You can’t skip steps to reach SUPERIOR health.

If you want to go STRAIGHT to your leanest, fittest, most hydrated self, you need to advance through these 3 phases in order:

Phase 1️⃣: Make sure ANY INJURY you are nurturing gets PRIORITY attention. Post here in I Jump Instead what your injury is and let this wonderful community help you HEAL. You need to be injury free in order to advance to phase 2.

Phase 2️⃣: Turn your body into a rubber band. Get on your jumper AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE and stretch yourself out like a rubber band. This will make you unbreakable and unstoppable. When you train, you need to FLEX, SQUEEZE and SWEAT. Off the jumper, you need to HYDRATE. This will flush the fat out of your body and build you a strong foundation of fitness. Address weaknesses as they show up. Go back to phase 1 and heal. When you no longer find weaknesses in your body, you’re ready for phase 3.

Phase 3️⃣: MASTER your jumping skills. This is when you take your fitness and physical appearance to the highest level. You will never fluctuate in weight again. You will look lean, sculpted and fabulous year round. You will jump to MAINTAIN your skills on the jumper because you are now a MASTER jumper. 🏆

Your jumper is your lifeline. Your jumper is your saving grace. Your jumper is in your life for a reason. Use it for all it’s worth. Jumping = Superior Health. And we all know that having Superior Health is PRICELESS. ❤️

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