Every month, we create a Training Challenge where we do a specific set of routines for the entire month. For the November challenge, we are heading over to our AMAZING IJI YouTube Channel where we will complete at least 1 routine, 6 days a week, for the entire month. Explore the channel, find your favorites, and GO FOR IT. It’s YOUR challenge, Trophies.

Here's How to Start The Challenge


Head on over to our IJI YouTube Channel and plan in advance which routines you’ll complete OR pick them as you go.


Print out your BLANK calendar and keep track of your completed I Jump Instead routines.


Share Your Progress

Share your calendars in our facebook group and tag us on instagram @ijumpstead so we know which routines are giving you an AWESOME workout.

November Trophy Body Challenge Description

november challenge i jump instead trophy twins
For the entire month of November, you must complete any of our I Jump Instead YOUTUBE Routines for 6 out of 7 days each week. You can choose whichever routine you'd like.🥳

Incase you need some recommendations, here are a few of our favorites:

10 min - All Levels - Primer Routine

10 min - Level 2 - Dave Hall’s CLASSIC Routine

25 min - All Levels - Hill Running

15 min - All Levels - Healing Back Stretch

50 min - All Levels - Stretch and Rehab

40 min - Level 1 - Trophy Aerobics

30 min - All Levels - Black Routine

40 min - Level 2 - Trophy Aerobics

35 min - All Levels - Fire Storm


This monthly weight loss tracker is created specifically to be saved on your phone for quick and easy logging and sharing. 

You can use any free photo app (Canva, Over, PicCollage, Photogrid, etc) to add text over images and then share your success on Instagram, Facebook or any other social network app. 

Don't forget to tag us @ijumpinstead #goflexyourself #gostretchyourself

Track Your Weight Loss

november trophy body challenge calendar i jump instead