An exceptional opportunity awaits you

1 Hour a Day brings your Trophy Body to STAY

We're inviting you to engage in live, consistent training sessions up to six days a week, designed to transform your body inside and out. This amazing opportunity is available from September 3rd to May 31st.

*We're LIVE Sunday-Friday, 9am pst WEEKLY

*Join our Membership & Jump Instead with Us

*Aim for 5-6 workouts, every week

*Take before pictures, and monthly progress pictures

*Happy cry yourself to sleep every night,

because you're transforming before your very own eyes

Identical Twin Coaches

You'll have the support of two WOMEN coaches, experience two DIFFERENT training styles, and engage in SIX innovative live workouts weekly. Additionally, daily Q&A sessions will enhance your understanding, while joining the Season 1 Trophy Tribe promises a TRANSFORMATIVE experience. If you sense that this is your moment to shine, buy yourself the SAFEST rebounder on the market, and eventually pass it down to your kids becasuse it will last a lifetime, or 2.

The Cellerciser Rebounder

Your live one-hour workout, scheduled from Sunday to Friday, will stream at 9am PST on the I Jump Instead YouTube channel. Should this time slot not align with your agenda, you're welcome to complete the workouts at your convenience following their posting. For those who prefer morning routines, completing the six workouts one day behind (Monday to Saturday) offers a tailored fit. We recommend choosing a daily one-hour window and upholding this commitment. This time is reserved for our shared pursuit of the Trophy lifestyle, a time to thrive.

During the months of June to August, the membership will briefly pause for a three-month break, returning in September 2024 for Season 2 of our Trophy Body Transformation series. 

This membership symbolizes our promise to guide your journey, ensuring your triumph in achieving your Trophy Body. Should you ever require a break, membership cancellation is always an option. When you're prepared, return and recommit to continue making remarkable strides each month. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. We're methodically sculpting your body, starting from the foundation.

Take your WINdow of Opportunity, Every Morning for 1 Hour, with Us

 Moreover, by sharing before pictures, progress testimonials, and eventual after photos, you stand a chance to win expensive rewards. Further details on this will follow.

To all the aspiring Trophies, we appreciate your time. Together, let's conquer this pursuit – you alongside the Trophy Twins – and carry our newfound health, strength, and allure all the way to the Trophy bank.