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I Jump Instead T-Shirts are HERE!!

Women’s sizes are TWO SIZES TOO SMALL 😆
If you like the White Women’s T-Shirt with the Pink ‘I Jump Instead’ logo, make sure to order two sizes UP. If we don’t have your size, GO MEN’S BLACK, BABY!!
Men’s sizes fit TRUE to size. They are longer and wider than the White Women’s T’s. BOTH are soft and cute as heck! 🤩
For reference, us Trophy Twins wear a size Large in the Women’s T’s. Our boyfriends, who normally wear size Large, fit into the size Large Men’s T’s. 😎 They’re $20 and worth EVERY PENNY! 🏆
Love You, Trophies! Thank you for your support and thank you for Jumping with us!!

Jams World Apparel

Jams World is classy, elegant and rich in color, just like us Trophies! Add this classic, show-stopping couples outfit to your closet for that special occasion… or ANY occasion for that matter. 

Wear them to lunch on a Spring day, to dinner on a romantic date night, to the beach, to a wedding, a dinner party, a backyard BBQ, wear them on holidays, on vacation, around the house, basically ANY and EVERY occasion.

Get ready to be complimented and envied because not only will you feel like a million dollars wearing Jams World, people will recognize the Hawaiian brand, and wish they were wearing their Jams World as well. 

We only offer the sizes available in our packages, which run slightly large. The clothing fits loosely and comfortably, and will last you a lifetime. Jams World is always in style and never loses its value, so get your Trophy Couple package deal today.  

We accept full package returns.  

Excerpt from the Jams World Website:

Art is at the forefront of everything we do at Jams World. Each print derives from an original piece of art, picked out by our team at studios and art shows around the world. The artwork is replicated on our exclusive 100% Spun-Crushed Rayon fabric using a premium screen-printing process, which has become a rarity as apparel companies shift towards digital printing. We believe screen-printing is the only way to achieve the vibrant color, texture, and depth necessary to mimic original hand-painted art. Each print has custom painted buttons, coordinating with the colors and design of the artwork. Every Jams World garment is a timeless work of Wearable Art.


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