The most POWERFUL weight loss move on a rebounderšŸ”„


The Jamba walk is a MOVEMENT in and of itself, and it's our best friend when it comes to weight loss.

Jamba walk is theĀ bestĀ way to get the blood pumping and to increase our metabolism speed. We activate our leg and glute muscles in this slow burn motion, along with breathing deeply, which causes the sweat to start pouring out and the metabolism to spike. šŸ’¦šŸ’¦

Here's how to do the Jamba Walk on your rebounder.

Holding the bar (if you have one), place your feet towards the edge of your mat facing forward. Put a slight bend in your knees, keep your back straight and look straight ahead. Start pressing each foot one at a time into the mat like you are walking. Your feet will not lose contact with the mat, but there will definitely be a slight lift of each foot. Press deeply into the mat like walking leg presses and gently go side to side while breathing deeply.

Jamba walk is like hiking a mountain. It's also like cycling up a hill. It puts a significant resistance on each leg as we pressĀ down into the mat, and it strengthens our entire lower body.

If you introduce ANY upper body motion (or muscle flexing) while doing Jamba Walk,Ā there will beĀ extra blood flow to the muscles engaged because your heart rate will be elevated from Jamba walking.

This is a POWERHOUSE move. We recommend doing it as a powerful leg exercise in your daily jumping routine as well as in 5 minute intervals throughout the day for a healthy boost in your metabolism.


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