Mastering our UniversešŸŒŽ

Waking up to a lean body everyday took me COURAGE...

Courage to break old habits, courage to have unwavering faith in myself and courage to gain EXPERIENCE in order to determine MY bodies positive responses to my lifestyle and food choices.

Eating is not a game. Itā€™s not about eating as much as you damn well please or as much as you want or as much as you can.

These phrases have a WIDE range of translations and have caused A LOT of suffering in the plant based community over the last several years.

Feeding oneā€™s self is always going to be about eating as much as you NEED and this is learned and determined by each individual from experience and from our bodies response to specific portion sizes and food choices.

If we want a LEAN Trophy Body, we have to bunker down and start paying attention to our digestion, our elimination, our appetite and our energy levels.

We have to find a balance between what are intuition (mind) says and what our body tells us. Our bodyā€™s response is always going to be our best teacher.

Sometimes we have to adapt our body to a new menu item or habit. Sometimes we can dive right in and change things cold turkey. Everybody is different, even identical twins have different reactions to lifestyle and menu changes.

This really comesĀ down to our relationship with ourself. Sometimes itā€™s can be dark, and sometimes it will be very bright, but all we must do is keep the faith in ourselves, listen to our body, have the courage to break bad/old habits and be determined to gain EXPERIENCE. šŸ‘ˆ This will make us masters of our universe.

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