🥇2 month Trophy Transformation💪

These pictures were taken August 31st, September 28th and November 1st (9 weeks apart).👇11 Lbs.

⭐️There are two ways to accomplish our goals. One is having faith in ourselves, and one is getting really lucky. Which do you think stands a better chance of success? Instead of holding our breath and hoping for the best🤞, let’s take action and finally get to where we want to be. Does having faith really have to be so hard?

💭 Do you believe in your jumper? What do you believe it will do for you?
💭 Do you believe in a certain way of eating? Are you implementing that certain way of eating into your life?
💭 Do you believe in something outside of diet and exercise that you’re very passionate about?  Do you practice this passion and have faith that it will have desirable results?

⭐️If you have rock solid faith that your day-to-day routine will result in weight loss, it will. If you’re doing something that will not result in weight loss, your universe will communicate to you that one thing or many things needs to be changed. Then you will have rock solid faith. Once you are on a direct path to effortless weight loss, your faith will not waiver. You will be certain of yourself, and you will achieve your goals.

⭐️Stick to the plan. Never give up. When the universe communicates to you, listen and learn. You need every experience you go through to be the best version of yourself. It’s all part of a greater plan for you.

⭐️Now, get your affairs in order. We need you to see what’s possible for yourself. We need you to have a plan. We need you to go through your journey so you can eventually help others do the same. We all need to be students before we can be teachers.

⭐️If you want fast results, you have to jump right into a plan of action that you believe in. We believe in:

💎 Following our Trophy Body Training program while focusing on perfect form.
💎Following Dr. Mcdougall’s 50/50 approach OR a strict KETO Diet.
💎Drinking Water only.
💎Getting to Bed earlier than later.
💎Performing Belly Breath exercises every morning on an empty stomach.
💎Taking action to see results with before pictures, progress pictures, measurements and occasional weigh ins.

⭐️Having faith is a decision. You make this decision every moment of every day. Will there ever be a time when life seems too short not to have faith? Hopefully that time is NOW. 😘

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