want to eat bread because they feel like they don't deserve to be happy. I can't change their minds, so I let it be, eat my bread, and keep my Trophy Body.

⭐Easy World is the name of the game when it comes to the way I train. It cannot get any easier than stepping onto my Jumper and bouncing. The rest is history. Easy World forever. And I will do everything in my power to get kids, youth, adults and elderly people all over the world Jumping with me. I believe that when everyone knows how Easy World jumping is, and how healthy and happy they will get when they Jump Instead, there will be a Jumper in every school, and every home on the planet. Jumping will be recommended by every doctor, every therapist, every trainer and every teacher. Jumping will take academics and athletics to their highest potential. Jumping will bring anxiety, panic attacks and depression to an all time low. Jumping will increase health, happiness and love for all humans, all over the world, every single day. Let’s all visualize this together. One, big, Trophy Earth, filled with Trophy JumpStars, taking wonderful care of each other, and the planet, for the rest of eternity. Let’s smile, and believe! 🌎🏆🌍🏆🌏

Trophy Body Sally Update!

What's up Trophies! Long time no chat 😉 I wanted to share with you what's been going on with me over the past month or so. During this 17 week transformation vlog series, I have been in full-on experimental mode. I got really into flexing, I got really into peanut butter and chocolate, and I got really into getting happy. Well Trophies, it's paying off. I'm finally breaking through a layer of body fat I've been trying to lose for a very long time. I feel a sense of confidence and faith that I've never felt before. Ideas and inspiration are coming to me every single day that are getting me closer and closer to my dream Trophy body, inside and out. I respect myself for the first time. I don't beat myself up over skipped workouts, or making general mistakes. I train with purpose and passion. I'm truly happy! What's changed? First of all, I'm not tracking my calories or macros, so I don't know where those stand, but I know that I've definitely backed off the peanut butter and chocolate. I still have both almost every single day, but I'm not refeeding on it anymore. I drink hot cacao half the week, and decaf coffee the other half. I still supplement with 1/2 a scoop of protein powder, 1-3x a day. I'm following all of my Fat Loss Tricks as closely as possible (linked above in Q#3). I train 3 weeks of the month, taking rest days as needed. I've been switching up my workouts between my favorite 'Flex Routine', freestyling, and my new 'Interval Training on a JumpSport Routine' which will be filmed for YouTube next week! I haven't been doing Wim Hof breath work lately 😞, but I'm hoping to get back into it asap. And lastly, I've been incorporating NEW Fat Loss Tricks that I will be sharing with you in my next Vlog (#9)! Love you all, Trophies. 💞 Leave me a comment, or message me on Facebook or YouTube if you have anything you would like to share with me. All the power, all the love, and happy Jumping. 😊


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Next week, I'll be sharing with you MORE Trophy Tricks to help you get your Trophy Body as FAST as possible. I will also be dropping a BRAND NEW 'Interval Training JumpSport Routine' on our 'I Jump Instead' YouTube Channel! 👏 See you next week. 👋💌

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