Train smarter to reach your fitness goals.🏆

My goal this year is to push my muscles to the limit.

When my upper body is sore, I tend to focus on my core and lower body.

When my legs are drained, I either take a rest day or I focus entirely on my upper body and core.

If I’m doing a Trophy Body Training Routine, my body is pumped and ready for a full body workout.

If I’m up for the challenge, I will practice a One Leg Wonder Routine to push my stabilizer muscles to their limit.

If I’m doing a Winter Weight Loss Routine, I am in need of a serious sweat session and I’m going to GET IT!!

With muscle training, my mindset is specific. If I’m flexing my arms, I’m going to flex harder than the last time.

If I’m squeezing my thighs, I’m going to exhale every last bit of breath and squeeze like there is no tomorrow.

I can’t do it perfectly every time because then I would be juiced after 5 minutes, but...

I find the burn.

I feel the power of my body hitting the mat or I press deeply into the mat, strengthening the CORE of my cells.

I work out with no music.

I turn the lights down.

I focus precisely on the muscles I’m working.

If I do Glute squeezes, I’m going to act like my next job opportunity DEPENDS on how much tighter I can squeeze my buns than the next person.


We are body builders on our rebounders. We are building Trophy cells that will give us permanent results for life.

Wow, I love Jumping.🥰🥰

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