Macro Freedom

Can I determine what macronutrient ratio will serve me in getting and keeping my dream Trophy Body for life? 

Macronutrients serve a purpose...that's all. 💖

Here is how each macro-nutrient serves me 💎




Daily energy and nightly sleep
Happiness and Joy


Muscle growth and strength
Pride in building my Trophy Body



Is meeting my macronutrient needs all it takes?

Macro Freedom
Some goodies I picked up from the store when feeling completely free from fear/guilt around specific macronutrients. FYI~Alcohol happens about 2x a month, even during this transformation.
To me, carbohydrates serve the purpose of keeping me happy and energized, and putting me to sleep at night. Protein serves the purpose of building my muscles bigger and stronger. Fats serve the purpose of making me satiated and satisfied. So, if I USE my macronutrients to REACH my goals,  then all I need to do is MEET my macronutrient needs, right? During this Trophy Body Transformation, my needs are very specific. I need to fuel my workouts, fuel my work schedule, fuel my sleep at night, MAXIMIZE my muscle growth, REDUCE my body fat and keep my immune system STRONG. So...can I determine what macronutrient ratio will fulfill my specific needs and help me reach my Trophy Goals? 

This is what says about macronutrient ratios:

"The acceptable macronutrient distribution ranges (AMDR) are 45–65% of your daily calories from carbs, 20–35% from fats and 10–35% from protein."

" this an equation of mind over matter, or do specific macronutrient ratios really make a difference when it comes to achieving a Tornado Tight Trophy Body?"

60%Carbs / 10%Protein / 30%Fat 😲

Macro Freedom
These ratios were completely made up by me, and I can't think of better ratios to work with. These ratios have never even crossed my mind before, but these ratios speak to me. They make sense to me. They make me believe that I can reach my Trophy Body goals physically, mentally and emotionally. They make me feel safe. They make me feel free. I'm going with mind over matter on this one, and I'm going to heal my macronutrient-ratio war once and for all.😊

Let us see what happens! 😃

My main goals with these macronutrient ratios are: 

*To eat the LEAST amount of calories OVER my daily calorie needs. 

*To STOP eating as EARLY as possible in the evenings, so I wake up with a super FLAT and LIGHT stomach. 

*To MEET my carbohydrate, protein and fat needs so I stay in TIP-TOP health. 

*To have PURE macro freedom. 

*To REACH my Tornado Tight Trophy Body.

*And to NEVER have any food war again. 

It's all happening right now. 🏆

Next week I will be posting my progress pictures. Let's see what happens! 

What would be YOUR dream macronutrient ratios? Please Comment Below ;) Thank you for being here, Trophies! Your support means the world. 💝

Macro Freedom


  • You mention food freedom from food fear. Are you keeping it plant based with your changes??
    You both look stunning. It was obvious more muscle was taking place!!!

  • If you’re plant based, where are you getting your 10% protein and 30% fats from.

    Lisa Rushing
  • Im really enjoying listening and reading about what you are doing. I feel fear about eating too much fat as i want a lean, fit, strong physique like you and im worried if i eat this ratio of fat i wont achieve it, so im super interested to see what happens. I know dr mcdougall says ’ the fat you eat is the fat you wear’ and durianrider tells you to only have 10% fat so im locked into this mindset ( i had a blow out over xmas though )| i love peanut butter and chocolate but would be very reluctant to eat it. Also Freelee and Chef AJ say low fat so im really interested to see if you prove them wrong! ….Lots of love and best wishes from the UK ; )

    Samantha Jones

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