🏆How do I access my purchased videos on the Website?

Make sure you are logged into your website account. Now, press 'My account' that is located between 'Contact' and 'FAQ'. Your videos should show up here.

 🏆 What is the difference between the Cellerciser® and other Rebounders?

A Cellerciser gives you access to achieving and sustaining a Trophy Body for life. What sets the Cellerciser apart from any other Rebounder is that the space age mat will never stretch so your bounce will stay firm and resistant to pronation of the feet for life. The springs (unlike bungees) adapt to all different fitness efforts and body weights (up to 350lbs) which makes it safe and powerful for anybody and any type of training. It is low to the ground (unlike the Bellicon) making it safe for young children and elders. Unlike any other rebounder on the market, it comes with all of these things: a free handle bar worth $99, a durable traveling case (with the trifold) or carrying case (with the bifold), a free DVD that shows different moves targeting the strengthening and healing of different body parts, and has free shipping in the continental U.S.

For a Rebounder that is built to last a lifetime, it’s an amazing value. They also include a five year warranty and have the friendliest customer service we could ask for.

 🏆What is the difference between the Bi-fold and the Tri-fold Cellerciser®?

The Tri-Fold costs $639.99 and the Bi-Fold costs $499.99. They are exactly the same unit but the bi-fold folds in half, includes a taco shaped duffel bag and comes with a wider performance bar. The Tri-fold folds into 3, comes in a rolling dolly case that makes it much easier to travel with and comes with a narrow, more streamlined performance bar. We recommend the Tri-Fold for maximum convenience when traveling as well as for the new and improved performance bar.


 🏆 Should I jump with an injury?

We recommend consulting with your physician before beginning any exercise program ESPECIALLY if you have an injury. There are great ways to help heal many different injuries while gently jumping but we must use caution. Here are some tips:

💎 Get on your jumper, stabilize your injury, rub the sore area with your fingertips and gently bounce. Do NOT JUMP, just gently bounce. This is a method of reflexology. 

💎 Once you feel you have rubbed some of the pain out, begin to stretch the sore area the best you can WITHOUT aggravating it further. We want to bring blood flow to the area and help unravel scar tissue build up WITHOUT further injuring ourselves. This takes patience and time. Aim to rehab your injury 2-5x a day for a week or more before returning to your normal jumping routines or beginning your jumping journey. If you need further assistance, join the I Jump Instead Facebook group and let our Trophy Jumpstar's help you. It's likely someone else has healed this same injury. 

 🏆 Did you get foot pain when you started jumping?

Any aches and pains that show up are weaknesses being exposed by the powerful effects of jumping. Our human bodies have been jump-less for most of our lives which has caused an accumulation of stagnant energy all over the body.  Thank God for jumping to shake up and release it because this stagnant energy can lead to more serious problems. When beginning our jumping journey, we need to take it slow. We also need to drink a sufficient amount of water and eat healthily. If you experience foot pain, try sit bouncing. Hold onto the bar and stabilize your back as well. Sit bouncing strengthens the back immensely but often we can't sustain sit bouncing for too long because of our lack of back strength. Do short bounce sessions to begin with, then work your way up. Try standing and sitting. Do whatever feels best.  

🏆 How long does it take to see results jumping 30 minutes a day?

If you eat the Trophy Body Diet and implement all of our strategies when jumping, you could have a transformation in 3-6 months. Depending on how much weight you have to lose, you can make a significant change in your physique.


 🏆 How do I lose weight on your programs?

In order to lose weight in general, you need to make change. We feel the metabolism and our overall hydration levels are two things that can be changed easily. 

💎 Speed up your metabolism with 5 minute Jamba Walk or Squat Bounce sessions on the hour/every other hour throughout the day along with following our Trophy Body Training Programs. Also, keep high intensity training to 1x per week maximum. High intensity training is an excellent way to boost the metabolism, but doing it more than 1x per week will imbalance hormone levels and cause adrenal fatigue. The body needs mostly low-moderate intensity training for best results. Then we are fully recovered and ready for the 1x per week push. This will keep us consistent long-term so we can maintain our Trophy Bodies for life. 

💎 Hydrate your body with hydrating foods along with drinking water. The hydrated foods we eat on the Trophy Body Diet also happen to be LOW in calorie-density. This means that they have less calories by volume than most foods. If we fill our tummies with these foods, we reduce our overall calorie intake which helps us lose weight. Check out our Trophy Body Diet which will take you all the way to 'Trophy Body Status' as quickly and sustainably as possible.  

🏆 How many hours do you ladies jump a day?

About 1 hour most days. That would include gentle bouncing too.

Regardless of how much we jump everyday, how much would you have to jump everyday for you to believe you will get results as fast as you want them? Before you say hours and hours, why not experiment? Try starting with 10 minutes a day, then 10 minutes 2x a day, then 3x a day. Then do 20 minute sessions 2-3x a day. Then do 45 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon. See how you feel after jumping. Are you feeling fatigued? Are you eating enough? Are you drinking enough water? Do what it takes to make it work. If you were to prescribe the perfect formula for success to someone else, follow your own formula. You will be surprised at how much MORE you can do than you think. 

 🏆 What is the difference between a traditional 'Whole Food Plant Based' diet and the 'Trophy Body Diet'?

A traditional Whole Food Plant Based Diet is focused on Plant Based ONLY Whole Foods (minimally processed in their whole form) such as Whole grains, Tubers, Vegetables, Fruits and Legumes. Other foods that may be eaten on a WFPB diet are nuts, seeds, tofu, tempeh, whole grain flour and breads, and plant-based milks. These foods are recommended to eat in moderation because of their high calorie density. 

The Trophy Body Diet is a more polished WFPB food plan designed to build maximum muscle density while maximizing hydration in the body for the ultimate lean look.  There are 3 phases to the Trophy Body Diet, all being of equal importance. Each phase has you eating different high carb plant foods, resulting in excellent digestive health, maximum weight loss and a metabolism that will keep you healthy and lean for life!

 🏆Do you drink coffee, tea or use cacao powder?

We eat chocolate a few times a year. Otherwise, we consume no caffeine. The caffeine in coffee, tea and cacao is ultimately dehydrating and can cause anxiety. We need to be hydrated and relaxed to get our BEST results. Try a Trophy Tea (Molasses Tea) instead. Mix a spoonful or two of Blackstrap Molasses in hot water and top with a splash of vanilla soy milk or ANY plant milk of your choice. Also try Blackstrap Molasses mixed with plant milk on ice. 

 🏆 Should I be going as fast as you in your Trophy Body Training routines?

We are all on different pages of a 1000 page book. If you go at my pace, you may be WAY ahead of yourself. If you overwork your body, you will only set yourself back. This is not a race to the finish line, but a transition to freedom. You must read every page of the book to complete the book. This means you must be in tune with your own body, and go at your own pace. Don't focus on speed, focus on FORM. You must have a mind-muscle connection to get your Trophy Body. You can't do the routines mindlessly and hope for weight loss. You need to be in your own body every second of the routine, working at strengthening your muscles. This is done best by not listening to music so you can be focused on your muscles as much as possible. We don't want to waste anytime.

 🏆 How much weight have you each lost?

We have each lost 45+ pounds. The first 30-40 pounds came off following our Phase 1 Trophy Body Diet. We were Cellercising casually at this point. 

The next 10-15 pounds came off from switching to Phase 2 of the Trophy Body Diet and beginning Trophy Body Training 1.0 and then advancing to 2.0.

We are currently in Phase 3 of the Trophy Body Diet as well as following our Trophy Body Training 3.0 program losing the final 10lbs. and heading toward Trophy Body Status for life! 

 🏆 What are Iso-flex balls, why should I use them and where do I buy them?

Iso-flex balls are microbead-filled hand massage squeeze balls. They weigh 5 ounces each and are double lined with natural latex. We use them to help contract our arm muscles while jumping. It is entirely up to you whether you want to use them or not. It is not recommended to use ANY weights while jumping on a rebounder, but we make the exception with these 5 ounce hand massage balls. USE WITH CAUTION. If you feel any discomfort in your shoulders, elbows, or wrists, STOP using them. You need to build up your strength in these areas before you can begin using them again. If you want to give them a try, they are available on our website. Click 'Shop', then 'Jumping Essentials'. 

 🏆 Do I jump when I'm on my cycle? 

We do NOT jump the first day of our cycle (unless we start after our training session) other than very gentle baby bouncing for 2 minute sessions a few times a day. Go by how you feel. 

 🏆 Are there ever discounts on the Cellerciser®?

They are selling for a discounted price right now. You get a free handle bar worth $99, a free very durable carrying case (with the Bi-fold-$499), a free well made 'carry-on' size rolling case (with the Tri-fold-$639), a free DVD, and free shipping. For such an excellent built-to-last-a-lifetime rebounder, that's a huge value. Get one today before the prices go up. 

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