Our history with Jumping.

In January of 2016, we bought our first Cellerciser® Rebounders. This was a decision based on Sally’s ankle injury (that needed rehabilitation) and the exposure to our dad and grandma’s past of jumping on a mini trampoline.

We fell in love with jumping instantly (Sally only sit bouncing for the first 3 years) and knew deep down that we’d found the most magical piece of equipment on the planet.

In the DVD’s that came with the Cellerciser®, David Hall explains how there is virtually NOTHING that jumping on his Rebounder can’t heal, strengthen and transform, simply from the gentle act of jumping. 

Dave is in the best physical shape of ANY man his age (60’s) and he only jumps for 10 minutes a day (going on 30+ years).

Within the first few years on our journey, we learned that jumping was/is way more potent than we ever could have imagined, and in time, ALL of our weaknesses showed their sweet little faces, HEALED and strengthened…one after the other, after the other. 

From playing on our Cellercisers®, and teaching ourselves many unique and effective moves, we finally decided to create our first Trophy Body Training 1.0 program in September 2020.

This was our baby, and we couldn’t have been more selective and careful choosing every single move and strategy to create the ULTIMATE Trophy Body of our dreams. 6 weeks later, we’d established new and improved strategies learned from Trophy Body Training 1.0, and 2.0 was born.

Next came our Winter Weight Loss Routines, our FREE YouTube Routines, our One Leg Wonder program, Spring Cleaning and finally, our Trophy Body Training 3.0 Program. 

3.0 is Stephanie‘s baby, and I continue to follow these short, fun and POWERFUL routines for most of my daily training.

Sally will be launching her baby, Trophy Body Ballerina Training at the end of September 2021, and we couldn’t be more excited for that ballerina-body building MASTERPIECE.

All of our programs (and the Cellerciser® Rebounder) are available here at:


Go get your Trophy Body and KEEP it for life with jumping.


  • I am really enjoying the intricate or detailed workouts you girls have produced. I am 63 and have had a cellerciser for or 9 years. My hubby and I both use it. I have had some trouble getting a trophy body as my tummy is still around. It won’t take long with your routines to get it to be a slimmer not a round!! 🤣
    Thanks so much!!!

    Ramona Bargen
  • Hello, I came across your instagram the other day! I’m very excited to try your programs, I have bought a cellersiser and need to know where to start first. If you could guide, as I am new to rebounding . Thank you , Summer

    Summer Stuart

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