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It’s time to Jump Instead! Rebounding is the HOTTEST trend because it accomplishes everything all at once. Strength training, cardio, flexibility, physical therapy, rehab, lymphatic health, improved organ function, elevated mood, better sleep and MORE! Jumping is fun, sustainable and powerful, so we need to ease into our Jumping experience with curiosity and understanding. The up and down motion gets everything moving, including stiff joints and toxic build-up. When joints are opening and toxins are flushing, we need to start slow, stay hydrated and have patience. This healing, cleansing period will set the foundation for your entire jumping experience. Once you get into your groove, the sky's the limit.

How to Begin Your Jumping Journey

1) Purchase a Cellerciser Rebounder unless you already have a Celly or you're exploring a different Rebounder first. Keep your eye out on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist etc. for a second hand Cellerciser, or you can buy one new.

2) Join our Facebook Group and ask us ANY questions you have about Rebounding. We also welcome jumping journey updates, success stories, learning experiences and hearing about your favorite trophy workouts!

3) For a minimum of 1 month, engage in gentle bouncing combined with light stretching, dedicating up to 10 minutes daily. This approach helps uncover potential weaknesses and initiates the healing, adaptation and strengthening process. Click the link below to discover the ideal routines to begin with, or simply practice on your own, alongside your new best friend. In case of injury, always consult a physician if necessary, and begin rehabilitation promptly. This involves very gentle, focused stretching of the injured area while gently health bouncing (or do your rehab stretches on the floor) for 1-5 minutes at a time, 1-3 times daily for 1-4 weeks as required. Trust in this process; although it may take 1-2+ weeks to experience relief, this targeted nurturing and enhanced circulation will ensure a shorter recovery period.

**Translate ALL pain, tweaks, pulled muscles, weaknesses and initial cleansing symptoms as a message to bring your jumping intensity down, rest, switch exercises or jump a bit less. This is only temporary, we promise! Sally ONLY sat bounced for the first 3 years of her jumping journey. Had she rehabbed her ankle injury promptly, she would have been stand-jumping on her Cellerciser sooner.

4) Explore our FREE Beginner and Intermediate Workouts when you feel ready to jump more vigorously. Choose workouts based on your needs and duration desires. If you find a routine you love, practice it every day! Continue exploring until you have a feel for the intensities and movements we are performing. Have fun! Jump as many minutes per day you desire. Listen to your body. Remember to take days off when needed and include other styles of training if necessary (ie. walking, yoga, cycling, pilates, swimming, lifting etc). If you face another injury, get back to your rehab asap and only exercise in ways that feel right in each moment.
5) From here, we recommend commiting to our Trophy Body Training Programs (1.0 & 2.0) for 1 month each. **Please practice NOSE BREATHING ONLY when following these workouts. Only do the Level 1 version or the Level 2 version based on your ability to balance. The difference between the two level options for each course is holding the handlebar more (level 1) which reduces the intensity a bit. You won't need to do both levels 1 & 2 for each course unless you feel it is necessary for a more patient progression. After this, you can graduate to TBT 3.0, any of our other website programs, or join our daily live workouts.
6) Our Live Workouts: Join our YouTube memberships for access to DAILY Live 30m or 60m workouts that are available anytime after their posting. These are the most fun, comprehensive & innovative workouts we’ve ever created.

Our Workouts, and our Fans, are the Best:

  • Ladies, I cannot express enough how happy I am that I joined this membership. After doing the videos I purchased on your website for a month, I felt ready for the live classes (even though I do them a day behind). I’ve never had such excellent instruction in ANY other type of classes I’ve done over the years. I’m truly blessed that I found your channel and purchased a Cellerciser. It truly has made a difference for me already in this short amount of time. Keep on jumping!

  • I am soooooo grateful for my cellerciser! I’ve had it for 4 years, worth every penny and I’m getting amazing results in this silver membership!Trophy milestones:I CRAVE my trophy workouts!I ROCKED ski jumps today and kept up with you!

    I can feel the circular whooshing in my glutes and quads when squat bouncing my brain connected to it!!

    I carried our home carpet shampoo machine up the stairs today, picked it up with my left (weaker) arm and carried it like a garment bag, no big deal. Scrubbed some tough stains on my own and my arms didn’t fatigue like they normally would

    Last night, I cozied up on the couch for some evening TV with my hubby. He caressed my forearm, then started squeezing it, checked my other forearm, looked at me in awe and said, “wow babe, your forearms are really FIRM!!”

    My forearms ladies! Even my forearms are TROPHY FIRM!

  • After joining, I watched a few videos to get familiar with the wokouts, and tried a video out. I'm like Oh My Goodness!!! Why did I hesitate? They are amazing!!! Seriously amazing! I love my Cellerciser even more.🥳🥳

    The over-all stretches, and movements, my body loves them!!! ( oh and needs them ). Just the health bounce benefits that it gives us! And then the BONUS part is getting toned etc.!! That is a 🏆 bod! But I would have never thought of these movements! They are amazing. For anyone hesitating, DON'T!!! Now I know why comments on Facebook were made on why they loved the videos!! And how the hour flew by!❤️❤️❤️It's so worth it. I love how you explain everything so I'm not all confused. How you remind me of the benefits!! Meditation...I can go on and on! Awesome job!! I have to tell more of my family, friends and loved ones about this!!

  • Ok, I know I have been posting often, but I am just so excited about rebounding and being part of this group. I know that I will slack off as the newness wears off...and then, maybe not! . This morning I did a low impact health bounce for 8 minutes with some arm movement and some low impact marches. It felt soooo good. Rebounding is teaching me something that has been a very difficult lesson to learn... go slowly! As the saying goes, "slow and steady wins the race!" Before my stroke, I was a hamster on the wheel... going and going and going and getting nowhere! No wonder I had a stroke! 12 years later, I still am having trouble slowing down, but rebounding is putting me in a different mindset, especially since it is showing me how very weak and stiff and uncoordinated I have become. HOWEVER, I will be triumphant! Because I will now really listen to my body as I bounce. Thanks for everybody's support!
  • Ok…. well day 3 in a row for me of the 30 min PAID Subscription. And I mean just WOW.. the instruction, the exercises ( so many new ones) and the intervals (just the right amount of time that we can keep up). If you need motivation or a ‘schedule ‘ of what to do daily like me… RUN DON’T WALK to Youtube to sign up for the SILVER 30 min workouts. I am loving them and looking forward to tomorrow already. Thank you Sally Smith and Stephanie Smith for the work you put into them, and into the FREE workouts that are available for everyone. Thank you again.

  • Thank you so much Stephanie and Sally! I’ve been watching just one week and started jumping. I’m not on my cellerciser yet, but I could tell I felt so much better taking my yoga class this morning…more balance and I was able to stretch deeper then I have in probably 2 1/2 years. I think I've been sitting too long working from home and I got to the point where I couldn’t cross my legs at church. I’ve tried the chiropractor, massages, even a stretch session, but not really getting back to my normal self. I’ve been two days on the McDougall weight loss program after you suggested getting the audio book ~ Thank you. I can’t wait to have toned legs like you both and lose 30 pounds again, but this time really keep it off, & no more stiffness. Say, I just want the world! Thank You both so very much for getting me started!
  • I just wanted to say I really love the lives. I joined the 30 minute membership and they are perfect for me bc of my busy schedule. I do 30 minutes every morning and then if I have time I might do another one in the late afternoon. It's perfect bc I don't always have a lot of time in the morning. It's just enough and I can usually do 1 or 2 additional songs where I just jump around like a maniac at the end of the live. I want to add that since I've been following you lovely ladies (since around Thanksgiving) I've lost about 12 pounds. I'm currently at my goal weight and my focus is on toning and building muscle now. Even though I've pretty much worked out my whole life I always found it hard to lose weight. Not anymore! Thank you so much!

  • I just did my first live class! I started with purchasing your Cellerciser and Trophy Body Training videos. I'm soooo happy I joined the live classes. I absolutely LOVED IT. I was sweating like crazy. My body is on fire LOL in an AMAZING WAY!!!!! I LOVE YOUR CLASS THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I work M-F 8am-5pm. I have meetings on Thursdays and Fridays so I will only be able to attend the live classes on Mon Tues and Wed. I am very very happy I joined the live classes LOVE IT!!!!

  • The membership is beyond worth it! I've done their free youtube videos and have purchased some of their workouts on their ijumpinstead website in the past. These live workout's ( you can do them in replay) hit different. There is something about knowing you have a new workout waiting for you. The Trophy Twins are great instructors, they give options for all levels and are very encouraging! This is the most consistent I've been with rebounding, I look forward to my workouts and I feel so good after doing them. We are almost to the one month mark- I have more energy, no achy joints, I'm stretched and more flexible, my clothes fit better, my body IS firmer, I can see and feel muscles, even my wrists are smaller with me adjusting my watch twice this month. It's a great investment for your own self care!
  • These 2 ladies have some really great workouts and very effective. I started bouncing mid November of 2023 and I've lost 10 lbs. One of you taught us that if we have kinks or spasms in our back and shoulders to get on the bouncer and work it out and I'm here to tell you it really works. I have chronic back issues and when I get a bad spasm in my shoulder, I bounce and do the arm reaches the girls show us. I might have to do that twice a day for a few days but it will subside.
    Due to cost, I went with an Acon mini trampoline and the mat has too much give. I'm working towards a Cellersicer. Thanks Sally and Stephanie.
  • Hi! I just joined your live YouTube channel and I finished my second class today. All I can say is WOW! I am loving the low intensity longer workout. I didn’t think I would last an hour because I thought I would get bored or work so hard that I’d get tired. That didn’t happen! At the end of the hour I was shocked by how quickly the time passed. I also didn’t think I would like the method of doing one arm at a time or double bouncing things like shuffle dance but I was wrong. Doing one arm at a time really let me focus on just that side and made the workout even better. Doing the double bounce let me reserve energy but by the end (because you did so many sets) I was actually feeling the workout. You guys are doing a great job as usual. I’ve been subscribed to your channel for years and love to do the Digestion routine after eating. I’m also loving the tongue, eyes and face routine at the end of your live sessions. Icing on the cake!

  • I have been working out for years with the I Jump Instead twins on the cellerciser. My life has changed because of them. I cannot have a day without jumping with them. They have so much great content on their channel and I’ve joined their membership where they do 6 live 60 min classes in a week.These workouts are transforming my body like nothing else. The twins are so humanly lovely, so authentic and just beautiful human beings. That together with some fun jumping is a treat that makes my heart and body happy daily. I wouldn’t be without their workouts.
  • It's been a month for me. I've not missed a one, I'm feeling great, it's really a unique program where it covers your entire body, including your eyes and face! Whatever your level of fitness I would try this,oh and you also get to exercise your lungs you won't believe all the precise instructions it feels like they are your own personal trainer both Sally and Stephanie have different styles and variety, but they keep you on point, whether to stretch, breathe, relax certain muscles and, focus on your abs, pow, pow, pow!! It's intense but uniquely stress less...

  • I started this journey at age 70 about a year ago. 40 lbs overweight. Ugg. Started with a JumpSport 350 Pro. But watched a few Dave Hall videos on the Cellerciser and decided to bite the bullet and get one. Best decision ever. I noticed within a couple weeks a huge different in over all strength and endurance. 2nd best revelation was the IJI twins. I got their Trophy Body routines level 1 and 2. To make this long story come to an end, I am now doing their 60 minute aerobics routines and am loving it. Down by 40 lbs plus and probably in the best shape and fitness level of my life. You will not regret getting a jumper if you just stick with it. Very addicting. Go for it.

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We created these programs to build our Trophy Bodies, and that's exactly what they did. If you want to jump on this same path, complete Trophy Body Training 1.0 and 2.0 for 1 month each. Then move on to our LIVE Workout Membership, or continue on with Trophy Body Training 3.0, Ballerina and Bikini Training :)


One man has been at the epicenter of the 25 years of rebounder research and discoveries; Dave Hall. As both inventor of the Cellerciser® and world-class trainer, he is well-known as "Mr. Rebounder." His unique trampolines are designed and built to his exacting standards. Dave has perfected the required combination of performance, safety and durability to achieve the many health and fitness benefits of this life-changing exercise.

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