We jump instead and SO SHOULD YOU✨

Jumping (vertical acceleration and deceleration) fills a physiological need we don’t even know we have.

Jumping is soothing to our soul, it's calming to our mind, it relaxes our body, it invigorates our cells, it maximizes organ function, it promotes youth and vitality, it speeds up our metabolism, it increases oxygen to our cells, it repairs and heals injuries, it tightens our skin, if gives our body (and our minds) a lift, and so much more.

Kids know this somehow, because they LOVE to jump!

Imagine the potential of putting resistance against every part of the body all at the same time? Imagine being able to replicate lifting weights just by jumping up and down? Why hasn't this concept taken off in the fitness industry yet? Or better yet, the healthcare industry?  

We’re talking strengthening eyesight, repairing muscle tissue, increasing brain function, improving pelvic floor function, aligning our spine and neck, increasing oxygen uptake, boosting our immune systems, eliminating cellulite, building perfect balance in the body..... the fact that we get absolutely fitter and leaner from Cellercising is really just the icing on the cake. 🥳🥳

The 'I Jump Instead' movement is here to introduce you to the UNIQUE and POWERFUL benefits of the up and down motion. 

Jumping daily (specifically on a Cellerciser®) is how we TAKE CARE of our human body. In return, our body shows us how deeply grateful it is, starting with instantly feeling better, and ending with achieving the highest possible potential of health. 💫

It's time to start your jumping journey. Your well-being is DESPERATE for it. 🙌🏆

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