Made some changes, dropped some weight

Even though I heard some semi-loud music playing outside my bedroom window around 9:30pm, I still fell asleep like a champ. I didn't even hear 1 single firework go off at midnight. I must have been OUT. This was the most refreshing night sleep I've had since I can remember. I know I went to bed feeling perfectly satisfied from dinner. No sign of hunger or fullness. I had rested the last few days in hopes of clearing this mild Covid Virus out of my body. I did some gentle health bouncing on my rebounder, honored my hunger/satiation cues, drank a gallon of water, and did my daily breathwork first thing that morning. Everything aligned, because not only did I wake up alert and refreshed, I hit an all time low weigh-in on the scale.
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Excited to find out why

My top theories as to why I suddenly blasted through my 6 month weight plateau:

1: Recent Daily Breath Work

2: Recent Rest from Covid

3: Recent Macro Shift

4: Recent Flex Focusing

Official Before Pictures

3 weeks ago, My twin sister and I were so generously gifted a free place to stay in Hawaii for a week. We booked our flight and packed our bags. While we were there, we took our official before pictures. This is me, around 127 lbs, ready to take on 2022 like there's no tomorrow.
December 23rd Weigh In: 127.0 lbs
December 25th Weigh In: 125.4 lbs
January 1st Weigh In: 123.4 lbs

What am I trying to accomplish in 2022?

I want to look like a fully-fed professional ballerina that could compete on stage in a Bikini Competition. I want to have a body filled with beautiful, balanced muscles that keep me toned, tight, fit and flexible year round. I want to master my sleep, strengthen my lung power beyond belief, keep my immune system in tip top health and effortlessly run my business. I want easy world, happy world and freedom world.

What should I expect to see over the next 17 weeks?

You will see me, Trophy Body Sally, and everything I'm doing to CRUSH my 2022 goals. I will post here once weekly, and keep you updated with everything I'm doing. Not only am I planning on making incredible change over these next 17 weeks, I'm also hoping to take what I learn, and offer my knowledge to YOU, so you can reach your GREATEST potential as well. I know a thing or two because I've seen a thing or two, and I'm here to be DIFFERENT than everyone else. I'm here to make getting a TERRIFIC Trophy Body possible and sustainable for everyone. I believe it can be done with MY methods, and I'm here to prove that.


  • Amazing! You guys look fantastic. I’m really enjoying this blog series. Thank you guys for always being real and sharing your amazing content. ❤️

    Jennifer Casella
  • You look amazing & you inspire me!

  • Hi Sally – Happy New Year!! I’m looking forward to following your journey. Excited to see and learn. Thank you for doing this. ❤️❤️❤️

    Darlene Hyman
  • But you already look amazing, fit, and toned!


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