Are we OBSESSED with jumping?šŸ™Œ

Do We Need to be Obsessed with Jumping?

What if we had a jumper at home, at work, in the car?? What if we had one in every room of the house? What if we never traveled without one? What if we had this beautiful black bouncy thing available to us all day, everyday, everywhere?

Considering that they may last forever, and that a gym membership alone would buy a couple of them a year, we might really be on to something.

Jumping reduces stress, helps with digestion, ignites energy, clears our mind, helps us focus, wakes us up in the morning, puts us to sleep at night, stretches out our whole body, builds muscle evenly and beautifully, burns fat flawlessly, flushes our lymphatic system, heals injuries, relieves headaches, releases endorphins...the list possibly goes on forever. No matter your age, the jumper will love you back.

In order to get in the best possible shape of our lives, and to feel superior health and wellness everyday, do we need to be completely, head-over-heals obsessed with jumping? I don't see any problem with it. šŸ„°

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